Can You Bring Hand Sanitizer On A Plane? Complete Guide

According to research, due to COVID-19, health and hygiene products become the priority for travelers. People are spending more than usual on germ-free items. 

Apart from COVID, the world is a place full of harmful bacteria. While you are traveling the chances of getting infected by these microbes become more valiant. Washing your hands is the best solution to keep yourself away from any sickness.

But you can’t manage to wash your hands with soap when you are on a flight. In this situation, hand sanitizer is the best solution. But can you bring hand sanitizer on a plane? Will the TSA allow you even though sanitizer has reactive chemical components? Let’s find out altogether.

Can you bring hand sanitizer on a plane?

You can pack hand sanitizer in your hand luggage as per TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule. But after covid-19 the restriction on this liquid amount is not applicable. As TSA allows you to take more than 3.4oz or 100ml sanitizer bottles on a plane if you want. 

It means a large bottle of hand sanitizer in a pack of 12oz, 355ml is permitted on a plane. You don’t need to put sanitizer in a quart-size bag as it is screened separately at the security checkpoint.

Let’s have a look at what TSA says about it.

Can you bring hand sanitizer on a plane TSA

Although here TSA mentions sanitizer in 3.4oz packing, you can bring more if your airline allows you because of COVID.

Keep in mind to follow all the TSA rules, especially for alcohol-based products like sanitizer. Otherwise, the security officer will stop you from bringing it on a plane.

Can you bring hand sanitizer in your checked luggage?

It’s necessary to pack an extra bottle of hand sanitizer apart from the carry-on in your checked luggage. You may not find a chance of washing your hands at your destination, so hand sanitizer can help you out. 

The rules and guidelines are a little bit different for the toiletries to pack in checked luggage. The limited amount of toiletries is 70 oz or 2 kg and for liquids 2L. The FAA has highlighted all the toiletry rules for checked luggage.

Each container of liquid should be in 500ml packaging. We think 2L of liquid toiletries are more than enough to pack in checked luggage. You don’t need more than this amount as toiletries are available everywhere you go.

Can you bring hand sanitizer on international flights?

Hand sanitizer is allowed to take on a plane in a quart-size bag if you are carrying a 3.4oz bottle. But if you want to take more, place it separately for extra screening.

Here is a passenger asking about hand sanitizer.

How much hand sanitizer am i allowed to take on my carry-on

Another one asked about the foam hand sanitizer.

hand sanitizer on international flights 2

Ben. Fulton asks if he can pack 6 packs of hand sanitizer in a carry-on or not.

hand sanitizer on international flights 3

How much hand sanitizer is allowed on an international flights?

Pre-COVID conditions only permit you to pack 3.4oz of hand sanitizer in your hand luggage. But during COVID, TSA has lifted this ban and allows passengers to take more sanitizer on a flight. 

Flights in the USA and Canada allow a maximum amount of sanitizer 12oz or 355ml. But if you are traveling on European or UK flights, you have to check if the airline allows you or not. Because some airlines don’t allow more than 100ml of sanitizer in hand luggage.

Can you bring hand sanitizer wipes on a plane?

TSA allows passengers to pack alcohol wipes or anti-bacterial wipes in carry-on luggage even though jumbo packs of any type of wet wipes are permitted on a plane irrespective of their quantity. 

Here is the screenshot that shows you can take any type of wipe with you on a plane.

Can you bring hand sanitizer wipes on a plane


Can you bring hand sanitizer on a plane? Of Course YES. Without any limitations, you can pack hand sanitizer in a liquid, gel, foam, or wipe form. You just need to pack them securely as they are alcohol-based products and can cause damage. Now, you can travel securely without any fear of getting trapped in germs. Have a healthy traveling. 

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