Can You Bring A Candle On A Plane? Complete Guide

Are you planning a destination trip with your partner? Do you want to surprise your loved ones with something charming yet elegant? Then pick up the candle without any second thought. 

Candles have the symbolic power to represent love, romance, hope, security, and warmth toward your relationship. When you pack up your bag for a trip, you might forget to consider the important little things. For example, before packing a candle, you may not search can you bring a candle on a plane or not. But these Lil things can create hassle at the security point. 

So to avoid any trouble, we will discuss some important things before packing a candle in your carry-on. Let’s discuss.

Can you bring a candle on a plane?

As per TSA official website, candles are allowed to bring on a plane. But as we know, there are different types of categories of candles, so we have to look for each before packing it. When we talk about solid candles, they are OK to pack in a carry-on and checked luggage. TSA has the following statement on solid candles.

Solid Candles on Plane TSA

But what about gel, floating, or electric candles? Are they allowed? Let’s check out next.

Can you bring a gel candle on a plane?

If you are thinking of bringing a gel candle on a plane, we have bad news for you. Gel candles are not allowed to bring on a plane as per TSA. Although TSA allows other gel items on a plane by applying the liquid 3-1-1 rule, gel candles are strictly prohibited. 

Gel candle seems to create a higher safety risk on a plane, even if they are in small quantity. So if you need to bring a gel candle on a plane, pack it in your checked luggage.

gel candle on a plane TSA

Can you bring a liquid wax candle on a plane?

Liquid candles are floating candles that have a small container filled with lamp oil. TSA has no official statement on bringing liquid wax candles on a plane. 

But we can assume that if it allowed bringing on a plane, it might be subject to follow the liquid 3-1-1 rule. However, after the restriction on gel candles, it might be possible that liquid wax candles are not permitted by airport security. 

Can you bring an electronic candle on a plane?

Electric candles like LED candles are allowed to be brought on a plane, but you need to consider their batteries keenly. If your electric candles have a lithium battery, then pack them in carry-on instead of checked luggage. 

But if the candle has AA or AAA batteries, then you can pack it in carry-on or checked luggage freely without any agony. 

Types of candles that are allowed to bring on a plane

Here we have shortlisted the types of candles that you can pack in your carry-on.

  • Solid wax candles
  • Glass candles (glass candles with gel material are not allowed)
  • Tea light candles
  • Flameless LED candles 
  • Floating candles made-up of paraffin or palm oil wax

Are candles considered flammable?

You might not believe when we say that candle waxes are flammable as OSHA standards. But the candle waxes need a specific temperature to burn. For example, paraffin wax needs 392 Fahrenheit to ignite. But if it contains additives in wax, then it may require 480 degrees to catch fire. 

You don’t need to consider these temperatures as they are higher than normal temperatures. That’s why TSA allows you to bring a candle on a plane without considering its flammable nature.

Different airlines on bringing of candles

If we talk about American airlines, whether they permit you to take a candle on a plane or not, we have found the following tweet about candles.

Candles on American Airlines

Delta airlines also show Gunyenye a green light when she asks about the bringing of candles.

Candles on Delta Airlines

Southwest airlines prefer Julia Garleb to check the TSA website before packing candles onboard.

Candles on Southwest Airlines

United Airlines also don’t have any issue with taking solid wax candles.

Candles on United Airlines

Final words

Now you have got the clear answer of can you bring a candle on a plane or not. You just need to consider the burning material used in candles. In the case of gel or liquid material, you can’t take it with you on a plane. Other candles that we have mentioned above are allowed to bring on a plane. 

If you want to know about bringing other essentials on a plane, comment below. We are looking forward to answering your queries.

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