Can You Bring Dry Shampoo On A Plane? Complete Guide

After a long flight, you might feel tired and dull, so you look up some ways to refresh yourself. Or there might be a condition that you have to attend a meeting after a flight. Will you attend that meeting with lousy hair or a drowsy mood? Absolutely not. You don’t want to lose your glam or personality. But in such cases, washing hair isn’t conventionally possible, so dry shampoo does wonder. 

Dry shampoo absorbs all the unwanted oil from your hair and gives your hair a neat and tidy texture. If you are going through the above situation or others, wondering that can you bring dry shampoo on a plane or not. Then take a pause and go through the article below before packing up your carry-on.

Can you bring dry shampoo on a plane?

Traveling with dry shampoo on a flight isn’t a big deal. You can travel with it easily. All you have to do is keep an eye on some of the TSA rules. As per TSA, dry shampoo lies in the aerosol category, due to which a liquid rule 3-1-1 is applied. You can take the dry shampoo bottle of 3.4oz (100ml) on a plane in a quart-sized bag. Let’s see what TSA says about this.
Can you bring dry shampoo on a plane TSA
Unluckily, the standard packaging of dry shampoo is at least 5oz which you can’t pack in your carry-on. Moreover, it’s not a product that you can transfer into a smaller container, so you have to find a little bottle.

Things to remember while packing dry shampoo

Dry shampoo comes in aerosol packaging, so while placing it in your handbag, make sure that it has a cap. Because, if it isn’t covered properly, it can be accidentally sprayed in your luggage that you don’t want. Furthermore, check that your toiletry bag should be zipped on top so that no liquid products defile other essentials in luggage.

Can you bring dry shampoo in checked luggage?

Obviously, if TSA allows you to pack dry shampoo in a carry-on, they will definitely not have any problem n checked luggage. We have seen in the TSA “what can I bring” screenshot, that it is clearly mentioned that you can pack dry shampoo in checked luggage.

But many passengers misunderstood that aerosol bottles like dry shampoo can crack in checked luggage which is wrong. Aerosols blow under certain circumstances like being pinned by sharp objects or high temperatures, which we don’t think so happen in a checked bag if packed properly. 

Flammable aerosols are not allowed to pack in checked luggage. But this is not the case with dry shampoo because it lies in toiletry essentials. TSA makes it clear by replying to Kylie’s tweet.

Can you bring dry shampoo in checked luggage

What can you bring in an alternative to dry shampoo on a plane?

Many of you can’t adjust all the liquid toiletries in one place because of numerous essentials. So they look up some alternatives that they can bring on a plane. If you are finding other choices for dry shampoo, then we have an option of powdered shampoo for you. 

There are no restrictions applied on powdered products as on liquid, so you can take it as per your demand. The only limitation is that if your container exceeds 12oz, separate it for extra screening. Now, you don’t have to worry about the TSA boundaries when you have a fantastic powdered shampoo option. Let’s see what TSA says about bringing of this alternative on a plane.

alternative to dry shampoo on a plane

Is dry shampoo a liquid TSA?

You can bring dry shampoo on a plane. But there the majority of dry shampoos are considered liquid. Only a few shampoos are powdered, mostly in spray or mousse form. So the TSA 3-1-1 rule implies to them which says liquid toiletries of 3.4oz(100ml) are allowed with packing in a quart-size clear zip bag.

How many bottles of dry shampoo are allowed to bring on a plane?

You can bring 7-8 bottles of dry shampoo on a plane. Normally, 32 ounces of liquids, gels, and aerosol are allowed to pack in your hand luggage or 1 quart-sized bag of liquids. But if you take an unusual amount of dry shampoo in your carry-on the security officer might get suspicious. This may lead you to pay custom income tax. The tax differs between airlines so check it before boarding.

Will dry shampoo explode on a plane?

At the height, the pressure and temperature get changes that cause the essential to explode, having igniting properties. But dry shampoo has very little or no amount of such properties, so there are no chances of exploding dry shampoo on a plane. 

Best dry shampoo for traveling

Here we have shortlisted the best dry shampoo for traveling by keeping in view the size limitation of TSA.

  • Living Proof (mini- perfect hair dry shampoo (1.8oz)) 
  • Dry bar Detox dry shampoo (3.5oz)
  • Biotin dry shampoo (1.7oz)
  • Mini first-class charcoal detox dry shampoo (2oz) 
  • Amika mini perk-up dry shampoo (1.8oz)

Can you bring a dry conditioner on a plane?

Yes, surely you can pack dry conditioner in your carry-on luggage with the same restrictions and guidelines as a dry shampoo. A conditioner should be less than 3.4oz and properly packed for trouble-free checking.

Can you bring medicated shampoo on a plane?

If you have some type of head allergy or you are using prescribed shampoo, you can pack it in your hand luggage. Medicated essentials are not bound to follow TSA rules like the liquid 3-1-1 rule. You can bring the bottle of prescribed shampoo in more than 3.4oz or 100ml packing. You just need to show a prescription to the security officer for hassle-free screening. 


Well, we hope that it becomes clear to you that can you bring dry shampoo on a plane or not. All you have to do is just keep in mind the TSA guidelines before packing it. If you are looking for other essentials to bring on a plane, Comment below. We’ll look into your requests and try to fulfill them. Have a safe travel.

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