Can You Take Food On A Plane In Your Suitcase? Complete Guide


Most of us do not like to burst our taste buds with something that we don’t like much. Maybe it’s the bland food on a plane or the unlikely good menu on board. In some cases, people do avoid plane meals. As they are at risk of certain food allergies that they don’t want to be triggered.

For a foodie maniac like me, food can be the real soul partner If you are about to catch a long flight. What can probably go wrong when you have your perfect snacks and some binge-watch worth shows on a flight? Blessing right? But this enjoyable thought comes to an end with frequent questions, can you take food on a plane in your suitcase? Or is food allowed in luggage while flying?  Let’s check out what amount of ease are we promised by the airport security while we are on a plane with FOOD!!

Can You Take Food On A Plane In Your Suitcase?

Your favourite food on a plane is a total yes from the Airport security,  but with some rules obviously!!

As you must have known the answer to your question, it must be made sure that your personal favourites can be taken in your Carry on or the checked baggage, or simply both. If you love to snack on your fish crackers or chocolates with some chips and cookies, you can tuck them upright in your suitcase. But if you are planning on taking something liquid, you must have a look at the basic packing outline from the TSA to secure yourself with further troubles on board. If does apply the 3-1-1 liquid rules.

What does TSA have to say about taking food on a plane?

TSA officers are quite blunt and open about the food packing while you are on board. According to the TSA rules, every solid food item can be taken in your checked baggage or your suitcase. This may also not need to follow any quantity regulations. With the checked baggage it’s also the same.

Things can get tricky when you are about to pack some liquids or the food items that fall into a grey area in between solids or liquids. For the liquid food items, TSA strictly follows the liquid rule 3-1-1. This means that anything that can spill over or be spreadable should not be more than 100ml. Furthermore, it should be packed in a single quart-size resealable packaging.

Can you take dry food on a plane in your suitcase?

As per the TSA rules for solid food, anything that is solid and is not spillable can be packed in your suitcase or your hand carries. So if it’s your packed packet of chips or the munching peanuts, or some of your homemade snacks don’t hesitate to pack it for yourself and your friends too.

Be aware of the fact,  that your Carry on or suitcase passes through the scanning machine. Make sure you don’t pack enough that may clutter or obstruct the screening process. If you do so, you have to pass every food item independently through the scanners.

Can you take dry food on a plane in your suitcase

Can you take liquid food on a plane in your suitcase?

Yes, you can but within a given amount only. Exceeding the limit may cause you serious hassle on the security check or you can lose your food item altogether. Moreover, all liquids and gel or cream consistency foods are to be packed in a quart-sized packet for security purposes.

But still, I would suggest not to pack more liquid items in your suitcase.

Can you bring baby food on a plane?

Baby food is allowed to be packed in carry-on and checked luggage as per TSA. For the convenience of parents, TSA gives you a relaxation liquid 3-1-1 rule. You can take as much baby food as you can but the only thing that you need to consider is extra screening. On bringing baby food, the TSA has the following statement. 

Baby food is allowed in reasonable quantities in carry-on bags. Remove these items from your carry-on bag to be screened separately from the rest of your belongings. Please see travelling with children for more information.


Can you ever bring drinks on a plane?

When we talk about drinks it’s clear that the liquid 3-1-1 rule is applicable to them. Any liquid that is in a 3.4oz container packed in a quart-size bag is allowed by TSA on a plane. Every drink from beverages to smoothies, water to fresh smoothies are permitted onboard. It means now you can chill your favourite drinks even on a plane within the rules set by TSA. 

If you are thinking about taking frozen liquid items then you can also take them with you. But if your drink is slushy, not frozen properly then you have to pack them as per the liquid 3-1-1 rule. 

What type of food can you take on a plane?

Here we have shortlisted the food items that you can take on a plane by following TSA rules and guidelines.

  • Canned and bottled food items
  • Cheese and Solid food
  • Spreadable food
  • Meat and seafood
  • Bakery items like cakes and pies
  • Packaged food

Can you bring canned food on a plane?

Canned food is typically containing liquid or syrups for the food stored in it. Therefore it must be below 3.4oz of the limit to easily carry it in your suitcase. Canned food includes fruits, vegetables, jams and jellies, and other types of meat and spreads. Considering the size limit, every canned item more than 3.4 oz size does suit to be in your carry-on or suitcase during the flight journey. Choosing these canned items to be in the checked baggage is a more genuine option to be considered.

Can you bring your own alcohol on a plane?

Bringing your own alcohol to the plane is highly restricted by TSA officers. As the only option for you to bring alcohol on a plane is through direct buying from the duty-free shop, you can carry it in your suitcase. Or you can simply have your alcohol in your hand carry ensuring the officers of your purchase by showing the original receipt. Thus suitcases are good to carry your gifting alcohol with sealed bottles of-course. You can drink alcohol during a flight if the aircrew offers it.

Can you bring junk (packaged) food on a plane?

the good news is, you are good to carry all types of packaged junk food in your suitcase on a plane. Your best bet is to keep the packages closed and sealed as you pass through the airport security check. These packaged includes all of your nutri bars, chips, cookies, biscuits, and candies on a plane.

How much food can I take on a plane?

As long as you have enough space in your carry-on or checked luggage, you can pack enough amount of food in it. Do consider the liquid rules for your liquid items and consider the type of fresh fruit. For instance, if you are bringing cake on a plane, it is good to go in your carry-on as it is stated solid by the TSA officer. Checking with the airline to follow the allowed luggage is the mandatory act to consider before taking food on a plane.

Is food allowed in luggage when flying?

After all the discussions that have been done till now on taking food on a flight, your answer to this question must have been given well. Yes, you surely can take food in your luggage while flying. For domestic flights, it’s not even much of a problem to bring your food along on a flight. But if you are about to start an international trip then things could be different.

As some countries do not allow some specific kinds of food items to avoid any smuggling or any infectious disease that may be harmful to their country. For instance, Australia does not allow canned meat nor in your Carry on or in your checked luggage. So it is better to start off safe and study the guidelines thoroughly before you Hope onto a plane.


The basic question, can you take food in your suitcase on a plane must have been answered well in the above article. The rule here to apply is simple, solid food items can easily go in your suitcase without the limiting factor. Whereas you’d liquid food items have to go to your checked baggage following the liquid rules for the flight. Don’t forget to pack your liquid food items in a quart-sized seal pack and don’t cross the 100ml limit if you don’t want your food item to be confiscated.

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