Can You Bring Popcorn On A Plane? Complete Guide

Long flights can be tiring and lifelong if you don’t have anything for your company. So what is best suited for this than a movie on a plane?

Sounds interesting and life-saving!! But a movie without popcorn? Doesn’t fits right no?

Well not for me, and everyone else who could not watch a movie without munching on a full bag of flavored popcorn.

But the question here arises, can you bring popcorn on a plane? Will it be safe to have popcorn in your Carry on while checking through the airport security? Is there any amount restriction?

This and much more. Let us help you solve all the queries about bringing popcorn on a plane.

Let’s dig in.

Can you bring popcorn on a plane?

Yes, you certainly can. Isn’t it good news? Airport security and the security officer won’t stop you from bringing your popcorn bag either in carry-on or checked baggage.

So you are good to go. As per the TSA restriction, every solid food is good to go on flights. But if still not sure, you can visit the site yourself.

What TSA has to say about it?

For every type of packaging restriction and rule, TSA has its clear verdict. However, the name “Popcorn” has not found itself on the list of harmful items.

Considering popcorn a SOLID FOOD ITEM item, it is allowed on the plane without any restriction to its amount. Therefore, TSA will not restrict you to have your favorite flavored popcorn in either carry-on or checked baggage.

Still, do expect the final call from the TSA officer at the security check.

Let us dig into some packing hacks now.

Can you bring popcorn in a carry-on?

Yes, why not? Taking popcorn in a carry-on is the safest option as it will protect your soft kernels from damage.

Furthermore, if you are planning on munching on these movie partners, a carry-on is the best option.

Easy to get, easy to enjoy, and easy to restore when once finished.

I certainly suggest you bring your movie partners in a carry-on for the best.

Can you bring popcorn in checked baggage?

As per TSA rules, all solid food items are allowed in checked baggage as well as carry-on. Plus, the good news is there is no packing limit to it.

So you can pack any amount you want. But what if your soft kernels or unpopped popcorn gets damaged during the checked baggage handling?

Or a security officer scooping out some of it from your bag while checking?

It’s not certain to happen but we cannot ignore the fact that it does sometimes. So I suggest you not pack it there. But the choice is always yours.

Can you bring microwave popcorn on a plane?

Microwave popcorn is good to go on the plane. You can keep any amount of these in your Carry on or checked baggage.

Shanny Asked TSA if she could take the microwave popcorn in her carry-on through the check post.

can you bring microwave popcorn on a plane

To which the TSA replied popcorn is “Good to go” in a carry-on.

Can you bring a bag of popcorn on a plane?

If you are a crazy popcorn muncher like me, I better suggest you take your favorite bags right in your Carry on.

And the good news is, you won’t be troubled by its size and amount.

Just as Abbie asked the TSA officials through Twitter if she can bring her popcorn bag along on carry-on.

The TSA responded “ popcorn is good to go in carry on”

can you bring a bag of popcorn on a plane

Can you take popcorn through airport security?

Yes, popcorn is good to go through airport security. As per TSA rules, solid food is good to go through security either in carry-on or checked baggage.

There are no packing restrictions for it. Also, you do not have to follow certain packing amount restrictions.

However, be prepared for the unwanted inspection of your popcorn kernel packs.

As the last say is from the security officer standing next to you through the security check.

Can you take unpopped popcorn on a plane?

If you are planning to have a good stock of your favorite popcorn even at your destination, unpopped popcorn can be the right one for it. Unpopped or the kernels of popcorn are good to go on the plane. There are no near chances of you suffering from having these in your luggage.

However, do not stuff your Carry on with all these packets as they cannot be consumed on a plane and will add weight to your hand carry.

Otherwise, these can be safe in checked baggage. However, there are still chances that these kernels may get damaged in checked baggage.

As one of the passengers was curious about having her kettle corn gift in her carry-on to reduce the risk of smashing it all along the passage.

Her curiosity got answered by the TSA official through a relaxing reply

can you take unpopped popcorn on a plane

Can you bring a popcorn popper machine on a plane?

Sounds a bit much, but yes you can. Popcorn-popping machines are allowed on a plane in a carry-on.

So you can have your perfectly popped popcorn in a new destination you have been traveling to.

To confirm this carriage, Julie confirms from TSA if packing popcorn-popping machines and green coffee beans in checked baggage is okay.

are which TSA was completely fine.

Can you bring a popcorn popper machine on a plane

Final Verdict

In wrapping up the queries on whether can you bring popcorn on a plane, I would say Yes, why not? Being solid food, all types of popcorn are allowed on the plane. No matter if you keep these in your Carry on for on-flight munching or gift packing the kernels in checked baggage for gifting.

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