Can You Bring Golf Balls On A Plane? Complete Guide

Golf balls may not consider dangerous in any way but you still think before packing them for a plane.

May it be the quantity of the golf balls or the extra fee you are worried about, there is much to be known.

So if you want to know everything about whether can you bring golf balls on a plane, have a look at the following context.

Can you bring golf balls on a plane?

Golf balls are allowed on a plane. The best part is you don’t have to limit its number.

There are different real and artificial golf balls, every type is suitable to go with you alongside the golf kit.

Now if you are planning to pack the golf clubs too, go ahead. Golf clubs and all other essentials of golf are allowed on a plane but in its special golf casing.

What TSA had to say about it?

As per the TSA rules, golf clubs are allowed on a plane in either checked or hand luggage.

One of the passengers directly inquired the TSA about packing the golf balls in the carry on to which TSA briefly agreed.

golf balls in the carry on

Plus, there is nothing like the number limit to the golf balls. You can have a good stalk of them if you are in habit of losing most of them during the game.

To ensure the allowance here is the direct pick-up from the @AskTSA website:

Can you bring golf balls on a plane TSA

So I guess there is nothing much to worry about.

How to take golf balls through airport security?

Although TSA security has given the green signal to the golf balls, the security officer has the last call.

Even if you have packed the golf balls according to the TSA restriction, a security officer at the security pass may stop you for any reason.

In such a situation, I would suggest you declare your golf set or the golf balls as soon as you pass through the security check.

How to pack golf balls in checked baggage?

Checked baggage can be spacious and weight friendly but is highly prone to losing items during transit or check.

Golf balls are either filled with any liquid, or powder or may be solid. So if your fake golf ball contains any type of liquid, that must follow the liquid rule of 3.4 oz to the maximum.

You cannot carry more than this amount in your carry-on. However, if you plan to have liquid-filled golf balls in numerous amounts, the only option you got is checked luggage.

I must aware of the high potential of thefts and losses from checked luggage. Especially for the things like these.

Having his golf balls lost from the checked luggage, a passenger asked TSA about the loss of his gold essentials. Which TSA mentioned as a checking misplaced.

pack golf balls in checked baggage 1

Or if you are having an expensive golf club, I must remind you of the highest chances of it being stolen.

However, in some cases, TSA put the declaration slip of any removal of an item from the checked baggage without mentioning it to the passenger.

However, TSA still asks the passenger to get a complaint register for his lost items as they replied to Pete when he found the receipt during his unpacking.

pack golf balls in checked baggage 2

So carrying on with a limited number of golf balls is better than having them packed in the checked luggage.

Taking golf balls on a domestic flight

Almost all the domestic airlines have allowed golf balls on the plane. Plus, they abide by the TSA rules and do not restrict the number as well.

However, if you are planning to have your golf kit along, you may have to consider the weight allowance of the airline.

Most of the airlines also charge an extra fee for the golf kit as they take it as extra carrier luggage and all.

If an extra charge is not the case, you must follow the weight limits for each airline, or else you will have to pay the extra charges.

For instance, American Airlines does not mention the number of golf balls allowed but does mention the total of golf kit which is allowed.

golf balls on a domestic flight

I, therefore, suggest you follow the guidelines directly from the airline you are traveling with.

Taking golf balls on an international Flight

Like domestic flights, international flights also allow golf balls in both carry-on and checked luggage.

If the number is controlled, carry-on can be the best place for it. Or in case you are wishing to have your other essentials along, do consider the carry-on weight allowance.

However, the golf clubs still need to go as checked luggage as a separate luggage carrier.

For international flights, I do suggest looking into the guidelines of each airline separately.

Most of the airlines might allow you to bring enough golf balls for free but more than extra can bring about certain concerns.

So to reduce your hassle across the security check, jo declare the number of golf balls you are taking on an International Flight.

Some last pick-up tips for golf balls on a plane

If you are still wondering how can you bring golf balls on a plane, here is a quick pick:

  • Don’t overdo the limit
  • Don’t exceed the liquid limit of your Carry on packaging if you are having liquid-filled balls
  • Consider the airline guidelines directly from their staff
  • Don’t consider checked baggage for expensive items
  • Do not exceed the allowed luggage limit
  • Take the golf kit as a separate carry-on or the checked luggage item

Final Verdict

So can you bring golf balls on a plane, I think my answer is precise yes. But do not forget to take a good number of balls rather than packing full checked cases of them. Do declare your item and its number as you plan to fly internationally. Your golf balls can be stopped at airport security for the number even if it does threaten anyone directly. However, the alarming concerns of the security officer count.

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