Can I Use Airpods On A Plane? Complete Guide

Airpods or other wireless headphones are the new portable devices trending across for best in travel entertainment. Still, the question arises, can I use Airpods on a plane?

Well, whoever is planning for a long trip and travel, in-flight entertainment is a thing to make sure of before you hop onto a plane. However, there can be many opinions about how this Bluetooth-enabled portable device works on planes. Can I use Airpods to watch the in-flight system? This and much more.

Even though these portable devices are not considered harmful for the plane and customers, there is a user guide for all of you down below.

So let us help you answer your queries regarding whether can I use Airpods on a plane and how.

Can I use Airpods on plane?

Well, the short answer is YES. The good news is that the FAA has put Airpods on the list of portable electronic devices that are good to go on an Airplane.

Surely you can use your Airpods once your flight takes off. However, the inflight entertainment can be tricky for your Airpods to connect to as most of the airlines do not have Bluetooth connectivity.

You can simply connect your apple device or any android phone to your Airpods in flight. Don’t miss bringing these two devices fully charged if you are planning to have an entertainment-packed flight.

What TSA has to say about it?

When it comes to the safety of flight operations and customers, TSA never misses even Airpods.

According to the TSA rules for portable electronic devices like Airpods, these are allowed on a plane in carry-on and checked luggage.

These devices also include your mobile phone, laptop, tablets, and wireless overhead headphones.

To ensure safe passage through the security check, Bradley asked TSA if Airpods are allowed on a plane to which TSA replied with a confident YES!!

Can I use Airpods on plane TSA

Can I pack Airpods in my checked luggage?

Yes, you can but suggest you NOT TO. I really don’t want anyone of you to lose your expensive Airpods during the flight or the inspection at the airport security.

Expensive and small devices like these can be made disappear easily and we all know how.

A similar incident of losing Airpods took place with one of the passengers and he took over to TSA hoping to file a complaint for his lost Airpods.

Can I pack Airpods in my checked luggage

So why take risks? You can simply place them in your hand carry, or purse or even hang them with your wallet through the support ring.

Can I pack Airpods in my carry on?

Carry on in my opinion is the best place to put your AirPods while traveling.

TSA considering it a portable device would not require you to unpack these for infection as you do with your mobile phones.

Or what else can be the right place for putting your infighting entertainment support? You will be needing them in flight

So why not place them in a place that makes them most reachable? So packing Airpods in a carry-on is a confident YES !!

Do Airpods connect in Airplane mode?

Even though the TSA and FAA have allowed Bluetooth connectivity devices on planes, using mobile data can still be risky.

Therefore the passengers are asked to put on Airplane mode as they take off. So do Airpods connect in Airplane mode?

Well, yes why not? As you take off, you simply turn on the Airplane mode. Once you are in the air, you need to pair your Bluetooth devices by turning on Bluetooth again.

By doing this, you can use your AirPods for entertainment even if your phone is in Airplane mode. Bluetooth connectivity does not want mobile data usage or any other connectivity arrangements.

can I use Airpods on a plane without wifi?

Your Airpods do not need WiFi connectivity to get functional. Like all wired and wireless headsets, your Airpods just need Bluetooth connectivity for functionality.

Additionally, if you want to stream some online content through your Airpods, you need to download it. For instance, movies and your favorite seasons can be downloaded through Netflix.

Once downloaded, you don’t need WiFi access to the downloaded content. All you need to have is fully charged Airpods and your mobile or laptop. Then you are good to go even without WiFi.

Can I use Airpods on a plane TV?

Most airlines are planning to add Bluetooth built-in-flight entertainment but this would take some time. So no, the plane TV or the inflight does not support your Airpods connectivity.

The good news is, you still don’t have to wait for the final upgrade. Now your plane TV CAN SUPPORT your Airpods through AirFly.

Yes, you heard me right! AirFly is the Bluetooth connectivity adapter you can use to connect your Airpods to the plane TV. These devices vary in different battery hours and connectivity functions. I suggest it is a good grab for the ones who travel a lot. It’s a one-time investment.

How do AirFly works?

It is a conventional Bluetooth adaptor for your Airpods or any other wireless headphones you are willing to connect to the inflight system.

How do AirFly works

All you need to do is connect this adopter to your Airpods or any other Bluetooth gadget pair.

Once your headphones are paired, all you have to do is to plug the adaptor into two screens. And you are good to go.

The best thing about using Airpods for inflight entertainment through this adapter is that Airpods cancel noise.

Airpods Pro and Pro Max are excellent for noise cancellation. For a plane cabin filled with engine noise and the in-cabin hustle, I suggest you use the noise-cancellation Airpods.

Some other passengers also feel the need of noise canceling Airpods on flights like Khristine did:

How do AirFly works 2

Make sure you charge your adapter and Airpods fully before leaving the house. As these two devices are too small to forget, pack them in your Carry on.

Airplane rules for wireless headphones if you are still wondering can I use Airpods on a plane?

Here are some grabs from the airline’s rules running domestically across the US. The following context defines all the rules for using Airpods on a plane and through the security

Can I use Airpods on a plane with Ryanair?

Ryanair allows you to use your Airpods or any other wireless headphones during the whole flight.

The deal is straight, you just need to ease your flight mode on and you can enjoy the entertainment through Bluetooth connectivity.

Can I use Airpods on a plane with Delta Airlines?

The same goes for Delta Airlines. You can use AirPods on board but unfortunately, the inflight system technology does not support it. You surely can use the inflight adaptor.

One of the passengers inquired TSA about inflight Airpods connectivity services to which TSA apologized and suggests adaptor usage to its customer.

Can I use Airpods on a plane with Delta Airlines

Can I use Airpods on a plane with American Airlines?

American airlines ensure the safe usage of Airpods during flight for its customers. As per the airline rules, you can use AirPods after the flight takes off. Additionally, you cannot connect the Airpods to the inflight system if you don’t have an AirFly adapter.

can I use Airpods on a plane UK?

Yes, flights allow the usage of Airpods on flights to the UK. You just need to be careful of the battery charging.

Plus, double-check your Airpods while you are in the airport or on the flight, you might lose them as they are pretty small to remember.

can I use Airpods on a plane UK

Final Verdict

My final thoughts on Can I use Airpods on a plane is undoubted YES. Airpods can be a real entertainer during the flight. Or you can take it as a perfect noise cancellation product for the buzzing Airplane cabin. Make sure you keep your electronic devices charged and ready to go. A fully charged Airpods device may last up to 6 to 8 hours. However, if you are planning to connect it to the inflight entertainment system, don’t miss out on the AirFly adaptor.

Till then, Safe Travels.

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