OthersCan You Bring Shaving Cream On A Plane? Complete Guide

Can You Bring Shaving Cream On A Plane? Complete Guide

No doubt, ladies don’t miss the chance of making themselves up even on official trips or mini-tours. To keep yourself presentable and groomed is everyone’s priority. Although Men have certain cosmetics products that do not require much packing effort, few of them need extra attention and look after.

If you are a person who likes to shave regularly, then you must think of having a shaving kit anywhere you go. Taking shaving cream on tour is common as most people pack them in checked luggage. But what if you have only carry-on with you because of mini-tour? Can you bring shaving cream on a plane? Will TSA allow you to pack in your handbag? Let’s find out all the answers below.

Can you bring shaving cream on a plane?

As per TSA guidelines, you are allowed to bring shaving cream on a plane but in a restricted amount. Here the rule 3-1-1 of TSA related to liquids applies. As security administration, consider shaving creams foam, oil, or gel-like liquid, so you can have a bottle of 3.4oz/100ml shaving cream with you on a plane. 

The main concern of airport security is to make you feel safe on a flight. So they’ll surely have nothing to restrict you from taking it on a plane if you have it in the right amount. Here is the screenshot from their official website.

Can you bring shaving cream on a plane tsa

How to pack shaving cream in carry-on luggage?

Shaving cream

Pack your shaving cream in a quart-size liquid bag or toiletry bag with the approximate dimension of 6 by. This way, you can take it through security more quickly as it is preferable by TSA as well.


Shaving gels

If you are not right with shaving creams, then you can have shaving gels that will go in favor as they are also less bulky than aerosol. To pack shaving gel, pick up the small packaging as gels last for ages than creams.

Shaving oils

Don’t worry. If you have left a minimal space in your carry-on, have a shaving oil of about .50z/15ml. It will be enough for your short tour.

Shaving soap

Bringing a shaving soap on a plane can be a good option if your toiletry bag does not allow you anything more. A soap bar does not lie under TSA liquid rule and does not require a bag for packaging. You can simply place the soap bar in your bag without any extra wrapping.

Can you bring shaving cream in checked luggage?

Technically, you can bring shaving cream in checked luggage. But sometimes, FAA restricts the total amount of toiletry products, including aerosol in a checked bag. So if you are thinking of packing aerosol shaving products in the checked bag, then look for the amount carefully. 

The total quantity is 2kg (70 ounces) or 2L (68 fluid ounces) per person. The capacity of each bottle shouldn’t increase by 500ml if you are packing in checked luggage. Here Connor is getting a positive response from TSA for packing shaving foam in a checked bag.


Will shaving cream explode on a plane?

Shaving creams packed in cans are not going to explode in a carry-on. Toiletries that are aerosol in nature have chances to get explode but this case is rare. Aerosol explodes only when there is an extreme temperature or fire. Shaving cream is not pure aerosol so it doesn’t have much chance of exposure on a plane.

Does shaving cream expire?

Yes, after the date limit the toiletries get expired. Although the products like shaving cream, deodorant, and shampoo may still do work and won’t harm. But the water in them can get dry which can cause the bacteria to grow or mold. It’s better to use the creams within the expiry date to avoid any infection on the skin.

Where can I bag shaving creams while traveling?

In case you forget your shaving cream at home, then don’t be a worry. You can find different creams at the airport grocery shop. May you not find the desired one or have to pay the high prices but it’s better to shop than not having at all.


We hope that you get the answer of can you bring shaving cream on a plane or not. All you have to do is to keep an eye on TSA guidelines while taking shaving creams on the flight. Do you want to know about the permission of other cosmetic products on a plane? Comment below. We are looking forward to fulfilling your requests. Have a wonderful trip.


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