Can You Bring Shaving Razors On A Plane? Complete Guide

Having razors on board can be a little questionable but who does not want to be tidy even on the plane?

For a person, or most of us who do not have much time to get to a flight all suited and tidy Can always wonder and ask themselves about Can you bring razors on a plane?

Well, the answer Can be different depending upon the size and type of razors you are willing to take on board. So let us sneak into the details of what type of and how can you take razors on a plane for your sparkling trip ahead.

Can you bring shaving razors on a plane?

Well, let’s just get straight to the answer, as many of you might be biting your nails to know the solution. YES, you can bring razors on a plane

But wait all the happiness of having a neat and spik and span tour can ruin into pieces if you chose the wrong one for your flight.

Razors can be of different types. They are with detectable head, blade removable, electric razors, and disposable ones. There are some different packing hacks for each of the above and you must head to the following content to choose your right flight partner.

Still not sure? Let’s see what TSA has to say about taking razors on a plane

As TSA is all pledged to make your life and journey safe and sound, things like razors must have had strict rules to be followed. And the good news is that TSA allows the passenger to all bring razors on a plane but with safety.

A regular razor with disposable and detachable razor whose blades are not removable own their own are allowed in your checked baggage as well as your hand carries. The secured blade head will safeguard the safety from any onboard incident but you need to cover your blade head as it can cut through your or the officer’s hand while checking through your luggage.

If your razor possesses the removable blade all by itself then these are not allowed in your Carry on. You can rather put these in your checked baggage bit with the secured tops.

Can you bring a disposable razor on a plane?

What can be handier than a disposable razor? Nothing right? Well, it is one of the most reliable and affordable shaving items that you would love to have by your side when you are traveling.

So it’s a big yes from the TSA and the airport security officers to keep your disposable razors either in your checked luggage or in your hand carry.

But if you are thinking to take your disposable safety razors with you on a plane, it’s a big no without a doubt. As it is cleared earlier, anything that can have a detachable blade all by itself is not allowed in your Carry on.

Can you bring an electric razor on a plane?

Electric razors are the new fashion these days. Not only do they look trendy in your shaving kit but they also help you get the risk-free, quick, and smooth shave with some luxury moments.

So following the new trends, TSA approves the carrying of your electric razors on a plane. And why not? What can go wrong with reliable electric razors? As they are nice and smooth, you can easily take these in your Carry on and your checked luggage.

But a pro tip for your electric razors, to keep a charging adapter as you go for your plane trip. You can never know if your specific electric razor fits the charging points easily, so why take risks?

electric razor on a plane

Can you bring a Gillette razor on a plane?

Gillette razors are the new favorite of the town when it comes to affordability, reliability, and smoothness. The best part is you don’t have to leave your best fella behind, TSA approves your Gillette ones without a doubt.

These are the disposable ones so you keep them anywhere in your checked luggage or the carry-ons. Moreover, do pack these in a safety bag so you don’t cut yourself while finding your other essentials.

What about taking shaving gel on a plane?

Shaving gels are liquids, liquids, or foams. So these must follow the liquid rules by TSA. This means that you just need to keep your shaving creams within the limit of 100ml.

So don’t hesitate to pack your shaving gels either in your Carry on or in the checked baggage.


I hope my above-mentioned context explains all the details about can you bring shaving razors on a plane? With all the guidelines by TSA, razors can be an easy thing to be on a plane with all the safety protocols. So don’t worry and travel tidy !!

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