Can You Bring Coffee Beans On A Plane? Complete Guide

A perfectly brewed cup of coffee can never be missed for a flight. A coffee lover can always feel the craving of what makes him energized to the fullest. Coffee like tea comes with different tastes strengths and flavours and not everything is available on the flight.

So to make sure that you don’t have to miss your perfect cup of coffee while on a plane,  we are here to answer all your queries regarding can you bring coffee beans on a plane?

All the security checks, packaging, and amounts are given down below under the regulations of TSA for your safety check on board with your personal taste of coffee.

Let’s get started!

TSA regarding the coffee regulation

As your coffee and coffee beans won’t prove to be any threat to the other passengers on board, TSA is in total agreement for coffee on board. Yes, you can take your coffee along. As long as your packing skills don’t ruin the scanning process, the checked luggage won’t have any issues with your coffee beans at all.

You can also have your coffee beans in your carry on luggage as the beans prove to be easily scanned. For further questions, we have sorted down the list of questions one might think of while packing the coffee for a trip.

Can you bring coffee beans on a plane?

  • In carry on luggage:

Yes, you can have your coffee beans in your carry on luggage as it does not obstruct your scanning process. You can have it through without any security check issues and you are good to go.

  • In checked luggage

For checked luggage, it’s also a yes. You can have your coffee beans in your checked luggage as well. TSA won’t trouble you with the amount as long as it does not weigh the limit given to each passenger. To avoid the inconvenience,  make sure you do not pack your luggage all cluttered as it may open to a chance of unpacking for security reasons.

Can you bring coffee in your checked luggage?

Yes, you can bring coffee in your checked luggage. If you are bringing the beans, you do not have to go through more or separate security checks and they usually don’t open the sealed jars in actual retail packaging.

For Grounded or powdered coffee you do have to maintain the powder rules for TSA. This means your coffee will be checked under the powder rules and the secret officers may check it separately for any doubts.

Can you bring coffee beans on an International Flight?

TSA deals with the on-flight security check for passenger’s safety and protection. Coffee is allowed on flights by TSA as it does not help you do harm to the flight or the passengers.

This does not mean that every country has such rules and regulations to carry such food items to their country. Every country has its own rules for bringing in food and other supplies.

Likewise, if you are travelling on an international flight, you can bring coffee along. But you always have to declare the reason and amount of coffee you are taking into their country.

If you miss doing so you can end up having a very high fine.

A person on Twitter asks TSA if his girlfriend could take the coffee beans on an international Flight and this is what TSA has to say about it.

Can I bring ground coffee on a plane?

From the above context and rules and regulations by TSA, you can surely have Grounded coffee on a plane. For this, you might have to undergo a powder check from the TSA officers.

You can also take it in your Carry on luggage but you cannot exceed the limit of 12oz. If you did you have to put away the extra in your checked luggage. You might now be allowed with such a large amount of more than 12oz of coffee in your Carry on luggage.

Can I bring liquid/ brewed coffee on a plane?

Like tea, coffee in hand can be also a problematic question for many coffee lovers. Yes, you can surely bring liquid coffee along for a good sip on the flight but under certain rules.

You cannot exceed the limit of 3.4 oz per person. You can always bring your empty mug to the airport and can have the coffee from the waiting area cafe for more relaxed security reasons.

Can you bring coffee grinders on a plane?

For coffee grinders on board, you can always pack them along with you in your checked luggage or in your Carry on.

One of the following on Twitter asked if he could take along the Burr coffee maker on board as it has no blades. This was what TSA has to say.

Another asked if he could take any other coffee machines on a plane, the TSA Regulations gave him a green light to do so as far it is harmless and packed safely.

Can you bring coffee pods on a plane?

Like all of us on board,  coffee pods are also an option to be put when talking about coffee and packing. These k cups are easy to use and easy to carry.

For this reason, one user asked TSA if he could take along the coffee pods in his carry-on or not. Well, TSA is all yes for the coffee pods as there is no packing restriction to it.


Can you bring coffee beans on a plane Can be a bit confusing as it does seem to be the choice for so many of us? We’ll yes like all other food supplements you can take coffee beans on board but with certain specifications. We hope to put forth every possible answer to all the queries we were dealing with regarding taking coffee on a plane.

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