Can You Bring Milk On A Plane For A Toddler? Complete Guide

Traveling with a baby, and a toddler especially can be the real quest for the mother. As the eating and drinking essentials of the toddler are highly limited, milk is the only thing that can save the day for a traveling mother.

Milk doesn’t seem like creating a special issue for flight security but still, the main concern is its packing tips and tricks. So if you are a mother of a toddler and want to know can you bring Milk on a plane for a toddler, let us help.

Can you bring Milk on a plane for a toddler?

Well yes. Why would an airline restrict a thing to something as harmless as milk? But the query may rise about handling the quantity and where to pack it. Most of the time, mothers do keep the milk in their carry-on as kids can be unpredicted with their eating habits. So we also suggest you take your formula in your Carry on to sort your toddler’s hunger cries soon.

What does TSA have to say?

TSA is all approved for taking milk on a plane for your toddler. To relieve you of the packing hassle TSA does not restrict the amount of milk, formula, and other baby supplements on a plane. However, your products need to pass through the security even its milk.

There are advanced methods of checking each milk product or baby food before you hop on to the plane with your baby. For detailed checking, your toddler will also pass through the security check for routine checking at the airport. So try to keep your toddlers calm with their bottles while you clear through all the security checks.

Can you bring Milk on a plane in carry-on?

TSA does not restrict you from taking milk in your Carry on. You can simply pack the breast milk or any other form of milk in your Carry on. However, you must clearly pass through the security check with your baby.

Furthermore, the TSA also does not restricts the amount of milk and its variants. So pack as much as is ample for your baby’s travel.

Can I bring baby formula on a plane in checked baggage?

Baby formula milk can be packed in checked baggage as it can be of variant jar sizes. The TSA does not restrict the amount of any powdered or formula milk. So there are no worries about taking milk in checked baggage if you are traveling for more days or even out of the country. You still can serve your toddler his favorite formula milk.


Can I take water for my baby formula on a plane?

Yes, why not? But only in a limited amount. The TSA allows you to take water for the baby formula milk on a plane in your Carry on. However, there will be the same security check with your water as it is with other baby good items and even fresh milk.

Can I take a flask of boiling water on a plane for baby milk?

According to the TSA liquid rules, you can’t bring the liquid above the amount of 100ml on the plane. However, you can take the flask with 100ml storage on a plane. But we suggest you ask for the hot water in-plane from the crew. It will keep you safe from bounding bottles all by yourself.

Can you bring Milk on an international Flight for a toddler?

International flying might be a bit different but most countries do not restrict the amount of any baby food especially the milk of babies. However, you can still get in touch with the airlines themselves to assure any quantity limitation for taking milk on a plane. In the same manner, every destination will examine all the baby products through special screening methods.

Can I take stored breast milk on a plane?

Breast milk with all the formula milk is allowed on the plane for babies and toddlers. These are allowed in a reasonable amount. However, breast milk can be stored in a carry-on. Make sure to test it at the security check before you get to the plane.



Our Final Verdict for can you bring milk on a plane for a toddler provides complete satisfaction to the mothers as it is safe and easy to pack. The deal is simple and hassle-free if you pack the milk in carry-on and get it checked through the security check. Don’t forget to get your baby checked along as the security check for the babies is equally mentioned by every country.

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