Can You Bring A Knife On A Plane? Complete Guide

Carrying a knife on a plane can be challenging because of its sharp edge. Furthermore, the airline’s security is concerned about flammable or sharp objects on a plane. But what if someone wants to pack a pocket knife in hand luggage? Can you bring a knife on a plane? Will you be able to cut fruits or veggies, or do you need the airline’s help for that? The info about the knives packed on a plane isn’t precise yet. But in this article, we will discuss all the terms and conditions which allow you to bring a laptop on a plane. So let’s start.

Can you bring a knife on a plane?

You can bring a knife on a plane in your checked baggage. TSA is not allowed to travel with sharp objects in your carry-on. But they are permitted to get it in your checked luggage packed with the thickly coated sheath. So if you are traveling and want to bring a knife, follow the best packing tips shared by TSA and enjoy a safe flight.


How to pack a knife in checked baggage?

Packing is the most delicate step to reach your destination safely with knives. The first rule is to place knives in checked luggage with plastic or round-bladed butter covers. TSA doesn’t permit you to take them in your carry-on. Use a simple plastic case, hard covering sheaths, or butter paper for packing. And then put it at the front of the bag due to scanning at a checkpoint. The exempted knives bring it in carry-on without any packing with sheaths. 

Can you bring a knife in a checked bag internationally?

The rules differ for every country you travel to and the airline you use. You must check the rules at their sites before traveling.

Here are some examples for US travelers:

In Canada

In Canadian flights, less than 6cm blade knives are allowed like, swiss army knives. The significant rule is you can bring a knife only in checked luggage.

In the UK

They follow the same rules as Canada. Less than 6cm blade knives can pack in hand luggage and others are in checked baggage.

In Europe

The European authority set the rule only under 6cm blade length and pack in a cabin.

What size knife is legal to carry on a plane?

In 2013 TSA made a rule under 6 cm (2.36 inches) that knives are permitted to carry on a plane, but it was not implemented later. Only plastic or round-bladed butter knives are allowed in hand luggage, and others are in checked baggage. Sometimes at a checkpoint, while scanning, security officers remove butter knives from hand luggage due to security issues.

Can I bring a pocket knife on the plane?

No, you cannot take the pocket knife on a plane or in your carry-on luggage due to the sharpness and the length of the blade. You can only bring disposable razor blades in your hand luggage. Travelers can pack pocket knives in checked baggage because of the TSA rules. But make sure the packing of cutters must be strong according to the instruction by TSA.


Can you take kitchen knives in checked luggage?

Yes, you can take kitchen knives in checked luggage. According to TSA, you can take any knife-like death Star, swiss army knives, etc. TSA set only one rule to bring it in your luggage: packing. Because knives are sharp objects which may cause some dangerous incidents. So be sure to adequately wrap the knives to avoid accidental injuries at the airport during the luggage inspection. TSA has no restrictions on taking the number of knives.

Can you take kitchen knives in hand luggage?

The short answer is no. You cannot handle any kitchen knife in your hand luggage on all airlines. According to EU rules, knives with a blade length of up to 6 cm can pack in hand luggage. But even knives with a blade length of < 6 cm are collected at a checkpoint while screening the luggage. So the best solution for the safest flight is to travel without any kitchen knife in your hand luggage.

How to Pack Kitchen Knives in Checked Baggage?

TSA says:

“Any sharp objects in checked bags should be sheathed or securely wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors.”

The key to reaching your destination safely with knives is packing. You can fill it according to the packing tips given by TSA. Pack it carefully at that place in your bag where you cannot face any hurdle while scanning your baggage. Double security checks your bag and screen if the knives are not packed securely. If the knife is packed unsafely, your knife could get taken over, or you could get prosecuted if the security officer is harmed accidentally.

Here are some packing tips that can help safely pack knives in your baggage.

  • Use metal or wooden container for packing
  • Tapping the blade with scotch tape 
  • Use a DIY container
  • Wrapping and Bundling

Is there a limitation regarding blade length for kitchen knives in checked luggage?

No, there is no restriction to take limited blade length for kitchen knives in checked luggage. Smaller kitchen knives with a 13 cm long blade are smaller, and the 23 cm blade of a large chef’s knife can be packed in checked luggage. Make sure that, in any case, you transport the knives in a closed container (must be in bags).

How to Keep Your Knife from Getting Stolen from Your Checked Luggage?

Yes, you can take kitchen knives in checked luggage. According to TSA, you can take any

It is a prevalent issue that happens at the airport. Airport employees steal expensive items like perfumes and knives etc. So here we will discuss some tips that you can do to save your luggage.

  • Use a copper wire to tie your knife
  • Put your knife in a large metal box or in a plastic bag which makes the sound to steal the knives from thieves
  • For more precautions, pack it safely in a cardboard box

Final words

Now you will get to know the answer: can you bring a kitchen knife on a plane in your hand luggage? Be sure that sharp objects are not allowed in carry-on baggage. Before packing, check TSA rules and pack it carefully in your hand luggage.

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