Can You Take A Basketball On A Plane? Complete Guide

Sports enthusiasts are so much caring about their items as a mother for her child. They want their items to be with them wherever they go. If you are the one who bought a particular basketball on vacation or want to take your own basketball on the tournament? Then you may have to hunt around the internet for terms and conditions set by TSA to bring it on a plane.

So don’t dive into the explorer much when we sum up your all queries in this article. Let’s have a look that can you take a basketball on a plane or not.

Can you take a basketball on a plane?

Sports essentials can create a lot of trouble, due to which TSA prohibited the bringing of some in a carry-on. But standard balls like basketballs, baseballs, and soccer balls are allowed to take on a plane but under certain conditions set by TSA. Inflate the basketball and then place it into your suitcase. This way, it will cover less space and don’t roll down in a bag.

Can You Take A Basketball On A Plane F

TSA restrictions and tips to take basketball on a plane

As mentioned earlier, TSA has some guidelines and tips to carry basketball on a plane. Considering the size of hand luggage and basketball is important before taking it on a flight. A pro tip to take basketball is to deflate the ball to make a room for other essentials in luggage. But the choice is yours, next we are going to discuss how can you carry or pack inflated or deflated basketball for a flight.

How to pack deflated basketball in carry-on?

If you are planning to bring a deflated basketball in your carry-on, then place it in a way that you can save maximum space. Create a bowl-like shape of deflated basketball and place it at the bottom of the bag to set down more things in your carry-on. Make sure that you don’t place any sharp item in your bag to keep the ball safe from the hole.

How to pack inflated basketball in carry-on?

Though inflated basketball is not preferred, if you want to carry it, you must consider airlines measurement for carry-on. For packing, first, place the basketball in carry-on luggage and then fold some of your cloth around it but make sure that it doesn’t exceed the required dimensions. To avoid any hurdle at the checkpoint, keep the needle with you so that you can release the air from it if needed.

Can you take inflatable balls on a plane?

Inflatable balls like baseball, football, or even hard balloons are necessary to deflate before taking them on a plane. To avoid ball explosion or rapid deflation, let down the balls partially or fully if carried in the cabin.

Do you have to deflate a basketball when flying?

Yes, of course, the deflation step is taken as a precautionary measure before taking a basketball on a plane. It’s because when a plane takes off change in vapor pressure occurs at sea level. There are high chances of the bursting of the ball.


We have discussed in detail how you can pack or take basketball on a plane without facing any trouble. Whenever you are traveling and want to pack sports essentials, keep in mind the TSA guidelines as they prohibit some items. If you want to know about the allowance of other things on a plane, ask in the comment.

We are looking forward to answering your queries.

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