Can You Take Bar Soap On A Plane? Complete Guide

Life becomes quite challenging after covid-19. You have to keep yourself cleaner and sanitized to kick off the virus. During travel, things get complicated because you can’t maintain the cleanliness as at home. So for this purpose, you need to ensure extra precautions like taking sanitizer or bar soap on a plane. 

Having a disinfected bar soap that keeps your hands germ-free longer is necessary. But can you take bar soap on a plane? Does TSA set any guidelines and restrictions for bringing soap? Let’s find out all the queries in this article.

Can you take bar soap on a plane?

Although many airlines provide you with the soap bar or travel soap sheets. But having a personal soap bar provides you a different comfort level, especially in this wave of Covid-19. Bar soap is solid, so TSA will have no restriction on bringing it on a plane. You can pack the bar soap of any size and flavor on a plane. Let’s have a look at what TSA official websites say about it.

bar soap on a plane TSA

So soap bars are good to go in your carry-on and checked bags without any size, amount, or weight limit.

Can you take liquid soap on a plane?

You need to follow extra guidelines before packing a liquid soap on a plane. As per the 3-1-1 rule of TSA, all the liquids are allowed to pack in 3.4oz or 100ml containers. Or you can make a liquid soap of 3.4oz in a toiletry (quart-size) bag on a plane. You can also use a plastic bag of a maximum volume of 1 liter to have a liquid soap with you. But make sure that the plastic bag you use must be transparent and sealed properly.

liquid soap on a plane TSA

How many bar soaps can you pack with you on a plane?

There are no restrictions on taking the number of bar soaps on a plane. You can take as many as you want within the carry-on bag limit. But for bringing a liquid soap bar, you need to consider the 100ml limit and quart-size packing. In case you are taking the wet soap bar, then pack it in the clear sealed plastic bag.

How to pack a bar soap in carry-on luggage?

Packing tips are different for each category. Below we have discussed the packing hacks of all.

  • Packing of solid soap bar

Solid soap bars are most easy to pack. Just throw a solid soap bar in your carry-on if it is in its original packing. Otherwise, pack it in a clear plastic bag and place it in your luggage.

  • Packing of liquid soap

Liquid soaps need to pack in quart-size bags within the 100ml container. To avoid any mess, place liquid soaps within the toiletry bag.

  • Packing of wet soap

Wet soaps are quite tricky to handle during travel as they can ruin your other essentials in a bag. So the best way to pack them is in a sealed plastic bag. First, roll the soap in a reusable beeswax paper, then place it in a plastic bag. So that soap doesn’t get mushy and slimy. But if you are not in a hurry to pack, let the soap dry.

Can you bring travel soap paper on a plane?

Yes, travel soap papers are allowed to pack in your carry-on luggage. TSA gives no official notice on bringing travel soap paper. But as soap paper are lightweight and can be easily packed, we can assume that you can take it easily without any restriction.

What size of soap can you take on a plane?

According to the 3-1-1 rule of TSA, every liquid product must be 3.4oz and need to fix in a quart-size clear zip bag. Only one person can take one bag. So for liquid soaps, you can take as many as your zip bags allow. For the solid soap bar, you can have the bars as your hand luggage allows.


So the answer to the question, can you take a soap bar on a plane is yes. You can pack the bar soap in your carry-on freely, but some additional guidelines are applicable for liquid ones. 

If you are looking to take any other essentials on a plane, have a look at our site. We have discussed the series of different products you can have on a flight without any agony. Have a safe flight. 

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