Can You Bring Cologne On A Plane? Complete Guide

Traveling in summers is quite more challenging than in winters. Long flights in hot months can make you smell awful, and the ultimate solution you think of is a shower. But this isn’t possible every time. Sometimes you need to attend a business meeting or any event right after your flight. In this situation, a good smell of cologne does wonders. 

Smelling good is important. It not only makes your personality up to mark but also boosts your self-confidence. So must bring pleasing cologne with you when you travel, especially in hot summers. But can you bring cologne on a plane? How can you pack cologne in your carry-on? Will you pass airport security with cologne in your handbag? Let’s find all the queries below.

Can you bring cologne on a plane?

TSA allowed you to bring cologne on a plane under the liquid 3-1-1 rule set by airport security. Cologne is liquid, so you can only take the perfume bottle or 3.40z or 100ml in your hand luggage. The bottle needs to be packed in a clear quart-size zipper bag in which your toiletries go. Only one toiletry bag per person is allowed to bring on a plane, so you have to set all your liquids and gels inside that. Let’s see what TSA official website says about it.

Can You Bring Cologne On A Plane TSA N

Can you bring cologne in your checked luggage?

If you are planning to bring a cologne container with more than 3.4oz, it needs to be packed in your checked luggage. Colognes are explosive in nature, so the largest container you can have in checked luggage is 180z or 500ml. According to the TSA, the total toiletries aggregate per person in checked luggage is 70oz. It means you can easily pack 20 cologne bottles of regular size without considering TSA limits. But if you want to pack more, you have to pay extra charges. 

How to pack cologne in your carry-on luggage?

Smart packing is important, especially if you are traveling only with your carry-on. If you are leaving for a short trip of a few weeks, then test samples of colognes are good to go. The sample bottles of colognes are small and easily fit in your carry-on.

But if you don’t want to go for the ready-made cologne testers, then make your own. Fill any spray bottle with your favorite cologne and place it in your hand luggage. However, you can also purchase the mini travel cologne tester to fill the perfume of your taste. 

In case you want to pack the cologne in its original packing, you need to pay extra attention to packing. Cologne bottles are made up of glass, so they can easily spill or break if not packed properly. In order to protect your other toiletries or clothes, food, and other items in your luggage, follow the following steps before packing a cologne bottle.

  • Seal the cologne bottle cap tightly with the help of tape so that the cologne doesn’t drip out when turned upside down.
  • In the case of a carry-on bag, put the cologne bottle after sealing in a clear quart-size zipper bag.
  • If you want to pack cologne in checked luggage, bubble wraps the bottle properly and place it in the bag. If bubble wraps are not available, you can roll the cologne bottle in a piece of cloth. It’s a pro tip to prevent the bottle from hitting or breaking.
  • If you are bringing only a single bottle of cologne, it’s better to pack it in hand luggage.

Why is cologne packing in a carry-on preferred?

Colognes are expensive, and it hurts when they get damaged in your bag and spoil the other essentials in the bag. There are many cases in which cologne bottles get broken or stolen from checked luggage that we will show you next. 

TSA recommends Charles Jones pack the cologne in hand luggage when it gets smashed in a checked bag.

cologne packing in a carry-on

Breaking of the bottle remains aside and one more passenger complains to the TSA for disappearing of cologne bottle from the bag.

cologne packing in a carry-on 2

Hope so now you get the idea of why it is preferred to place perfumes/colognes in hand luggage than in a checked bag.

Can you use perfume during the flight?

Technically, using cologne on a plane is not prohibited. You can use the perfume as many times as you want. But ethically, you should avoid using cologne on a flight. When you use perfume/cologne on a flight, you are not sure that the person sitting next to you has some allergy to it or asthma. So it’s better to ask your travel fellow before spraying. 

But if you want to use cologne on perfume to refresh your mood, go to the bathroom. Don’t use too much cologne on your body and wait for 2-3 minutes to get the cologne settled down. In case you have used much, then take a paper towel, dip it in water and wipe off some perfume from your skin. 

Tony protests against cologne on flight as he faces serious health issues from cologne.

Can you use perfume during the flight

Similarly, Sheila doesn’t seem happy to fly with Delta because of the strong cologne smell allowed on a plane.

Can you use perfume during the flight 2

Some tips to avoid any allergic reaction from cologne

During traveling, you face different health issues due to environmental changes. Maybe a cologne at your place doesn’t offend you, but it does if you use it on a flight. So to avoid any trouble, we have some tips for you before applying cologne on a plane.

  • Don’t use the perfumes/colognes on a plane that has chemical-based fragrances. It can cause headaches or irritation in the respiratory system.
  • Go for the colognes that have a minimal smell and fewer ingredients. For this, citrus scents are the best options. 
  • People who are allergic to fragrance particles use a balm or twist-up glide stick to tackle the situation. 

Is TSA limitation are applicable on duty-free cologne?

Duty-free perfumes are available in every single airport. Once you pass the security checkpoint, you can buy duty-free perfumes and carry them in your bag without worrying about the TSA liquid rules. Sometimes you get the colognes with the best deals, but mostly they are a little bit pricey. 

Keep in mind that you can carry duty-free perfumes without following the TSA rules only on the first flight. In case you have the second flight afterward, then TSA rules are applicable on it if you don’t have any receipt for duty-free items.

Final words

Can you bring cologne on a plane? Of course, yes. You just need to follow the guidelines set by TSA. Hope so above article answers all your queries. If you are looking to pack other essentials in your carry-on right according to TSA rules, Comment below.

We are looking forward to answering your queries.

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