Can You Bring Tea Bags On A Plane? Complete Guide

Can you think of not having tea on the plane with a flight of hours and hours long? Well not me, and many of you can agree with me that you definitely need to have your teacup even on a flight.

On a flight, we do know that we have great possibilities of having tea on board, but still some may not offer the right flavor you urge for. Or even they simply don’t serve you more than once!!

So to fill in the tea craving, a person like me might wonder that can you bring tea bags on a plane? Well, here we are to answer your every query regarding Tea, its packaging and its amount.

Note: All the following answers in the following context are based on the TSA rules and regulations regarding taking tea on a plane. Most of the airlines and airports do follow the regulated regulations by this authority. Some other countries might have their own regulatory norms so it’s better to check your luggage beforehand.

Well, let me just answer the basic question regarding taking tea bags on an Airplane. Yes, you can take tea and tea bags on an Airplane but we will see its amount and packaging in the following content.

Can you bring tea bags on a plane?

For a motivational cup of tea, yes you can bring tea bags on a plane. Teabags can be taken into the hand-carry and checked luggage. You should keep your tea bags sealed to their original packing in checked luggage. While in carry-on luggage, you can take as much as you take the quality along as long as you do not exceed the personal luggage weight allowed by the Airplane.

Can you bring tea bags on a plane P

Can you take loose tea on Airplane?

Yes, you surely can! As per the regulation of TSA, you can take tea leaves or loose tea on an Airplane. There is a usual amount given not to pass that but in most cases, you can take loose tea in checked baggage in any amount you can.

Just to be hassle-free on customs, I recommend you to maintain the tea or pack the loose tea in its original packaging. You might be said to take the packages out for a scan as tea leaves or loose tea have a grainy texture or some powder in them that can affect scanning.

In most cases, you can have any amount of tea in your checked baggage if you are targeting within the USA. You can also have tea in your hand carry but it might be a mess to handle that during flight for consumption.

Can I take tea bags on an International Flight?

Yes, you can travel to the international flights with tea in baggage. Taking tea on Airplane in checked luggage and carry on luggage is allowed. But as per TSA rules, you can not exceed the limit of 10m or 3.4 oz in your carry-on luggage.

For the large quantity, you can take it in your checked baggage and you should pack it separately to get it scanned at customs if required.

It usually does not makes any trouble for taking tea along on an international Flight but you do need to keep it in its original packing with all the contents written clearly.

How much loose or baked tea can you take on an Airplane?

As per the regulations regulated by the TSA, you cannot take 100 ml of tea in your Carry on baggage. You can also have tea bags or loose tea in your checked or carry-on luggage. All you have to do is that you should not exceed the weight allowed per person by the airline and you must have all the receipts in hand for the customs check. Try to keep your tea in its original packaging.

Can you bring tea through customs?

Custom may or may not require to check your tea storage while scanning your luggage. If you are carrying your tea in loose powdery form and it’s hindering the scan check then they might ask you to take out all the tea separately.

You can also have your buying receipt checked while going through customs if required. This usually does not creates much tension on customs but for the safe side, you must have tour tea packed independently and with all the receipts if you are taking it in a large amount.

Can you take liquid tea on Airplane?

As said earlier, you can have liquid tea on board but in a limited amount regulated by TSA. All you can have is to have 100ml or 3.4 oz of liquid tea with you. You cannot exceed this limit as per person.

How to enjoy freshly brewed tea on an Airplane?

If you are a lover of tea, you surely have your own taste and choices with tea. And with such strong taste, you cannot simply justify your craving with basic flight tea.

So to soothe your tea cravings on board, you can have your freshly brewed tea on board. This is how it can be possible,

  • Either you take liquid tea with you in a container of 100ml not more than that.
  • Or you can have your favorite flavored tea bags with you for a good cup of tea on board.


In the above context, I hope to clear out every query regarding can you bring tea bags on a plane. I have enlisted all your queries and their answers according to the TSA regulations and permissions. You can also check through their website to be sure of anything if its still doubtful.

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