Can You Bring Flowers On A Plane? Complete Guide

Flowers are known as blossoms, representing beauty, and freshness. Flowers with their vibrant fluorescence and enticing smells can also be given as a token of friendship and are a lovely way to communicate your thoughts. 

Surprising your loved ones with flowers is the best way to show love and care for your relationship. Are you planning to do the same this time after travel? But can you bring flowers on a plane? What’s the best way to keep them fresh during travel? Let’s find out altogether. 


Can you bring flowers on a plane?

Yes, you can bring flowers in both carry-on or checked luggage through airport security. However, if you wish to carry fresh flowers, remove them from the water because water is associated with the TSA liquids rule. But how can you pack them so that they still remain fresh without water? Don’t think much we will discuss the packing details next.

Flowers on a plane TSA

Can you bring flowers in your carry-on bags?

Yes, you can but don’t submerge flowers in water. This is because you need to follow the 3-1-1 Rule, which specifies that liquids must be packed in travel-size containers that are no more than 100ml in size.

So, to bring such water flowers on the plane pack them in a plastic container. Make sure to keep them away from clothes or other essentials. But again we prefer you to go for the flowers that don’t need water for freshness.

Can you bring flowers in checked baggage?

Yes, you can bring flowers in your checked baggage. But packing flowers in checked luggage isn’t recommended. It is due to the fact that flowers are delicate and can easily be harmed during transportation if you don’t take proper precautions. Many passengers find the inconvenience and risk are not worth it.

Can you bring flowers through airport security?

According to TSA, Flowers are permitted at the security checkpoint without any limitations. You can bring flowers on all US domestic flights. For international flights, you must consider the country’s restrictions where you are traveling before taking your flowers to the airport.

How to pack flowers for travel?

If you want to pack flowers in your suitcase in a protective way, put them in a container, rather it may be a plastic, cardboard, or wooden container. Also, make sure that if you are bringing a flowering plant, press the soil tightly in a pot and wrap an old towel around the head of the root ball. It will protect your belongings to spoil from pot soil. Also, you can keep the flowers on your lap during the flight.

For watery plants, you need a container of 100ml packed in a clear plastic sealed bag. Also, you need to keep it separate from your hand luggage to avoid any spillage.

Can you bring a bouquet of flowers on a plane?

A bouquet of flowers is allowed to take on a plane without any restrictions. But don’t go for the flowers with water pot as they are restricted to take through the security checkpoint. Or they are only allowed to take if packed right according to TSA liquid rules.

Can you bring flowers on a plane internationally?

If you want to take flowers out of the United States, it is challenging and requires a lot of planning. Many international destinations have their own agricultural rules for bringing flowers into their country.

There are several limitations and regulations to prevent the import and export of dangerous pests and chemicals that could harm the environment. Only a few unique flower species are authorized, so it’s best to make informed decisions.

TSA give the following statement to Kito kaneki when he asked about the number of flowers on a plane.

Can you bring flowers on a plane ask tsa

Final words

In the above article we gave the information all about can you bring flowers on a plane. Of course, the answer is yes unless you can follow all the rules regarding flowers.

Now pack up flowers for your loved ones without any agony. Read this article and give positive feedback, and if you have any queries ask in the comment section.

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