Can You Bring Makeup On A Plane? Complete Guide

No matter for what purpose you are traveling ladies can’t think of leaving the makeup game behind. Most girls want to pack their makeup essentials and toiletries in carry-on bags rather than checked luggage. Because things are misplaced from checked bags occasionally. 

Makeup is not a need of fashionistas only everyone likes to have little-bit makeup to keep themselves up to date. 

Are you the one who likes to wear makeup on a trip or flight? But can you bring makeup on a plane or not? You must be aware of the TSA rules and tips before packing it for a flight. In this single article, we are going to share the whole information on bringing every type of makeup on a plane. So let’s discuss.

Can you bring makeup on a plane?

Yes, you are allowed to bring makeup on a plane. Nothing is prohibited by the TSA but everything has its rules. We know makeup is a broad category so TSA guidelines and restrictions go according to the type of cosmetic products you are taking. Next, we are going to discuss the whole makeup range and their rules accordingly.

Can you bring solid makeup on a plane?

Solid makeup items like lipsticks, eyeshadows, brow pencils, mascara, etc are allowed to pack in a carry-on and checked luggage freely. Security officers will not question your solid makeup if it is packed properly and within the hand luggage weight.

Solid makeup TSA 2

Can you bring powder makeup on a plane?

Highlighter, loose powder, powdered eyeshadows, and blush-on fall in the range of powder makeup. These makeup items are good to go in your carry-on and checked luggage. It might be possible security officer can investigate your powder essentials if there are in large containers. So if you are taking the powder makeup above 12oz, separate it for extra screening. For your convenience, TSA gives you a tip to pack makeup above 12oz in a checked bag. Let’s have a look at TSA official statement.

Powder makeup TSA 2

Can you bring liquid makeup on a plane?

TSA rules are simple and good to go for solid and powdery items but there are some restrictions on taking the liquid makeup. As per TSA 3-1-1 rule, liquids are allowed to bring only in containers smaller than 3.4oz/100ml and in a quart-size plastic bag. But the confusion is which makeup products are considered as a liquid by TSA. so for your convenience we have enlisted the major liquid makeup items and their restrictions below.

Table 1

Makeup packing tips according to TSA rules

Packing expensive makeup items can be daunting because nobody wants their makeup to be broken or spill in a bag. Also, no one wants to pay extra for the makeup bag if they can adjust the items in the carry-on. To avoid all such hurdles, all you have to do is to pack smartly to pass through airport security easily. Here we are going to discuss some travelers s packing experiences according to TSA.


The highlighter comes in two categories liquid and powdered. A powdered highlighter is ok in its original packing but for a liquid one, a packaging less than 3.40z with the quart-size bag is required. The same applies to the creme highlighter. Let’s see what TSA replies to Serena lee when she asks for taking a highlighter.

Highlighter TSA

Face primer

As face primer is also a liquid and 3-1-1 rule applies to it. So for smart packing, it’s better to buy a small travel-size bottle. It will be enough for your whole trip.


Foundation as a liquid makeup item needs to be packed in a toiletry bag or quart-size bag. Occasionally normal packaging of foundation does not exceed 3.4oz/ 100ml so you can totally depend on its actual packing.

Foundation TSA

But if you are having foundation stick then you don’t need to worry about the restrictions and packing. Pack it freely.

Foundation TSA 2

TSA shows the green light to Laurie Webb when she asks to bring powder foundation.

Foundation TSA 3


For smart packing of eyeshadows have a look at how to pack eyeshadows for travel. We have discussed the various ways to pack the eyeshadow palette within safety measures. But if your eyeshadows are in the creamy form then use the plastic bags for liquids. As TSA clears the rule to Liz when she asks for packing of eyeshadows.

Eyeshadows TSA


Lipsticks are considered a solid makeup item so you can pack them freely with no limitation. But if you are taking lip gloss, tints or liquid lipsticks then you will surely pack lipsticks in liquid bags.

Lipsticks TSA

Makeup remover and Lotions

Both these items fall in the liquid makeup category and the liquid 3-1-1 rule applies to them. So pack them in a toiletry bag. But if your makeup remover is in wipe form then you don’t need to put it in a toiletry bag.

Makeup remover and Lotions TSA

Nail polish remover

Nail paint remover is of two categories: liquid nail remover and nail remover wipes. It’s better to pack nail remover in a carry-on than in checked luggage. As remover has flammable properties so pack in less than 18oz container in hand luggage. But remover wipes are good to go in carry-on.

Nail polish remover TSA

Brow gel and eyeliner pencils

Pencils are considered solid so you can pack them freely with no size limitations. But gel products are liquid and need to go in a toiletry bag.

Brow gel and eyeliner pencils TSA

Brow gel and eyeliner pencils TSA 2

Similarly, all other makeup products can be packed according to their category. All you have to do is just focus on liquid items and the rules that apply to them.


Hope so now you get to know can you bring makeup on a plane or not. Taking makeup on a flight all depends on the type of makeup. Set your all makeup products in a makeup bag as per TSA rules if they are in a liquid or powder form.

If you are looking to bring other essentials on a plane give a visit to our site. We have covered the range of different essentials to take on a flight. Have a safe travel.

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