Can You Bring Olive Oil On A Plane? Complete Guide

Everyone wants their vacations full of adventurous memories. Apart from enjoying hotel meals and capturing moments, diet-conscious people prefer to keep their edibles healthy. Olive oil is the top ingredient used for weight loss. If you are the one who is on a diet and thinking of taking it on tour then take a pause and think, can you bring olive oil on a plane or not? Will the TSA allow you to take it in your carry-on or not? Read the article below and get your queries resolved.

Can you bring olive oil on a plane?

According to TSA, no matter which oil you are carrying, all liquids, pastes, and gels are allowed to be brought on a plane. But you can take only 100ml (3.4oz) to the plane as the same limitation goes for all the liquids.

Another thing to keep in mind while bringing oil on a plane in nature. Most essential oils have flammable properties and are strictly prohibited by TSA. So, check the nature of oil before carrying on a flight. However, olive oil isn’t so intense in burning and is allowed to take on a plane. Let’s see what TSA official website says about it.

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Can we carry oil on an international flight?

Yes, you are allowed to take the oil on domestic or international flights in your carry-on. Just make sure that the oil is properly packed either in a can or in a bottle. Because some countries don’t allow opened bottles of oils on a flight. So check out the packing rules before leaving.

Can I carry coconut oil on a flight?

Coconut oil is flammable in nature and considered to be very dangerous to take on a plane. It means you can take it neither in your carry-on nor in the checked bag as TSA strictly prohibit this item on a plane.

Can you bring olive oil through customs?

Customs has no problem with olive oil as it is a marked 100% safe item to have on a plane or in checked luggage. Bringing olive oil for personal use is permitted by every country through customs. The main thing that matters is the packaging; as oil bottles tend to show changes due to environmental factors.  So in order to avoid any leakage bubble wraps your bottle and then places it in a separate plastic bag for full protection.

Can you bring olive oil on an airplane in your checked baggage?

TSA allowed you to bring olive oil in your checked luggage with proper packing. Because olive oil is such an essential that it can spill easily if not packed properly. So to avoid such a situation, make sure that the oil bottle is sealed properly and overwrap with plastic wrap. Furthermore, you can roll the bottle in a towel or clothes to avoid breaking the oil button. 

Can I bring my essential oils on a plane?

People love to travel with their essential oils to avoid travel anxiety and to deal with jet lag. So mostly, they prefer to put them in their carry-on which is totally OK. TSA permits you to bring oils on a plane but right according to the rules.


In a nutshell, if you are planning to take olive oil on a flight then pack it in your hand luggage in a limited amount of 100ml. We have also given you an idea that how you can pack your oil bottles to avoid any hassle.

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