Can You Bring Chocolate On A Plane? Complete Guide

Chocolate is the most cherished thing among many people. It also makes a great gift. In the world, many countries make various forms of chocolates so people are always ready to discover the numerous types of chocolates. Whenever you travel from your destinations to your family these chocolate bars would be delicious gifts with a lot of happiness. 

Are you thinking about the same present for your family but want to pack the special chocolate bars in your carry-on? Then take a minute and think about that can you bring chocolate on a plane or not. Will the TSA allow you or not? How many chocolates can you pack in hand luggage? For the answer to all questions that roam in your mind read the information given below.

Can you bring Chocolate on a plane?

To all the chocolate bar admirers, never get depressed during traveling by plane. You are permitted to bring chocolates liberally and binge over them anytime. If you want to bring your favorite chocolate on a plane, then pack them in your carry-on luggage without any agony. To bring chocolates on a plane TSA has precise instructions about chocolates.

How much chocolate can you take on a plane?

According to TSA rules, at the airport during check, you are allowed to bring only 100ml or (3.4 ounces) of chocolates in your bags. Your chocolates must be properly packed in transparent zipper bags or plastic bags. You can place them in zipper bags of 20cmx20cm in diameter and contain up to 1-liter capacity.

Can You Bring Liquid Chocolate on a Plane?

If you want to bring liquid chocolate on a plane, then follow the guidelines given by TSA. Chocolate syrup and chocolate sauce drop into the TSA “3-1-1 liquids rule”. We have already mentioned that TSA permits 100ml or less than 3.4 oz. liquid chocolates in carry-on luggage. You also take the chocolates on the plane through containers that have a 1-liter capacity.

Can You Bring Liquid Chocolate on a Plane

Can I bring solid chocolates in my carry-on?

You can conveniently bring the chocolates to your carry-on.  The solid chocolate bar in carry-on bags and checked luggage are allowed without any hassle. Now adore your beloved snickers on an airplane without any limitations. You can also be permitted to bring chocolates from other countries by following the rules of its wrapping. 

When the TSA team checks your luggage then they might ask you to separate your food items for extra screening.  As clutter bags blur the picture during X-ray analysis.

So it would be great for you to pack all types of food items in a separate carry-on bag as it eases the unpacking of items during checking.

Can I bring solid chocolates in my carry-on

How to Carry Chocolates in Hand Luggage Without Melting?

Firstly, check the texture of the chocolates. If you feel that it’s too hot and they will easily melt when it is packed in luggage, wrap and seal it carefully. If you have a long flight then before takeoff refrigerate your chocolates and seal them with zipper bags. This is the best way to protect them from melting and secure exposure to heat.

If you are not comfortable with freezing, then save it at room temperature and then cover it with a plastic box or airtight container.

The packing of various food items depends on the rules and regulations of different airlines. So before leaving, check the guidelines of your airline carefully. 

What About International Flights? Are Chocolates Restricted by the Customs?

Ordinarily, store-purchased food is permitted through customs. They have no obstacle to restricting candies, delicacies, and chocolates.

Nonetheless, it’s great to always check the country first you’re going to just to be sure. Because various countries are restricted from bringing certain types of food during flights. Some travelers provide information about bringing chocolates while you pass through customs.

Can you bring a chocolate peanut butter cup in your carry-on?

Chocolate peanut butter is surely a solid chocolate cup that is allowed to pack in a carry-on. But peanut butter is considered a liquid by TSA. So it isn’t clear whether you can bring chocolate filled with peanut butter without following the TSA liquid rule or not.

About peanut butter, TSA has the following statement.

Peanut butter on plane

It means if you want to bring peanut butter solely then you have to keep in mind the TSA limitations.

Another chocolate lover asked the TSA about the chocolate peanut butter cup to which TSA gives the following response.

chocolate peanut butter cup

Can you bring chocolate spread on a plane?

Just like peanut butter, chocolate spreaders like Nutella are also considered a liquid by TSA. If you want to bring chocolate spread on a plane, pack it in a 3.4oz 100ml container in a clear plastic bag. Normally, the packaging of chocolate spreaders is too large that you can’t take them on a plane. So to bring them, either purchase the mini jars or transfer the required amount of spreader to a small container.

Can you take Chocolate in checked luggage?

Yes, you can take chocolate on a plane in checked luggage. Transportation of chocolates is allowed in checked baggage. TSA allowed 100 ml for liquids in a carry-on reasonably but it’s not the case in checked luggage. That means you can also transport an enormous amount of liquid chocolate in checked baggage.

Will Chocolate Melt in Checked Luggage?

Chocolates don’t melt under normal conditions because the environment at airports is kept moderate. The surroundings are not warm enough that the chocolates start melting. The place of cargo is also air-conditioned so that food items like chocolates don’t melt. 

Furthermore, the melting of chocolates depends on your destination as well. If you are moving from US or European countries to Asian countries then there are high risks of chocolate melting.

That’s why most of the passengers prefer to keep chocolates in hand luggage than checked luggage. It becomes easy for them to keep an eye on expensive chocolates before gifting them to their loved ones. 

Can You Bring Chocolate Cake In Hand Luggage?

Chocolate cake and cookies are allowed to bring in hand luggage. Nushenn asked the TSA whether she can pack pieces of chocolate cake in her carry-on or not.

Chocolate Cake In Hand Luggage

Final words

If you can travel for the first time by plane and are worried about whether can you bring chocolates on a plane or not. So no need to worry about that because the above article solves your problem. 

All types of chocolates are allowed on a plane, n both carry n and checked baggage.

However if you are about t have liquid or chocolate spreads, your packing needs to follow the liquid rule for carry on.

If you want information about any other food that takes in-plane, comment below. We are looking forward to your positive response. 

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