Can You Bring Tweezers On A Plane? Complete Guide

Whether you are travelling for a vacation or for business deals, you always want to look presentable. You look for ways to bring cosmetic items like tweezers on a plane.  To keep yourself maintain and well-groomed, you need the accessories like tweezers, nail cutters, and filer with you every time. So that you can shape your brows or nails without facing any trouble.

Ladies usually want to pack their mini cosmetic fixers like tweezers in a carry-on. as it becomes easy to take them out then unpack the whole checked bag. But can you bring tweezers on a plane? Will TSA allow you to pack such sharpened items in carry-on? Let’s find out the answer to all your queries below.

Can you bring tweezers on a plane?

Yes, you can bring tweezers on a plane in your carry-on luggage but there are some restrictions set by TSA. The main security rule doesn’t allow passengers to take sharp or pointed objects in a carry-on. So if you have a pointed tweezer with a size of more than 4inches (6cm in Europe) then it is not permitted by security officers. But this is rare because most of cosmetic tweezers are small and have slant tips so they don’t create any hassle at the checkpoint.

Now, you don’t need to be worried about the fast hair growth of your brow or upper lips because you have the plucker with you even on a flight.

tweezers on a plane TSA

Kayla asked the TSA if she can pack her eyebrow tweezer in hand luggage or not. To which the TSA gives the following reply.

Can you bring tweezers on a plane b

Can you take tweezers in a checked bag?

You can take any type of tweezers in your checked luggage without worrying about their size. It means that even the long tweezers greater than 4-inches used as kitchen essentials for picking up food can be carried in checked baggage easily.

tweezers on a plane

How to pack a tweezer in your hand luggage?

Tweezer packing isn’t as easy as other toiletries because of its sharp edge. You need to be extra careful while packing it in your bag so that it doesn’t damage other products. For packing, wrap your tweezer in a bubble sheet or piece of cloth. You can even place it in a small box with other essentials like nail clippers, scissors, etc. A leather tweezer storage bag can also do the work in the same way. Whatever method you choose, make sure it doesn’t hurt the security officer during checking. 

Can you bring sharp tweezers on a plane?

Point tip tweezers usually use to remove splinters or for precision work are allowed by the TSA. But make sure to pack them safely so that it doesn’t damage other essentials or security officer during checking.

Must consider the size of sharp tweezers precisely as long tweezers aren’t allowed by TSA. But if your pointed tweezer is within the size limitation and packed properly then take it freely. 

Why are tweezers banned from aeroplanes?

The main purpose of TSA is to provide security to passengers. TSA restrict the bringing of sharp objects on a plane that’s why tweezers with pointed shape are not allowed to have on a plane in most cases. But mostly, cosmetic tweezers with wide or slant tips don’t found to be sharp and are not restricted by security officers.

Can I take nail clippers on a plane?

Yes according to TSA guidelines, nail clippers, filers, and cuticle cutters are allowed to bring on a plane. Here is the screenshot from TSA official website.

Can I take nail clippers on a plane

But make sure that when you pack up such sharp items in your carry-on, wrap them carefully, so that they don’t damage other items in your bag. The size rule goes the same for nail clippers blades as for tweezer that is 4cm long. Check the size guide meticulously before taking clippers on a plane, However, size guide restrictions are not implemented for checked luggage.


Can you bring tweezers on a plane? Yes, you can both in checked or carry-on. Just make sure that the size is appropriate and the shape is not too pointed or sharp. If you want to know about the bringing of other items on a plane, comment below. We are looking forward to answering your requests. Have a safe vacation.

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