Can You Bring Pepper Spray On A Plane? Complete Guide

Are you traveling alone this vacation and looking for some safe-defense measures to tackle any situation? Then you must have considered pepper spray as this tool is used widely during traveling. 

Before planning any tour it’s recommended to check the city’s environment and surroundings to avoid any mishap because the risks are everywhere. But if you don’t have much time to research everything then pack pepper spray blindly. However, can you bring pepper spray on a plane? That’s the question. 

Pepper spray is an aerosol spray with inflammatory compounds so where it is used as a protection, can also be used as a weapon. Airline security is much concerned about the items that cause harm to others. So it’s still a mystery whether you can pack it in your hand or checked luggage or not. But we have made things simple for you. Read out the details below.

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane?

In a confined environment like a plane, there are more chances of suffocation and irritation even if a little of the inflammatory sprays get out due to such reasons airport security doesn’t allow you to pack pepper spray in your hand luggage. 

In addition to pepper spray, other defense sprays like tear gas are also prohibited. The airlines can’t get the risk of devastation on a large scale due to such items. So you have to leave your pepper spray either at home or checked luggage for hassle-free checking.

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane TSA

Can you bring pepper spray in your checked luggage?

Pepper spray is allowed to pack in checked luggage if you meet the airline’s guidelines properly. Because airport security does not accept any fault in packing such a delicate item. TSA  has clearly mentioned the instructions on its page. Let’s have a look at that. 

So you can take 4 ounces of pepper spray in your checked luggage. You have to make sure of proper safety implementation so that you left with no doubt of accidental discharge. Keep one thing in mind: put a label on the pepper spray bottle and place it in such a way that not everyone can access it easily while checking your bag. Furthermore, TSA restricts you from bringing self-defense sprays of more than 2 percent mass of tear gas.

Why is pepper spray restricted on a plane?

Due to the presence of precarious material that causes irritation in the eyes, breathing difficulties, and affect the surroundings as well. That’s why airlines prohibit you from bringing such sprays on a plane. 

Although your intention of bringing pepper spray is to protect yourself, security officers can’t get a chance to allow it on a plane due to its hazardous nature.

Does pepper spray affect metal detectors?

Metal detectors detect items that are made up of iron. If the pepper spray tin has the detecting element then it causes an alarm at the checkpoint and security officers to ask you to remove the item. 

For convenience, it is suggested to use the app that can help you to have information about the items that are allowed or not in hand luggage. If you pass through walk-in or hand-held metal detectors then you have to leave or remove the pepper spray from your luggage.

Why is it illegal to carry pepper spray?

Whether pepper spray is legal or not depends on the country law to which you are traveling or traveling from. Some states have no restrictions at all on pepper spray if it is carried for self-defense purposes. During checking, a security officer may ask you about the licensed dealer from whom you purchased. Pepper spray is only legal for carriers of 18+ within the limitations set by TSA. For example, in Florida, a pepper spray of more than 2 ounces is not allowed. 

Can you bring pepper spray on an international flight?

You can take pepper spray if the country allows you. You can’t pack pepper spray either in a carry-on or checked luggage without the state’s permission. It is better to do some research before boarding whether you can take it or not and if airlines allow you then what are the limit restrictions? 

You can check the TSA or airline’s restriction to pack the pepper spray properly. Websites can inform you about the general laws regarding pepper spray thoroughly.

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane delta?

You have checked the TSA’s site for bringing pepper spray on a plane but relying solely on TSA is not recommended. Sometimes the restrictions set by TSA and airline’s totally contradicted each other. 

So to avoid any misunderstanding have a webpage screenshot or print on your mobile of the airline to which you will travel. Delta airline doesn’t restrict items like pepper spray mace and tear gas if they are carried for personal defense. 

But we have found that Chris asked if his girlfriend can take pepper spray in her carry-on, to which he got the following reply.

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane delta

So it’s better to do the research before boarding to avoid any hassle. 

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane southwest?

Southwest airlines restrict you from packing pepper spray, tear gas, or any type of mace either in carry-on or checked luggage. 

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane American airlines?

Here is the screenshot from American’s airline site that tells you clearly that no pepper spray is allowed for travel.

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane American airlines

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane United airlines?

Dangerous items are strictly prohibited on a plane so you can’t take pepper spray or teary gasses either in carry-on or checked luggage.

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane alaska airlines?

Alaska Airlines allows you to pack the 4 ounces container of pepper spray in checked luggage. You can’t bring pepper spray or other self-defense items on a plane. 

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane alaska airlines

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane frontier airline?

Frontier airlines only allow you to pack pepper spray in checked luggage in a restricted amount set by the airline.

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane frontier airline

Will pepper spray explode on an airplane?

Normally, there is no chance of pepper spray exploding on a plane due to dry, cold, and moderate temperatures. Pepper spray only explodes if there is high temperature and pressure in the environment and there is a chance of pepper spray discharge. 

Since you are not allowed to pack pepper spray in your carry-on luggage, there is no chance of an explosion in the plane’s cabin. 

Final Verdict

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane? Definitely NOT. Pepper spray only allows in checked luggage in some airlines as per their guidance. Do check the destination’s restrictions before boarding because it’s illegal to carry pepper spray to countries that don’t allow such self-defense items. 

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