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Can You Bring A Laptop On A Plane? Complete Guide

Working from any corner of the world has become very common. All you need to do is turn on a laptop and set it to enter your workspace. Many jobs like freelancing require you to keep in touch with clients anytime. For such cases, everyone wants to keep a laptop on a plane during traveling, especially on a long flight. But can you bring a laptop on a plane?

Laptops have lithium batteries fit inside that may cause an explosion on a plane. Such dangerous goods like laptops have additional rules to follow. Let’s have a detailed look at all the guidelines, packing, and precautions for bringing a laptop on a plane.

Can you bring a laptop on a plane?

Now, you don’t need to worry about your e-tasks as you can bring a laptop on a plane. But the restriction applies if you have an Apple Macbook with you. Apple laptops purely contain lithium batteries and have a high chance of catching fire at high temperatures. Before boarding, check the airline restrictions solely because some domestic airlines may allow you to have such laptops. As per TSA,

Laptop on a plane TSA

Can you bring laptops with spare batteries on a plane?

You have to keep in mind the spare batteries are more than 100 watt-hours as they aren’t allowed on a plane. If you want to bring them, you need airline approval to have them on a flight. But the latest laptops don’t have spare batteries so don’t be a fuss. Let’s consider TSA’s official statement for bringing spare batteries.

laptops with spare batteries on a plane


Can you bring your laptop in your checked luggage?

Laptops with adjustable batteries are allowed to pack in checked luggage. Although these personal electronic devices have batteries, FAA still has no restriction on packing them in checked luggage. 

Before packing the laptop in luggage, make sure that it is properly turned off and has no clue of activation. If you are traveling to other countries than the USA, it’s better to confirm from airlines before packing laptops in checked luggage. 

Can you take laptops on a domestic flight?

According to the TSA, you are allowed to bring laptops with no limitation. You can take as many as you want; no one has an objection to it. But you have to keep in mind the total weight allowed in carry-on. TSA only limits those devices that have spare lithium batteries with them. Laptops contain integrated batteries, so restrictions are not applied on these. 

Also, laptops require extra screening on checkpoints, as we have found the official TSA tweet on this.

Can you take a laptop on board for international flights?

Yes, you can take a laptop on board for international flights with no quantity limitations. But before taking more than 2 laptops, keep in mind that you have to pay customs tax as per laptop amount. Custom duty tax differs from country to country, so confirm the airline’s custom tax before boarding. 

Can you use a laptop on a flight?

You can’t use your laptop during taking off or landing a plane. It is because electronic equipment can interact with aircraft machinery, so it’s better to switch off your devices properly. Airline staff will let you know about the plane’s landing so you can shut it down on time. 

Furthermore, you can use a laptop during the mid-flight. Even some airlines have internet facilities to easily do your work on a flight. When you are not using a laptop during flight, don’t keep it in an overhead bin. The laptop has more chances of getting cracked or falling on the overhead bin. So do whatever you can to save your precious laptop.

Final words

Can you bring a laptop on a plane? The answer is yes. Traveling with such delicate electronic devices can be challenging. But if you pack them properly according to TSA guidelines, you’ll surely don’t face any trouble. Comment and give your feedback below. We’d love to hear good reviews from you.


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