Can You Bring Blunt Wraps On A Plane? Complete Guide

Smoking cigarettes can be different and preferential among many people. Some of you like the already manufactured one in the market and others like to roll the for themselves.

Rolling a cigarette for oneself can be satisfying but the question arises “Can you bring blunt wraps on a plane?”

Answer to this question has been given also by the TSA but let us help you know all the details that you gotta be needing in order to carry your blunt wraps for your cigarettes on your Air travel.

Can you bring blunt wraps on a plane?

Well yes, you can. Anything that has tobacco in it is not restricted by the airport authorities or any security check in any flight. You can bring any tobacco item with you on a plane even its cigarette, tobacco leaves, cigars, chewing tobacco items, or anything else.

Talking of blunt wraps, yes these can fit into your travel bags too without any trouble. You will not be questioned or stopped in ant custom check.

Well, you can not make yourself cigarettes while on a flight or at any airport, but you can surely have your craving satisfied after you leave the airport.

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What does TSA have to say about taking Blunt Wraps on a plane?

TSA never stops you from bringing up any tobacco item along with yourself. According to the TSA regulation you can carry blunt papers in carry-on and even in your checked baggage.

Just to be sure, TSA has put toward an AskTSA page on Twitter for their travelling partners to ask anything they want to.

Here are some questions that some of the Twitter users have put forth for the TSA officers. This is what TSA has to say regarding their queries.

One of the users sent in the pictures and asked if she could travel with the rolling papers on flight and the TSA replied in the following ways.

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Can you bring blunt wraps in a carry-on?

Yes, you can bring blunt wraps or paper rolls to your Carry on while you hop onto a flight. As tobacco is allowed in any form in planes, you can also take these wraps in your pocket or your handbag. But make sure you don’t smoke during the flight or in the airport as it’s prohibited on those premises.

Can you bring blunt wraps in checked baggage?

Checked baggage is the safest place to pack all your essentials and in any quantity to like to.

Although all tobacco items are allowed in your checked baggage you still need to make sure of the quantity you are taking in.

For tobacco blunt wraps, you can take them in your checked baggage. But make sure if you travel to an international flight, do check the quantity check of that custom check of the country.

If you exceed the limit of checked baggage allowed, the extra baggage would cost you some extra money or it may be confiscated.

Do you need to prove ID in customs for Blunt wraps?

Well, you do not need to show your ID to the custom for taking blunt wraps on a plane. Depending upon the country, if you are 18 you are legally approved by the law to carry tobacco items where ever you want.

So if you are 18, you would not likely have to show your ID for carrying Blunt wraps on a plane. If you are below that age, you might want a check-in customs for having more than usual tobacco items.

Can you bring other tobacco products on a plane?

Yes, you are allowed to have all types of tobacco products on a plane. Whether they are simple cigarettes or cigars, plain or raw tobacco, they are allowed.

Make sure you don’t smoke in the areas prohibited and never exceed the limit you are allowed to take.

Can you bring loose tobacco on a plane?

If you are picky of a tobacco user, you need to have your own tobacco and its wrapping paper along. Tobacco in open forms is used to make your own personal cigarette or you can use it in many other ways.

So yes, you can take loose tobacco on a plane. You can also carry these in carry-on and in your checked baggage.


Our Final Verdict on Can you bring blunt wraps on a plane is positive. You can take every tobacco item to a plane. Blunt wraps and all other items are allowed in your Carry on and in your checked baggage.

You can also have these items in your pockets or handbag. Make sure you don’t smoke on the airport premises or during flights.

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