Can You Bring An Inhaler On A Plane? Complete Guide

Asthma can be problematic and can also be quick with its attack. People who have asthma can not risk leaving places without the support system that is their inhaler.

An inhaler is a small canister with a liquid-filled in it that comes out as aerosol. Talking of liquids and aerosols, most of us think that can you bring an inhaler to a plane?

Well, there are some guidelines for each medicated liquids, and there are also Liquids rules from TSA.

To make your travel safe and panic-free with your accompanying medical conditions like asthma, we are here to solve every query regarding what and how you can pack your life saver with you while aboard.

Can you bring an inhaler on a plane?

Well, yes, you can bring an inhaler on a plane. As an inhaler is a medical instrument, no airline or security check would let you leave that aside while you are flying.

As it is considered borderline liquids and aerosols, you can always get confused about the right amount to pick for yourself.

TSA has special medical rules for the instruments and medical support systems like that, and those rules do not put inhalers in the list of liquids or aerosol.

So you can safely keep your inhalers with you during the security check and in your Carry on luggage.

Can you bring an inhaler on a plane TSA Guidelines

What are the TSA medication Guidelines for inhalers?

TSA is the authority that makes every measure turn all the safety measures of the trip towards the protection of their travelers.

Yes, the TSA allows the inhaler in the flight with all the security check clearance.

You can have it either in your handbag or the Carry on luggage. The only thing you have to do is remove it from your bag while screening and put it in special side bins.

TSA also allows it to be in your checked luggage and with no specific amount. As your inhaler does not count as the liquids, so it does not have to follow the liquid rule of limiting the value below 3.4oz.

Can you bring an inhaler in your Carry on luggage?

Yes, you can surely take your inhalers in your Carry on luggage. With medical conditions like asthma, we suggest you keep your inhalers as close to you as possible.

Carrying on luggage is the safest proximity for your inhalers. You can use your inhalers while you are a thousand feet above the ground.

However, even Carry on luggage can be too stressful when you need your supplier too quickly, so to avoid that risk, we suggest you have your inhalers just by your side.

You can also go using your hang bag for your inhaler and keep it in your hand for the whole route.

Can you bring an inhaler to your checked luggage?

TSA allows you to take your inhaler in your checked luggage and with any amount, but there is also a flaw in it.

We suggest you not keep your extra inhalers in your checked baggage as it might be removed without even letting you know about the luggage screening.

It must have been nerve-wracking to find your inhalers in a new city or a new country. So do avoid as much as you can to save yourself from any mismanagement.

The Ask TSA platforms

TSA has put forward some helping platforms for their users to have their queries answered in a short time interval to ease things up.

The Twitter and Facebook handle let people out with their packing and traveling tips to the TSA authority.

While digging things up for the subject, I was writing for. Twitter gave me some strong tweets making things easier for you guys.

One customer asked if he could make it up to the flight with the inhaler or not. The TSA replied promptly with no hidden confusion with a YES.

Can you bring an inhaler to your checked luggage 1

The other asked whether there is a need for a true label on the inhaler to pass through the security check? The TSA replied formally, saying that there is no need for the inhaler’s true title, but you must put it aside for the regular check.

Can you bring an inhaler to your checked luggage 2

Another user was worried if the inhalers were considered as aerosol or not. The TSA reassured that inhalers are not liquids or aerosols, and their rules also don’t imply them.

Can you use inhalers during the flight?

You can surely use the inhaler during the flight without any tension or worry. It is the priority for the airline and the crew to take care of your health in any way. There is no need for permission taking before you use your medical remedy for your asthma.

Will an inhaler explode on a plane?

No inhaler does not explode on a plane as it does not contain any inflammable content it. You and your inhalers are safe for the flight as well as the passengers.

Do inhalers count as liquids on a plane?

As mentioned earlier, an inhaler is not considered liquid and therefore does not fall in the rules for liquids. So you can eventually take any amount of inhalers on a plane without the restriction of only 3.4oz.


In our final Verdict of can you bring an inhaler on a plane, we can assure you that there is no difficulty or any checking issues for you at the airport with your inhalers. Inhalers are medical instruments allowed by the TSA with no minimum value range, and you can even hold them in your hand. The only thing you need to do is pass your inhaler through the security check separately when you do your luggage screening.

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