Can I Bring Cookies On A Plane? Complete Guide

Cookies can be the real need of the time when you are bored with plane snacks, especially on a long flight. What else could be more refreshing than some favorite homemade cookies?

But are they allowed on a plane? Have you yet asked yourself can I bring cookies on a plane? If yes then how? Can you have my cookie jar along? Is its easy to pass through the airport security while having cookies in my carry-on?

Well worry not, we are more than welcome to help you with all these answers. Let’s dig in so we can finally help you with choosing the flavor of your favorite cookie on a plane in no while.

Can I bring cookies on a plane?

Well, we don’t want you to keep waiting so here is a short and quick answer to this. Yes, you can bring cookies on a plane. You can either go simple by taking the packed or market-bought cookies or you can simply go a bit fancier for your cookies to be homemade.

And the good thing regarding this is, you can keep them anywhere you want to. All you have to consider is the security safety and the easy security check.


If you are ever ambiguous about what to take on a plane and whatnot, Ask TSA.

The Transportation security agency is all clear and green for you to take the cookies on a plane. According to the TSA rules, you can keep your cookies either in your Carry on or in your checked baggage without any issues from the security check.

Moreover, there are no limitations on the number you are allowed to keep in your baggage. However, the cookies might restrict the clean scan of your baggage. So the security officers may ask you to remove the boxes aside to have a clear vision of the things they need to scan.


Can I bring cookies on an International Flight?

Most of the countries we know do not restrict having cookies or any baked products with the coming travelers. But still traveling internationally can drop you in some trouble if your baked goods are restricted in that region.

So we would suggest you keep a close eye on searching can I bring cookies on a plane internationally. Or you might feel fine with your cookies being confiscated at customs.

Can I bring cookies in my carry-on luggage?

Taking cookies in a carry-on is the best option if you want to enjoy them during the flight. Even if not, having such baked goodness near and secured is the best thing you can ask for.

So yes you can take them in your Carry within your cabin. Especially if you are gifting a good box of handmade cookies to your loved ones, what can be more protected than having it by your side.


Can I bring cookies in my checked baggage?

If you are planning on piling up some cookies boxed for gifting, checked baggage is the right choice then. You can keep as many boxes as you want to but you should not exceed the limit weight limit allowed by the TSA security.

One thing that may trouble taking cookies along in checked baggage is that your cookies might crumble. The hard handling and checking might ruin the perfect shape of your cookies. But you can always use good and sealed packaging to secure them. Or the best way to secure them is to use a hard box or tin packaging.

Can you take cookies through airport security?

For our travelers having a good sweet tooth, the good news is that you can take cookies through airport security very easily. According to the TSA rules, all baked bread, buns, and cookies are allowed through airport security.

In fact, if you are about to wish someone with a birthday cake as you reach your destination. You are allowed to take that too. Sounds sweet!! But be sure it’s sealed and packed completely.

Can I carry baked goods on a plane?

Taking a baked cookie, cake, or pie to a plane might have all the security officers perform the mandatory taste test. But nothing can go wrong with you keeping your baked good along if they are sealed perfectly. So yes, all kinds of baked goods are allowed on a plane.

Can I have raw cookie dough in my carry-on?

Well, anything that is spreadable is considered liquid under the TSA rules and must follow the liquid packing restrictions. However, cookie dough is not on the list of items prohibited from packing in a carry-on, so yes you can pack cookie dough in your carry-on.

Ellen asked TSA if he could take the raw cookie dough in his carry on to which TSA agreed instantly considering raw cookie dough a safe thing to be in your carry-on.

cookie dough in my carry-on

So it can be assumed that TSA does not count raw cookie dough as liquid items and exempted it from the liquid rules.

Still, the final call for your cookie dough through the security check will be from the security officer present at it.

How to pack cookies for travel?

Packing can be optional depending on what you want to do with your cookies. If those are to be packed for some special occasion or the person you are visiting, we prefer you pack them in tin packaging. Tin packaging can be safe and keeps your cookies crisp and fresh for a longer time.

In case you want too much on them during the flight z make sure you pack them in a clear bag. Ziplock bags so they might not restrict the security scan in any way.

Our final Verdict

The final Verdict for can I bring cookies on a plane will be a sweet and crumbly yes. You can have your favorite ones right in your cabin with you to have a perfect munch with a coffee or tea serving. Therefore we prefer you to give equal protocols to your favorite ones as they can make your flight deliciously sweet.

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