Can You Bring Coins On A Plane? Complete Guide

Having coins on board seems easy and nothing special. The thing is that you might be worried about taking these on board if you are one of the coin collectors.

Or moving on to a plane with a lot more change. A lot more questions like this come to mind if you think can you bring coins on a plane.

Nothing less but packing your coin collection right can save you from certain security check hassles.

So if you are interested to know how can you bring coins to a plane, read the following context below before you go any further.

Can You Bring Coins On A Plane?

Coins are a necessary part of a traveller’s pocket. We all have some change in our pocket hike travelling, right?

So without much ambiguity, you can bring coins on a plane, in your pocket and out in your Carry on as well as checked luggage.

Keito inquires about having the quarters in his Carry on luggage. Which the TSA permitted without any worries.


All types of coins are allowed on a plane without any restriction to their number and type.

However, you may have to put aside your coins on a separate tray while moving through the security check.

That is the reason why you see a lot of coins in trays.

What does TSA have to say about it?

When it comes to security and safe travels, TSA plays its role with great responsibility. However, we can not see the coins mentioned in the restricted list of TSA.

Therefore it can be said right that coins are allowed on a plane.

Going through the Twitter account accounts the same question of traveller where asked if she can keep her coin collection with her.

To which the TSA replied with a yes and suggests the physical checking of the valuable assets at Aby time during security check.


Many other essentials including your coins in your purse are good to go with you on the plane.

You can also keep your change in a separate pocket of your Carry on luggage.

can you bring gold coins on a plane?

TSA does not restrict the coins on a plane. All you have to do is to either place your coins on a separate tray, or you can simply pack these in your Carry on.

For gold coins as well, you may have to declare the value of such goods if they exceed the normal amount.

Every airport has its declarations limits. Your limit must follow the departure country’s guidelines

A company seeks permission for taking gold and silver coins on board. To which the TSA agrees to it without any restriction to the number of domestic flights.


Can you bring silver coins on a plane?

Silver coins are allowed on a plane. Do follow the security and checking protocols.

You can keep these coins either in your pocket or in your purse. You also may not need to remove these from your pocket while you pass through the security check.

However, if the amount exceeds, you may need to pack them carefully in a different bag.

Moreover, packing these in checked baggage cannot be a safer option as essential things like this may usually get stolen or lost.

Make sure your coin collection does not restrict the view of your remaining checked baggage.

Can you bring rolls of coins on a plane?

It is perfectly legal to carry the rolls of coins in your checked baggage or the carry-on. However, do not try to sneak the extra rolls through the security check without mentioning it to the security officers. If it’s not necessary, I would still not do such a thing to grab any extra attention while travelling.

Can you take coins through airport security?

As per the TSA rules, coins are allowed in the airport across the security check.

The rules are simple here. You can keep the coins in your purse or even separately in your pocket. If the number of coins exceeds, the security officer may ask you to place them in a separate tray.

One of the travellers asks if he must remove the change from his pocket while passing through the security check.

To which TSA reassures the traveller not to remove the change as he goes through the security check.


For large coin collections, carry-on and checked baggage can be considered the best options.

Can you have coins in your carry-on?

Yes, you can keep your coins or change in your Carry on. No extra charge can harm your security process, I guess.

Or we can say it using extra change during travelling can be left in the security checking trays.

So it is better to pack safe than to face issues. Try to keep your change in a smaller pouch that does not disperse the amount in the bag.

However, do keep in mind the size of your Carry on. Your luggage size must not exceed the overhead bin size.

Mike asks TSA if his 88-year-old can bring in the small case of coins collection as a carry-on.

TSA assures the safe travel of his father with the coin case as a carry-on. However, the TSA also confirms the physical assessment of the case in any case of ambiguity.



Don’t make it either too heavy as you have to carry it yourself. The flight attendants are not allowed to put their Carry on in overhead bins.

Can you have coins in your checked baggage?

Checked baggage is a bit too risky for such valuable things as coins, but you can still keep them in it.

If your collection is too expensive to risk being stolen, I would not suggest you keep them in checked baggage.

Not all cases are the same, but things can go wrong if your security officer actually love your essential in any of the checked baggage

So try not to put the collections or other valuable assets such as gold or silver coins in your guessed luggage.

Can you bring coins on an International Flight?

Coins are allowed on international flights as well z considering their number and value.

For domestic flights, there are no such restrictions on taking coins on a plane. Whereas travelling internationally can call for some regulations.

It truly depends upon your departure airport and the flight you are taking.

However, in some countries, there is some restriction over taking currency up to $ 10,000. Assets of larger value must be also declared.

So do keep checking with your airline and the destination country for risk-free travel.

Final words

The final Verdict on can you bring coins on a plane is an easy Yes. You can have your change in your pocket, in your purse or in your luggage. However, you must follow the separation rule during security checks and must place the coins with other essentials on a checking tray. For your coin collection, I must consider you declaring them fully to the security officers before you hop onto the plane.

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