Can You Bring A Hairdryer On A Plane? Complete Guide

A hairdryer is one of the most advanced appliances in the beauty industry that not only dryers your hair but also styles it in various dashing hairstyles.

Whether you are on your official trip or vacation, styling your hair in your own way can be daunting. And when you end up with a long flight or some meet-up waiting for you, you’ll have no time for a proper hairdo.

To handle such situations after the flight, you must look for some gadget to set your hair deftly. We think nothing can be more favorable than a hairdryer to tackle such situations.

But can you bring a hairdryer on a plane for quick set-up? Let’s find out all the answers below.

Can you bring a hairdryer on a plane?

TSA will allow you to have a hairdryer in carry-on and checked luggage. No matter which brand, size, or model you are having, you are allowed to pack it in your hand carry.

Hairdryers have a plastic body and are not found to be unsafe on a plane like other hazardous things, so security officers wouldn’t restrict you from taking it on a plane. Here is the screenshot from TSA’s official website.

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Other than this, if you have any questions, tweet your problem on ASKTSA, and you’ll get a reply shortly, just like Cleosays.

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Can You Bring Dyson Hair Dryer On the Plane?

No matter which brand you are choosing for the hair dryer, the TSA has no restriction on the hairdryer’s company. You can take any hairdryer of your choice without any hassle but it is recommended to go for the smaller ones. 

The smaller hairdryers are easy to handle and pack. We have found another passenger asking TSA about the packing of a hairdryer in hand luggage. Let’s see what the TSA replied.


Can you bring a hairdryer in checked luggage?

Yes, sure, you can pack a hairdryer in checked luggage without any restriction. It’s better to pack a hairdryer in checked luggage because you have limited space in a carry-on.

As they are bulky and awkwardly shaped, so it’s better to put them in checked luggage if you don’t need them instantly after the flight.

Things to consider before packing hairdryer in carry-on

Hairdryer dimensions

Although TSA doesn’t put any restrictions on hairdryer size, you can bring your own choice, but for convenience, you should prefer mini hairdryers for hand luggage. If you take bulky and over sized dryers with you, it left little space for other goodies and made your whole trip loaded.

So if you are planning to take a hairdryer on a plane, consider the mini-size travel hairdryer that proved to be multi-tasking for you on the trip.

Hairdryer potential

It might sound awkward to check hairdryer power/potential before taking it on a plane, but believe me, it’ll be worth checking and will save you from any hassle.

If your dryer operates on 3000 watts per hour, check the hotel’s socket wattage limit in which you’ll stay. Because if the hotel’s socket limit is below or above your hairdryer limit, then it’ll not work correctly.

Also, do not forget to keep the adapter with you if your hairdryer uses a different adapter to work.

Is your hairdryer battery operated?

Some hairdryers are battery-operated, so you are allowed to take them on a plane as well. But don’t forget to check if they have lithium metal or batteries.

If so, pack them in hand luggage because security administration will not allow you to pack anything run on lithium battery in checked luggage.

How do you pack a hairdryer for travel?

Packing a hairdryer for travel is not much tricky. For a hairdryer, loop the wire and secure it with a rubber band or hair tie and place the dryer in the plastic bag to keep the wire safe from any damage.

Why do you need to bring your own hair dryer?

Do you want to use your own hairdryer instead of hotel ones? So let us take your attention to some facts.

First of all, if you are booking standard hotels for yourself then you might not get the facility of hairdryers in such hotels.

Secondly, hygiene is important. A number of people stay in hotels and use such electronics so it’s not safe for you to use them, especially in this Covid era.

Can you take a butane hair appliance on a plane?

Butane-operated hair appliances have the one advantage that they are cordless. But TSA restrictions get strict on such appliances. You are not allowed to pack them in checked luggage. To pack them in carry-on a heating element of the device is covered properly to avoid instant activation.

It is suggested that before packing butane hair appliances, read the airline’s guidelines properly to avoid any problems.

Can you use a hairdryer on a plane?

Usually after a long flight, when you are about to land and having some meet-up, you must want to look presentable. For this you might think, can I use a hairdryer on a plane? So NO. Airlines and plane staff don’t allow you to use it in a cabin.

If you want to use a hair dryer, you can use airport dressing rooms for this purpose.

Do you need a travel adapter to operate your hairdryer?

It is not compulsory to have an adapter with you but it will be worth taking. Travel adapters keep your appliances safe from fire or fuse.

A converter switches the voltage according to the hairdryer’s voltages and makes the plug fitted in a socket.

Should I take a hairdryer traveling?

Traveling hairdryers are preferable on a plane that is multi-tasking and suitable in every case, like watts limit or adapter style.

You found hairdryers at any destination hotel but if you are comfortable with your dryer, then take the mini-travel hairdryer with you.

What is the smallest travel hairdryer?

Here is a list of some mini-travel hairdryers that perfectly fulfill your hairstyling needs on a trip. 

  1. Conair Compact
  2. Conair Vagabond 
  3. Remington Iconic D5000 Travel Hairdryer
  4. Hot Tools Ionic Travel Hair Dryer
  5. MiniPRO Conair 

A Reminder on things not to take in carry-on

The dangerous items that can cause harm to other passengers on a plane are strictly prohibited. It means weapons, explosive items, and sharp pointed products are not good to go in -hand luggage

Hair styling tools are not murderous so airlines will not stop you from packing them in your carry-on luggage.


We have discussed in detail how can you bring a hairdryer on a plane without having any hassle. If you are thinking of bringing the other hair appliances on a plane but are not sure that TSA will allow you to have them in a carry-on. Then comment on their name below. We are looking forward to answering your queries.

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