Can You Take Slime On A Plane? Complete Guide

Slime is the new trend and traveling with slime can follow the following guidelines

But first, you may ask your self is slime a liquid or solid? Can I take slime on a plane through airport security? Can you take slime on a plane without any packing restrictions?

This and much more, slime can be the real material of conflict.

So let us figure out the solutions to your queries. Here is how you can take slime on a plane.

Can you take slime on a plane?

To cut things short, the answer is yes. As per TSA rules, slime is not considered a restricted substance. So you can bring the slime on the plane both in carry-on and checked baggage.

However, if you are planning to make slime on a plane you must consider the following packing restriction given by TSA.

What TSA has to say about it?

TSA is all set to keep your travels safe. In order to have clear Packing rules, TSA has its list of restricted items to take on planes.

Well by searching slime in that list, You will not find the product in it. So the good news is that TSA does not restrict you from taking slime on a plane.

However, TSA does differentiate between solid and liquid items and so do its packaging restrictions.

According to TSA liquid rules, everything that can be spread, spilled, or squished is considered liquid and must follow the 3.4 oz Packing restriction.

So the good news is, slime is taken as liquid and needs to follow the 3.4 oz packaging for carry-on.

If you are planning to have slime for your friends and family too, checked baggage is suggested.

Packing slime in a carry on

Slime in a carry-on is the best option as you can play along throughout your journey. So yes you can bring slime in a carry-on.

However, as per the TSA rule, slime is considered liquid considering its consistency. So your slime must be in 3.4 oz containers. Additionally, these containers must be in quart-sized zip-lock bags.

So do you really want to miss out on your essential toiletries and put slime instead in your toiletry bag?

I think fitting enough 3.4 oz-sized containers in the quart-sized bag can justify your slime needs for the holidays.

Similarly, Brad asks if her daughter can have slime in her personal bag for the travel.

TSA Replies to Brad in a positive manner and suggests him to follow the 3.4 oz Packing limit in a carry-on.

Packing slime in a carry on

Packing slime in a checked baggage

You can surely pack slime in checked baggage without restricting the weight and size of the container.

Also, even if the slime is considered to be liquid as per TSA rules checked baggage is safe with quantity.

To assure themselves, one of the passengers Krish asks TSA about having 3.5 oz. tin-packed slime for his carry-on.

To which the TSA suggests him to pack the 3.5oz slime in his checked baggage as nothing above 3.4oz is allowed in carry-on.

Packing slime in a checked baggage

I guess TSA can never be more strict with its packing rules. The officer at security will surely confiscate anything liquid above 3.4oz in carry-on even if it’s 0.1oz more.

So it’s better to play safe and pack an unlimited amount of slime in the checked baggage.

How can I bring more slime in my carry-on? DIY your slime

What can be more fun than making your own slime at your destination? I suggest that if you are planning to have an unlimited amount of slime on a plane consider the following rules

First, do consider checked baggage for packing.

Second, just pack the slime-making raw material. All you need to pack is the art and craft glue.

Also as the glue is considered solid, it’s quantity is not restricted even in a carry-on.

All you need to have is the favorite color in your quart-sized bag.

As slime is created with a mixture of glue and colors and other liquids, you can pack those in any amount.

For the ones who want to play with multiple slimes, packing the slime material is always a good option.

Is slime considered a liquid on a plane?

As per TSA rules, everything squishy, liquid and spreadable is taken as a liquid. So the airlines do consider slime as a liquid within the USA.

You have to follow the liquid rule of packing slime in a 3.4oz or 100 ml container. Then these have to be packed in quart-sized toiletries bags.

Try to fit a maximum of 3.4oz jars in toiletry bags or simply pack them in checked baggage if you do not want to miss your other toiletries.

Am I allowed to bring homemade slime on planes?

Homemade slime or DIY material for slime is allowed on planes. You can pack slime in checked baggage and carry it on.

Do follow the above-mentioned parking restrictions. Consider the weight and number of containers for your Carry on.

Checked baggage can be an easy go for those who want to have more amount.


So the final Verdict on whether can you take slime on a plane is enjoyable yes. All types of slime are allowed on carry-on as well as checked baggage. Try not to increase the limit to more than 3.4 oz in a carry-on. Checked baggage Does not restrict the number and quantity of slime

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