Can You Bring Fruit On A Plane? Complete Guide

Are you a healthy snack lover? Do you want to enjoy your vacations to the fullest? Then maintaining a healthy diet is important. When we travel, we come across different environmental changes that affect our immune system to some extent. To avoid such situations, one needs to be focused on his diet. 

Fruits are the premium choice to maintain a healthy metabolism during traveling. But can you bring fruit on a plane? Are you allowed to eat the fruits on a flight? How can you keep your fruits fresh till your destination? What are the limitations of bringing fruit on a plane? These are some questions that roam around your mind while packing fruits. But take a deep breath as you landed at the right place. We have found the answers to all your queries. So let’s start.

Can you bring fruit on a plane?

Yes, fruits are allowed to bring on a plane. But special instruction goes for each fruit category. Solid fruit items like apple, orange, mango, or even any fruit item that is not mashed or juiced are allowed to take on a plane. 

But when we talk about the mashed fruits, they need to follow the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule. Or some airlines may restrict you to bring the mashed items on a plane. Let’s discuss it further with the TSA rules.

What does TSA have to say about it?

According to the TSA, solid fruit items can be packed in carry-on or checked luggage to travel within the United States. However, gel food items or fruit juices will go in a 100ml or 3.4oz container for carry-on or should be placed in checked bags. 

TSA also pointed out some of the countries where transporting fruits are not allowed due to the risks of spreading plant pests. Here is the official statement below. Check out the restricted countries here.

Fresh fruits and vegetables tsa

Can you bring fruit in carry-on luggage?

Packing solid fruit items is allowed on a plane. You can bring them through airport security easily. But it is recommended to separate the fruit items from other essentials for extra screening. It will save you time and you pass the security point without any hassle. But if you are taking the fruit juices then take it in a can or bottle of 100ml or 3.4oz. 

Here Nina asks the TSA about bringing a peach cobbler in hand luggage to which TSA gives the following reply.

Can you bring fruit in carry-on luggage

Can you bring fruit in checked luggage?

Yes, packing fruit in checked baggage is permitted but within the continental United States. You can pack fruits without any quantity limitations. When you are about to take fruits in your checked luggage, the main thing you need to consider is packing. Because if you don’t pack them correctly, they can spoil your clothes or other belongings easily. So what’s the best way to pack them? Let’s find out next.

How to pack fruits?

Most fruit items can easily squash so it’s important to pack them perfectly. Firstly, wash your fruits and let them dry properly. Take a resealable plastic container or any piece of cloth and wrap the fruit in it. If you have soft fruit items like bananas or grapes then using a tin container will do the job perfectly. It will not smash your fruit and no chance of leaking juice from the fruit left. Make sure you don’t put fruits with your clothes or any electrical appliances.

Can you bring dried fruit on a plane?

Dried fruit items are allowed to take on a flight without any restriction. TSA specifically doesn’t restrict or allow any dry fruit on a plane. So we can assume that you can bring any dry items in your hand luggage with no amount limitations. Pack your dry fruits near the top of your bag zip so that you can quickly pick them out for extra screening.

Dried Fruits TSA

Can you take fruits on an international flight?

Bringing food on international flights totally depends upon the rules of the destination country. As many countries don’t allow the bringing of fruit items due to the risks of spreading plant pests. But if you’re intended to eat the fruit on a plane then it will be totally OK. In case, you can’t finish your fruit on a plane and the destination country has the restriction on it then you can’t take it furthermore. 

Connolly asked the TSA twitter about bringing fruits on an international flight. See what TSA replied to her.

Can you take fruits on an international flight

Another passenger, Ash B Readin asked about the bringing of lemons from the USA to Guatemala. To which TSA gives the following response.

Can you take fruits on an international flight 2

Can you take apples on a plane?

Yes, you can bring apples in your hand luggage if you’re moving to the continental United States. TSA allows you to bring both whole and sliced apples without any restrictions. If you are taking the peeled or sliced apples then pack them in a plastic bag or place them in a container. While apples don’t require any extra wrapping. Just throw them in your carry-on and you are good to go. Furthermore, there is no restriction on the number of apples. 

Can you bring bananas on a plane?

Bananas are allowed to bring on a plane both in a whole or sliced form. For the sliced one, you just need extra wrapping so that they don’t damage the other essentials in the bag. You can also place the sliced banana in a container with a tight lid. However, whole bananas can go without wrapping. But we recommend you to wrap the banana in any cloth as it gets spoiled easily from a small hit. 

Can you bring cherries on a plane?

Enjoying little sugary savory cherries on a plane while listening to music give you delightful vibes. You can pack cherries in your hand luggage without any quantity limitation. You can’t put them in your handbag without wrapping or placing them in a container. Using any plastic box or tin with a secure lid fitting is recommended.

Can you take grapes on a plane?

Just like the above-mentioned fruit items, grapes are also permitted by the TSA. But as they are not rigid solid items so they need extra protection and care for a safer departure. Put the grapes in a tin or plastic container with a secure lid fitting. You can take as many grapes on flight as your hand-carry- allows you.

Can you bring fruits through the airport security in your carry on?

Fresh fruits and all other types of fruits are good to pass the airport security in your carry on. even if you carry fresh fruit or sliced one , you wont be troubled. However do consider the canned fruits quantity before you pack it in your carry on. As cans with syrups are not allowed above 3.4oz quantity.

How much fruit can you bring on a plane?

There is no limit provided by the TSA officials about having fruits on a plane. You can have your checked baggage full of all kinds of fruit. Only consider the total amount of luggage allowed by the airline. Canned Fruits can be packed in carry on as well as in checked luggage. But they do follow the liquid packing rule for carry on packing.


Our final Verdict

Can you bring fruit on a plane? The answers become quite clear now. As we have discussed all the scenarios and even the safe packing of fruits. Still, if you have any questions, let us know in the comment section. We are here to help you out in the best ways. Have healthy traveling.

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