Can You Take A Portable Phone Charger On A Plane? Complete Guide

Traveling and working side by side seems fun but the hurdles that come the most is that does your phone battery helps you through long journeys? Does it? Well, mine does not and so there must be a way of sorting the battery issues out.

For this reason, many the travelers like us who love to work and sort things up on the phone while they are on the go can’t decide about taking a portable charger on a plane. These portable phone chargers are the true savior for the on-go mode but the chemicals and the formulas used in the type of battery can trigger many other security issues.

So are you the one thinking that can you take a portable phone charger on a plane or not? And what are the maximum capacity and the regulations of taking a phone charger on a plane? Let’s find out.

Can you take a portable phone charger on a plane?

To start with the good news, yes you can, and that too with a good full capacity of 100 kWh. Taking a portable phone charger is necessary for everyone as it is the only gadget that you are taking along for communication and work purposes. Therefore keeping the battery functional is the best part of your journey. Even though some country destinations may or may not allow the portable phone charger as it is inflammable, most of the airlines and the countries do allow the phone charger on a plane in your Carry on or anything that can be placed inside the cabin.

What does TSA have to say about it?

As TSA is all focused on making your onboard and in-air journey safe and incident-proof, portable phone chargers can make them think once again. Keeping in view the fact that these portable phone chargers are made up of different ion batteries, any small spark can make big fires in the baggage areas. So here is what TSA has to say when you as about can you take a portable charger on a plane.

Phone Charger TSA

Well, the answer is yes, you can take your battery charger on a plane but with the little condition of keeping it inside your purse or the carry-on only.

Can you take a portable phone charger on a plane in your Carry on?

Like the TSA has just mentioned the packing criteria of the portable chargers, you can pack it in your carry-on or in your purse for security reasons. Moreover, for the security check issues, you need to put your portable phone charger on a separate table with your phone to get through the checking easily. The power banks with lithium ions must be placed in the carry-on as they have the chance to catch fire more easily.

Can you take a portable phone charger in your checked baggage?

As far as the portable power bank is concerned, you can keep it in your checked baggage. However, according to my suggestion, a thing like a portable phone charger must be taken in the passenger cabin while keeping it near you. If you are taking some extra power banks, you must then keep and pack them in your checked baggage. In doing so, keep that in your mind that you must not overdo the limit given by the airlines and the destination countries. These must be followed in every condition.

What is the maximum capacity you are allowed to take a portable phone charger on a plane?

According to the basic rules for taking a portable phone charger on a plane, a single person cannot exceed the capacity of 100 kW. Mentioning the unit makes the total calculation of the capacity way easier for the security checkers as well as the person flying. Moreover, if you do not know how much your power banks provide, you can simply convert the mAh battery into the kW battery by using the online converters. Or you can simply use our guide scale to make the conversions convenient.

(MAh) / 1000 × (V) = KW

Can I bring the 20,000 MAh battery portable phone charger on a plane?

Yes, you can bring your 20.000 MAH battery portable phone charger on a plane. If you are not sure about how much your battery capacity is in kW, you can use the above calculations scale to measure the capacity and then pack your perfect portable phone charger with yourself.

What is the allowed limit exceeds?

As guided by the TSA workers, you are only allowed to take your power bank battery with a maximum limit of 100 KW and the packing must not exceed it. If you are not aware of your guidelines for packing and taking portable power bank on a plane you can simply ask directly from the airlines and the destination country to be secure about not exploiting and rules.

Final words

My Final Verdict on can you take a printable phone charger on a plane is a big yes and a bigger need. You cannot think of traveling long plane journeys without having your phone working. With the present day’s social media activities, a dead phone sounds like a dead person on the Internet which may be a little saddening for you guys. So here are all the packing tips and hacks about taking a portable charger on a plane. Be sure you pack the essentials near you and travel safely.

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