Can You Bring Headphones On A Plane? Complete Guide

With the numerous varieties of headphones pouring into the market, we frequently get to encounter a question like Can you bring headphones on a plane?

Well, the really quick answer to this question is a definite yes. You can have different types of headphones on a plane. But flying is never too easy.

There are some restrictions and implications that TSA wants you to follow. So let’s dig in and help you assure your travel enjoyably.

Can You Bring Headphones On A Plane?

Yes you definitely can. Headphones are allowed on a plane. As there are variety of headphones these days , the Bluetooth ones being most common are also allowed on a plane.

Other than that , the wired ones and the unwired ones are also allowed. Most of us usually have noise cancellation headphones. These are usually bigger in size than a smaller Bluetooth headphones but are allowed on a plane.

However the size does matter. Any connecting device bigger than a mobile phone must be separated at a security check. These must be put in a separate bin for checking. Let us now check what TSA has to say about the packing restrictions of these headphones.

TSA rules for Headphones On A Plane

TSA being the travel safety agency never misses with the security protocols for the passengers. So , the TSA does not restricts the headphones on a plane.

On an official list of what to take on a plane, headphones are allowed in carry on as well as checked baggage.


All of the smaller headphone including Bluetooth airpods or the wired headphones are allowed in your carry on bag during the security check.

On the contrary, any connecting device like over bigger headphones must be placed in a separate bin during the security check.

Other than the security check issues, all types of headphones can be either in your Carry on or the checked baggage.

What kind of headphones work on airplanes?

We all know that a phone must be put on Airplane mode during a flight. So the type of headphones allowed on a plane must be either Bluetooth enabled or the normal wired ones.

But we all know that all the connectivity is cancels when you turn on the airplane mode. So the best option is to re enable your Bluetooth once your phones airlines mode is enabled.

Can i carry bluetooth headphones on a plane?

Yes Bluetooth headphones are allowed on a plane. As per the TSA rules, you can plane your Bluetooth headphones in your Carry on as well as in checked baggage.

These headphone are Bluetooth enabled and must be reconnected once your phones Airplane mode is on. For the packing purpose if your Bluetooth headphones are bigger than your phone than you must separate it for checking while having your luggage checked.

One of the traveller asked the TSA if he could possibly get his over the head wireless headphones on a plane. TSA assures the packing of his wireless headphones with the clear security check assistance.



Do you have to take headphones out at airport security?

In this case, the size matters. For the headphones bigger than a phone must be put separately in a checking bin. All such devices are checked separately at the security check.

Dylan inquires the TSA team regarding the packing restrictions over the electronic devices larger than a mobile phone. To which the TSA asked him to keep all the bigger devices in a separate bin for the security check.


For the smaller or the regular Bluetooth headphones like the airpods, the restriction of separate bin does not follows.

Can I carry headphones in carry on?

The TSA allows you to pack the headphones in carry on without any packing or the number restriction.

Ramen asked if he could have his gaming headset on a plane to which the TSA gives the complete allowance in the carry on.


Can i carry headphones in checked luggage?

You can pack your headphones in your checked luggage. But I won’t take any risk of packing my headphones in the checked baggage.

Seeing the accusations like the headphones being stolen from the checked luggage , I would never risk my expensive headphones elsewhere but in the carry on.

One of the traveller accused the airline for stealing his Bose headphones to which the TSA find the escape by mentioning the initiation of an inspection soon. But I guess that’s not how it works !!

headphones in checked luggage

These travel partners are fragile and super expensive in some categories, packing them in checked baggage must not be the real justice with them. Additionally, I don’t think checked baggage as super safe for such item.

You may risk your item during a security check or in the transit. Moreover, these are usually needed during the flight , so don’t risk your product while packing it in checked baggage.

Final words

In wrapping up the final Verdict about can you bring headphones on a plane, I still order to pack the headphones in carry on only. For the things such fragile and expensive, no one should take the risk.

When it’s tiny enough to fit in your Carry on. As most of us use these during the flight, there is basically no use of packing these in checked baggage. But do follow the security implications for no inconvenience.

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