Can you take a Hamster on a plane? Complete Guide

Hamsters a fun and cozy to travel with. But certainly, many of us are not aware of the traveling rules with Hamster. So even if you are traveling domestically, there are some rules you need to know. Before that, We came across a very frequent question, can you take a Hamster on a plane? Well, you are not sometimes sure about the specific airlines, but mostly it’s a yes.

Let’s dig in a bit deeper and know the Hamster relaxing traveling tricks and tips.

Can you take a Hamster on a plane?

To the frequent question of can you take Hamster on a plane, the quick answer is yes. Well, why not? You surely can. But do you know your Hamster friend well enough? Can you take a Hamster on a plane without stressing your little friend? These are the little concerns that one might go through before planning a trip.

Moreover, flights can be really long ones though. Questioning yourself first about the safety and the stress-free travel of your friend is the first thing you must consider doing.

Well as far as the air safety and Air safety authority is concerned, let us know what they have to say about it.

What does TSA have to say about it?

The Transportation security authority is concerned to make your travel safe and error-free. May it be the on-flight chaos, the unwanted fire, or a little animal partner who wishes to get on a plane. TSA has got rules for everything.

As per the TSA rules taking a Hamster on a plane is quite tough. You can only keep your fluffy friend in the air cabin with you on a flight. But TSA also informs its passengers to go through the airline’s safety rules first. As not every flight allows you to have your little friend with you on board. Well, not in the cabin at least.

Although TSA is quite clear about their pet policy, the security authority still wants you to have your pet under control for the chaos-free security check. Having your pet hooked to a pet carrier or a leash would be way enough for both parties. In case your Hamster is in a pet carrier, try undergoing a physical checkup of the carrier.

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Can you take a Hamster on a plane cabin?

Flying with your Hamster, that too in a plane cabin can be tricky. But only if your Hamster is all used to the carrier, things can get really easy. Moreover, the TSA security does allow the Hamster or the small pets in the carrier for the checked luggage as well.

But if you are still the one who wants to have a constant look at his little friend, you can have your Hamster in the cabin. Make sure your carrier is big enough to give enough room for playing, eating, and sleeping for your Hamster. Tiny carriers can make them aggressive and that may even cause unwanted chaos for the owner while on board.

Can I travel with a Hamster on a plane?

Traveling with hamsters is not frequently suggested by most veterinarians. As Hamsters are a bit more choosy with their close environments, they must be kept as familiar as possible. Therefore traveling with it must be avoided if it’s not necessary. Still, if you are not ready to keep your Hamster alone, make sure you try and make their carrier a happy place for them.

Even before that, don’t miss to have your Hamster checked clinically by his veterinarian for the final go head. So yes you can travel with a Hamster on a plane but consider it only when it’s really urgent.

How do you travel with a Hamster on a plane?

As per the TSA rules, taking a hamster on a plane is not restricted. All you need to have is an airy and comfortable pet carrier. Make sure of every comfort of your pet as things can get chaotic if your hamster is exposed to a much-changed environment.

So TSA and the airline’s regulations do allow small pets in the pet carries that can be kept in the cabin or even as checked luggage. Still, try not to oversize the cage size as it have to follow the cabin luggage or the carry-on luggage rules for you.

Which airlines allow you to take a Hamster on a plane?

Almost every domestic flight allows the Hamster on a plane. All you need to do is to prepare your best friend in a warm and safe pet carrier. Carrier can be a life-saving hack as not every flight allows the Hamster in a cabin. As per the TSA policy, the passenger should try to reach the individual airlines to know if they allow Hamster or not. And if they do, what seating arrangement do they offer.

So when you ask about taking a hamster on a plane to most of the airlines in the US. They say yes to your question.

Just to be precise, the following list contains all the domestic airlines allowing your Hamster on a plane

  • United Airlines
  • West jet
  • Frontier
  • Alaska Air
  • Air Europa
  • Finnair

All the above mentioned in the list allow taking Hamster on a plane but you do need to follow the specific rules given by them. Likewise, every airline has its own paying fares when it comes to taking pet animals along on a flight.

What does it cost to take a Hamster on a plane?

When you ask about taking off your tiny hamster, you must know that’s not cheap for sure. Domestic and international airlines do have their own costing levels for the per traveling on board.

Starting from the lowest cost, the domestic Frontier flight may cost you around $75. The price range changes depending upon the varying size of your per carrier as well as the route of your flight. So for many International flights, the price also hikes up to $200 to $250 for the West Jet. So double check first before you hop into the plane.

Things you need to consider if you are taking Hamster on a plane.  

Here is the quick grab and go wrap up for the query regarding can you take a Hamster on a plane or not 

  • Make sure you have your Hamster checked by his veterinarian. 
  • Go for the easy and safe pet carriers.  
  • Try to expose your Hamster as minimal as possible to the atmosphere of the cabin. 
  • Be on time for your flight so you can have the overhead bin for your luggage and put your pet carrier under your seat.  
  • Do cross-check with the TSA and the airplane’s rules at first.  
  • Do check the costs that each airline may cost you for bringing your pet along.  
  • Make sure your Hamsters don’t get to travel when not necessary.  

Our final Verdict

Concluding on the query for can you take Hamster on a plane, We must suggest you to avoid taking them along for the longer routes or try to use the land route or any personal vehicle so they can feel at ease during the journey. In case you are travelling for longer times, you can take your Hamster along but make sure you follow all the safety rules for your little fellow first.

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