Can You Bring Avocados On A Plane? Complete Guide

Everybody is concerned about good health, but they are busy due to their tough routines. Avocado is the best source of beneficial fats for good health, making your stomach fuller during eating. Avocados are involved in one of those fruits that accommodate healthy unsaturated fats. 

Avocados are rich and have many advantages, but it becomes tricky to handle when we travel from one destination to the next. If you are on a short trip and have only carry-on luggage, you must think of packing Avacado in hand luggage. But can you bring avocados on a plane or not? Will the TSA permit you? How many avocados do you bring in your carry-on luggage? To answer all questions that roam in your mind, read the information discussed below.

Can you bring Avocados on a plane?

To all the Avocado admirers, never get devitalized during traveling by plane. You are allowed to bring Avocado on a plane at any time. If you want to take Avocado on a plane, then pack it in your carry-on luggage without any agonize. TSA makes various rules and regulations to take different fruits on a plane.

TSA has precise instructions about Avocado that we’ll discuss next to bring Avocado on the plane. But before that let’s have a look at what TSA says about the taking of fruits on a plane.

Can You Bring fruits On A Plane TSA Guideline

Can you bring avocados through airport security in your carry-on baggage?

Yes, you can bring avocados in your carry-on through airport security. The transportation security administration permits you to take Avocado in any case. It means you can pack full or cut avocados in a sealed bag or box. You can pack it at your convenience because TSA does not demand extra packing of it.

But if you cut Avocado, it’s better to wrap them carefully and put them into a separate container. No restriction is available for the number of avocados to take on a plane. So the good news is that you can enjoy eating tasty avocados on a plane and can make your trip healthy.

Can you bring avocados on a plane in your checked baggage?

Yes, you can take it in your checked baggage while traveling within the US. Firstly, check your desires for the Avocado; check the space available in your baggage. If your quantity and baggage space match, pack it carefully.

Can you bring avocados on an international flight back to the USA?

In most cases, the answer is no. Due to the contamination, the risk of disease spreading is increased. That’s why the US restricts travelers to take fruits and vegetables on a flight. But if you want to bring the avocados with you, it may depend on the rules and regulations of the country where you come from. The Department of Agriculture has the gadget to operate the limitations on different fruits and vegetables from overseas countries in the US.

How Long will avocados last in your luggage?

Whole Avocados:

Whole avocados or full avocados are safe and pure for eating. When stored at room temperature, it will remain safe for eating for 4 to 7 days. But if you raise the temperature, then the chance of contamination increases, which destroys the fruits and it does not remain able to eat.

Cut Avocados:

Cut avocados put protectively for almost 2hours at room temperature. To avert, carve avocados from searing, then before packing, spread the few drops of lemon juice and then place it on a container. Ice packs or frozen gel are also used to remain them cooler for a long time. When you pack it in your carry-on luggage, you must check that the ice packs are properly frozen. Due to reason when you are passing through airport security, the unfrozen packs can cause a problem. 

Here are some of the random tweets that we found about the bringing of avocados on a plane.

How Long will avocados last in your luggage

Can you take fresh fruit on an airplane?

Yes, solid fruit items are allowed to pack in a carry-on and checked bags. Liquid or gel food items need to follow the liquid 3-1-1 rule of TSA. Check the airline’s rules and guidelines before packing fruit items in your carry-on because the rules for domestic and international flights may vary.

Can you bring avocados on domestic flights within the USA?

Yes you can bring avocados in domestic flights within USA. Fresh fruits are allowed on a plane in your Carry on and checked baggage. However if you are flying to Hawaii, you cannot bring most of the fresh fruits and vegetables on board. All you have to do is to declare every fruit and vegetables on a plane as you reach there.


Do you want to bring fruits in your baggage, but you are unaware of the TSA rules? So no need to worry because the information discussed in the above article solves your problems. This article gave information about bringing avocados on a plane and how much quantity you can bring according to TSA rules if you want more information about any other fruit that brings it in on a plane, comment below and also give feedback.

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