Can You Bring A Lightsaber On A Plane? Complete Guide

The lightsaber is an elegant weapon of civilized age that is not usually taken by travelers. But those who are fond of Star Wars love to take lightsaber with them. Are you one of them? A lightsaber can take that in checked- luggage easily. But what if you are on a few days of the trip and only have to carry on with you? Can you bring a lightsaber on a plane in that condition? Let’s find out this together.

Can you bring a lightsaber on a plane?

According to TSA, you can take a toy lightsaber on a plane. Here they talk about toy lightsabers because, unluckily, technology is not much advance that it can create a real lightsaber. Here is the screenshot below from the official website of TSA. You can have a look at it.

Can you bring a lightsaber on a plane

How can you pack a lightsaber for a plane?

While taking the lightsaber with you, keep it in the overhead bin as a personal item. It will help you to take the lightsaber out of the bag quickly if the TSA officer wants to inspect it further. They can ask you why you are bringing this, or turn it on, so pack it at an easily accessible place.  

Mostly, people take lightsaber in a separate bag, just like a musical instrument. If you carry the lightsaber hilts with sharp edges or claws, then separate the blades and pack them individually. It is preferable to pack them with extra padding to save the other’s essentials in the bag.

Can you bring a lightsaber in your checked luggage?

TSA allows you to take a lightsaber in checked luggage, but you have to pack it with more precautions because checked baggage is handled more roughly than carry-on. To prevent your lightsaber from being damaged, pack them in extra cushioning and box them securely.

How do you travel with a lightsaber?

TSA only prohibit you to travel with a lightsaber only because the people get nervous to see such item on plane. As mentioned above, you are only allowed to have lightsaber on a flight if it is in unassembled form.

Can you bring a lightsaber on American Airlines?

As per TSA, it is OK to bring lightsaber on a plane, but American airlines only permit the lightsabers that has 22inch size. If your lightsaber is longer than the mentioned size, unassembled it. Or check the airlines guidelines precisely to avoid any hassle.

Are lightsaber replicas considered weapons?

Mostly the airlines don’t restrict the lightsaber in carry-on or checked luggage as it is not considered as a weapon. But if the lightsaber is long more than restricted length and is made up of heavy material that is not foldable then it can be considered as a weapon.

Plastic lightsabers that can be disassembled are more likely to be pack in your hand luggage.

Safety precaution if your lightsaber has a lithium battery

Many lightsabers turn ON by lithium batteries. If you have such a lightsaber with you, then it must be placed in carry-on luggage. Most of the countries don’t allow packing them in a checked bag because of automatic activation. But if you are in a situation where you can’t pack a lightsaber in your carry-on, then turn off the batteries completely to avoid activation.


Can you bring a lightsaber on a plane or not? We have discussed the information above if you want to take other goodies with you on a plane but are not sure if you can bring them on a flight. Comment below.

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