Can You Take Liquid Medicine On A Plane? Complete Guide

Well with an ongoing pandemic and current medical crisis worldwide, most of us would not think much before shoving up some medicines before we hop onto a flight.

But hold on, not every medicine can be easy to carry if you are traveling by plane. And as far as liquid Medicine is concerned, there are some hard-core liquid rules given by the TSA.

According to the rules and guidelines for your Liquid Medicines, you can know all your answers to how and how much can you take liquid medicine on a plane

Keep reading below to uncover every query you need to know about taking Medicines on A plane.

Can you take liquid Medicine on a Plane?

Yes, you surely can. Liquid Medicines are allowed to be taken on a plane but there is always a but. You can take these Medicines by following some simple 3-1-1 rules for liquids.

According to these rules, liquids more than 3.4 oz of the size are not allowed on a plane. The amount or quantity more than it should be confiscated by the checking officer.

These liquid medicines clearly include your hand sanitizers, syrups, inhalers, nebulizers liquid, and other necessary medication.

TSA guidelines for Liquid Medicine

TSA makes sure that you don’t miss your Medicines on flight and surely allows the liquid medicines on the flight. The Transport Security Authority makes sure that you can take a large number of your liquid medicines for your travel.

You don’t have much to do but just to inform the security officers as you cross your security checkpoint.

Can you bring an inhaler on a plane TSA Guidelines

hand sanitizers on plane

syrup on plane

Can you take Liquid Medicine in carry-on?

Liquid medicines can be taken in your Carry on but they must be given a certain allowance. Liquid Medicines can be tough for your Carry on baggage so I suggest you carry your medicines in your checked baggage.

Can you take Liquid Medicine in checked baggage?

Yes, you can keep your Liquid medicines in your checked luggage but obviously in an allowed amount. As per the Liquid rules of the airport security authority, you cannot keep 3.4 oz of Liquid Medicine in your luggage.

Make sure you do inform your security officers on screening about all the medicines you are taking along.

Can you take Liquid Medicines on an International Flight?

This can be tricky as some of the countries do not allow some kind of medicines. So you don’t take any kind of medicines without any inquiry.

For the safe side, do take a prescription for your medicines from a doctor. An illness certificate will also do as it would describe your medical condition and the need for your medication.

This prescription will also let you buy the same drug from another country if you are not allowed to fly with it.

Can you take other Liquid Medicines/aerosols on a plane?

Yes, you can take all the Liquid medicines like syrups, gels, aerosols like inhalers, and all other types. You just have to follow the simple Liquid rules for carrying your Medicine along

Don’t overdo the quantity as per it is allowed 3.4 oz per person. For international flights, you just require certain permissions from the airline.

Do you need prescription for Liquid Medicine on a plane?

A prescription of the medicine you are taking along on a flight will always help you in clearing your way through the customs. I am not sure if they would actually ask for your prescription or the letter from your doctor but you should try to keep it with you for any ups and downs.


My Final Verdict for can you take liquid medicine on a plane is that all you need to do is follow the rules and quantity allowed. If you follow the rules, I am sure you will not face much trouble with your medicines. For an international flight, there are certain rules for different countries you need to counter-check before you Hop onto a plane with Medicines

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