Can You Take Cheese On A Plane? Complete Guide

If you want to get cheesy on board you might wonder, can you take cheese on a plane?

Is it your favorite brand or favorite type of cheese that you can take along on a plane? Can it be messy? Can you take cheese through the security check if you want to sneak a creamy cheese for a little snack time?

This and much more. Let us get along on a cheesy ride with all the queries you are ever worried about.

Let’s dig in!!

Can you take cheese on a plane?

Cheese can be risky to carry, especially in hot summers but who won’t take a risk for such creamy delight? So the good news is yes, you can take cheese on a plane.

Cheese can be of different types and everyone has their own taste. We will provide you with the most reasonable answers to taking your favorite type of Cheese alone on a plane.

Read on to the following text to know your answers!!


The transportation security agency is all in for letting us all know about what to keep and what to skip. The TSA officially has its list of restricted items for your plane journey while you are flying on a plane.

Here is a quick grab from the Ask TSA Twitter handle about the type of cheese allowed on a plane.

TSA allows the cream cheese and the hard cheese both on board with certain packing restrictions.



You can bring hard cheese in your Carry on or your checked baggage but the rules are different for checked baggage. The cream cheese or soft cheese is taken as a liquid. Therefore these are not allowed in a carry-on with more size than 3.4 oz and must be packed in a plastic bag.

Can you take cheese on a carry-on?

As per the TSA rules, you can take hard cheese in your Carry on, and for soft cheese, the liquid rules apply.

Sharon asks if she could take her 10 oz jar of liquid cheese in her carry-on or not. Here is what TSA has to say about her query.


As per the liquid rules, the TSA will not allow you to take liquid of more than 3.4 oz. If you are taking more quality than this you need to check the item in your checked baggage as TSA suggested to Sharon.

For the solid cheese, some deeper digging was required. As we were searching along, we witnessed a traveler asking about taking 5lb frozen solid cheese in a carry-on.

Here is what TSA has to say about it.


The TSA allowed the 5lb cheese into the carry-on as long as it is not soft and watery during the screening process. So you are good to go if it’s frozen and solid through the security check.

Can you take cheese in checked baggage?

You can take cheese in checked baggage under some circumstances. Firstly if it’s more than the allowed size in your Carry on. Secondly, it is soft cheese.

One of the Twitter users wanted to ask if she could take the soft Brie cheese in her carry-on, she was suggested to pack it in a carry-on for safety.


How to travel with cheese on Airplane?

All types of cheese are allowed on Airplane. However, there are some packing restrictions for different types. For the hard cheese, you can simply pack it in your checked baggage. Even if you hand carry it, do not exploit the packaging and quantity restrictions.

Moreover, for the liquid or soft cheese, you cannot exceed the liquid rule of the 3-1-1 rule. Liquid cheese is only allowed 3.4 oz in your Carry on but can be packed in a larger amount in your checked baggage.

Can I bring cheese on a plane on an International Flight?

Travelers do really love to bring cheese on a plane even when they are traveling internationally.

Similarly, one of the passengers inquires TSA if his wife could bring the 3 kg of canned cheese back to Bermuda from Spain. The TSA responds yes to canned cheese but only in checked baggage.

Also, TSA suggests the traveler check through the airport security well.


Can I make cheese through airport security?

Travelers do take and bring all types of different cheeses through airport security to have their cravings fulfilled. If you are about to take solid hard cheese on a plane like cheddar, you are good to go even in the carry-on or checked baggage.

If it’s liquid or spreadable, then the TSA won’t allow this cheese through the security check of its more than 3.4 oz. So be sure you don’t exceed the limit for your Carry on luggage.

How do you pack cheese in checked luggage?

All the creamy cheeses including the dips and spreads are good to go in the checked baggage. The TSA advises travelers to pack the cheese in a checked bag with some ice packs or something cold that can keep the cheese fine through the travel.

Can I take cheddar cheese in my hand luggage?

Cheddar cheese falls in the hard category so there is no problem in packing it anyway in your Carry on or hand luggage. In case your cheese has some distinct smell, you might not want to stink the whole place out. So it’s preferable to pack it in your checked baggage with tight packaging.

Can you bring cheese through customs?

As per the United States customs and security protocols of TSA, you can bring bakery items and many types of cheese to the USA. There is however the right amount needed to be packed for the different items including cheese. You can check the item in what to bring on a plane list on the TSA website for better and hassle-free travel.

How long will cheese last in your luggage?

Hard cheese such as cheddar and aged Gouda that have been cut into smaller pieces will last for 6 to 8 hours on a plane at room temperature. On the contrary, soft cheese like Brie cheese and canned cheese can live up to 2 to 4 hours. you are suggested to have the cooling pack n your carry-on for keeping the cheese last longer. Make sure that you keep the cooling packs frozen as you pass through the security or else your cooling pack will be confiscated.

If your cooling pack is frozen until you pass through airport security, your cheese can survive for longer routes.

Our final Verdict

Our Final Verdict for can you take cheese on a plane is a cheesy yes. Now you do not have to miss out on your cheese cravings if you are out of your hometown.

The only thing you need to consider is the cheese type and its packing requirement.

Hard cheeses are good to go in carry-on without the packing limit.

Liquid or soft cheese can go in carry-on as well as checked baggage but will follow the liquid rule for carry-on.

Canned cheese with a larger amount of cheese is suggested to pack in checked baggage.

I hope that all the above-mentioned packing rules will make your travels safe with every type of cheese.

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