Can You Bring Perfume On A Plane Checked Luggage? Complete Guide

Smelling good is important. It not only grooms your whole personality but also makes you stand classically in many people. Long flights or long lines at a checkpoint in hot summer make you sweat or push towards showers. But taking a shower is not an option in all cases, as if you have to take the next flight immediately. For this, you must need something to refresh your mind or body, and we think perfumes do wonder. 

You don’t want to face embarrassment from fellow passengers, so be smart and pack your favorite perfume. But can you bring perfume on a plane checked luggage? Will you be allowed to pass the checkpoint with perfume in your hand luggage? Let’s find out all below.

Can you bring perfume on a plane checked luggage?

Yes, you can take perfume/cologne with you on a flight without any agony as perfumes are liquid, so you have to follow a 3-1-1 rule of TSA. It means you can pack any 100ml/3.4oz bottle of perfume in your hand luggage.

If you want to pack perfume bottles of more than 3.4oz, pack them in checked luggage. TSA doesn’t consider perfume aerosol because it is a toiletry product, and toiletries are permitted in checked luggage. Furthermore, you can take as many perfumes as you want in checked luggage. TSA has no volume limits in a checked bag.

bring perfume on a plane checked luggage TSA

TSA rules for bringing perfume on a plane

As you can see above, TSA enables the taking of perfumes in both cases. But there are some additional guidelines for perfumes to have on the plane.

  1. Pack your fragrance bottle in a quart-sized toiletries bag.
  2. Only one person can bring one toiletry bag.
  3. The space of plastic bags is limited, to 6-7 bottles.

Smart hacks for taking perfumes on plane

Thanks to all the brands or companies who made mostly perfume packaging below the mark of 100ml. So you don’t really have to think about size limitations critically. We have mentioned that TSA allows only 6-7 products in a toiletry bag.

But if you need more space in your plastic bag, then having a perfume atomizer is a good option. Pour your favorite perfume from large bottles to the small atomizer and have around 70 sprays ideal for vacation. 

Or in case, your zipper bag does not have a limit of even this small atomizer, then go for Duty-free perfumes. These perfumes sell at various spots at the airport, but they are a little pricey. But if you find a good deal, then go for that, and luckily, you don’t have to follow any 3-1-1 rule for Duty- free perfumes. 

Packing tips of perfume in checked luggage

The things are more secured in hand luggage because carry-on remains in our hands with extra care. But delicate products like perfumes can damage checked luggage due to hit. So to avoid such scenarios, give your perfume bottles some extra packing. Bubble wraps your scent bottle or rolls it in a layer of clothes before placing it in checked luggage.

TSA gives the following response to passengers on Twitter for packing perfumes in checked luggage.

Packing tips of perfume in checked luggage

18 ounces is the absolute limit given by TSA, but this is not usually reached in perfumes. But if you are importing perfumes in bulk, then extra tax or charges will apply.

Why you shouldn’t pack perfumes in checked luggage?

Perfumes in the checked bag have more risks than in cry-on. You can lose your favorite expensive perfume due to rouge TSA scanners. Or there can also be chances of losing checked bags with expensive essentials. Because all these situations face by different passengers and they tweeted on TSA websites regarding it.

perfumes TSA

perfumes TSA 2

By seeing the above responses from passengers, it’s better to put perfumes in hand luggage than in a checked bag.

What about taking Duty-free perfume on a plane?

As mentioned earlier, Duty-Free perfumes are available at every airport security point. These perfumes are free of TSA liquid rules so you don’t need to pack them in your hand luggage. You can hold them separately without being stressing about the rules.

Duty-free perfumes are a good option if your toiletry bag has not enough space to hold perfume. Although they are pricey but work well if you are running out of space. Make sure you purchase the new duty-free perfume if you are traveling on connecting flights. TSA officers will not accept the duty-free perfume from the previous flight.

Can you use perfume during the flight?

Technically, using perfume on a plane isn’t prohibited. But you need to make sure that while you use perfume on a flight, take care of your fellow passenger. It isn’t necessary that the perfume which smells good to you also proved to be pleasing for your fellow. Some people have severe perfume allergies or asthma so using beside them isn’t good.

If you want to use perfume on a plane, it is recommended to use it in a bathroom. After spraying perfume, wait for a while to cycle the perfume properly in an airplane.

Final words

Can you bring perfume on a plane checked luggage? Yes, you can take it as per your desire. All you have to do for packing in hand luggage is to keep in view the TSA rules. You can go for the smart packing hacks discussed above. Comment and give your feedback below.

We are looking forward to your positive response. Have a pleasant journey. 

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