Can You Take Water On A Plane For Baby? Complete Guide

Traveling with a baby on a plane is quite challenging, you come across many unfamiliar things. You have to note all the baby travel essentials and their acceptance on a plane. Mostly, mothers take into account all major items like clothes, baby wipes, toys, soothers, and food before traveling. But forget to think about the major elemental necessities like water.

Have you thought that can you take water on a plane for baby? If not, then don’t take it lite and have complete info about it with us. Because water is something, you require for baby formula or to fill up your little ones’ entail.

Can you take water on a plane for baby?

Yes, if you want to carry water for a baby on a plane, you can. Usually, you can take any liquid or water within a 100ml/3.4oz container in a hand-carry bag or durable plastic bag. But if you are considering it for a baby, you can take it according to your baby’s needs.

TSA made things easy for parents by facilitating them with soft liquid rules. But keep in mind that you should separate the liquid container above 100ml at the checkpoint for extra screening. The exact terms and conditions applied for juices, readymade formula, and expressed breast milk.

Can you take water on a plane for baby

TSA Guidelines

Generally, people don’t take into account the TSA guidelines and get troubled while passing the board. TSA mentions their rules and direction for travelers at different places. They also provide you the boxes for disposal of containers for liquids more than 100ML.

But these restrictions are not for the ones who are traveling with a baby. They can take as much water as needed for a baby. Make the baby’s presence mandatory at the time of screening to avoid any hassle.

What can I take on a plane for my baby?

The bag pack of your little one depends upon your choice and the baby’s condition. The parents understand their baby’s preference better. But here we sort out the list of some essentials you should take on a plane for baby.

Baby Formula: Take the baby formula in an amount that little tummy fills nicely. You can pack up more than 3.4 ounces if needed.

Breast milk: New mommies must consider breast milk in a pre-sterilized and double seal pack for proper prevention.

Ice-packs: To keep breast milk fresh, place it in the frozen gel _ice-bag packs. TSA allowed you to have ice bags in your carry-on bag, but the liquid should be properly frozen.

Bottled water: A water bottle is required to make formula or for other purposes. Decide the amount of water according to your flight duration.

Food jar or pouches: If your baby likes to have solid food items, take the canned baby food, jars, or food pouches with you on the flight.

Diapers: Don’t forget to have sufficient diapers and 3.5 ounces diaper cream tube to prevent skin irritation and diaper rash.

Wet wipes: Wet wipes are the compulsion for a mother on a flight for cleaning. Try to use alcohol-free and unscented wipes to avoid skin irritation.

Liquid teethers: If your baby is around 3-7 months, keep liquid teethers with you to soothe their gums. It also keeps your child safe from cranky action during travel.

Travel stroller: It’s totally up to you to take on a stroller with you on a flight or not. Note that if you are planning to take a stroller in a hand carry bag, then pick the foldable and light-weight one.

Can I bring water for baby formula on a plane?

A big yes, TSA allowed you to bring water for a baby on a plane in a limited amount. But if you want more than 100ml for your baby, then send it for extra screening. We are sure that you will not go through any inconvenience or issue if you take proper measures.

Can I bring water for baby formula on a plane

Can you take boiled water for a baby on a plane?

Although TSA has limitations on bringing liquids and gels on a plane. But if you are bringing it for your baby security officers have no objection to it.  Mostly, mommies like to have boiled water to make the baby formula on a plane, so if you want to take it pack it in your hand luggage as per TSA guidelines.

Can I take a flask on a plane for the baby?

You have to be prepared for anything while traveling with the baby. So having a flask with boiled water is necessary for preparing a baby formula. You can carry the flask easily on a plane without any agony.

What can you take on a plane for baby?

We have listed the essential product above for a baby on a plane. Travel administration makes the whole scenario easy for parents by giving them freehand. But if you want to carry something not mentioned in the above list, check out the TSA-approved baby items.


Traveling with a baby is daunting but makes it effortless with us. We try to give you detailed info about TSA guidelines and baby products to have on a plane. Don’t forget to screen the baby items properly and place them in your carry bag carefully.

If you have any queries, ask it below in the comment section. We are looking forward to answering your queries. Have an enjoyable trip with your little one.

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