Can You Bring Matches On A Plane? Complete Guide

Carrying a little fire maker in your pocket is the huge art of invention but carrying it anywhere Can be a mess.

Even though the creation has helped us make our lives easier but keeping it near even in the air is not safe. But as many of the travelers are chain smokers, most of us like to light the cigarettes the traditional way. So would you be wondering if can you bring matches on a plane? Is it safe? Is it even allowed? If yes then how much quantity can you actually keep?

Let us help you get a closer look at all your queries.

Can you bring matches on a plane?

Matches Can be of two types, one that is normally used in our households, the safety ones with the rubbing surface on the side of the box and the other one is strike anywhere matches. These are actually most fuss-creating and can be dangerous even for your house. So can you bring matches on a plane? The answer is yes, but the little sad thing about this is that only the safety matches are allowed on a plane. For more details, check out what TSA has to say about can you bring matches on a plane and how.

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TSA rules for the Matches

Well even if you are confused about having the cigarettes on a plane of the lighter. Or maybe it’s only the matches, the TSA guys will answer you with the best packing of things on board.

As it’s the duty of these guys to protect you all from any unexpected chaos on the plane, matches can be the subject of discussion. As per the TSA rules, only the safety matches are allowed to be on the plane, that too with the person. Safety matches are nonstrike anywhere and have to be rubbed on the special surface made on the box.

Safety matches on plane TSA

According to TSA regulation, strike-anywhere matches are not allowed on the plane either in the carry-on or the checked baggage. You just have to leave that outside.

Strike anywhere matches on plane tsa

Can you bring matches in your Carry on?

Yes, you can bring your matchbox in your Carry one while you are moving towards your plane. Once you are in the checking areas, you will be asked to remove the matches for security checks. Then you can have your matches in your pocket. But make sure you don’t try to light the matches in the plane for unnecessary reasons.

To be taken on the carry-on, only the safety matches are allowed while the other fire anywhere matches are not even allowed to be kept even in your pocket while you are aboard.

Can you bring matches in your checked baggage?

The sad news is, No! You cannot bring your matches in your checked baggage. As checked baggage is mostly used to pack items in more quantity, that clears the notion of packing the matches for your journey. You probably cannot bring the matches more than one box with you on a plane. As the TSA rules have already been discussed, the strike-anywhere matches in the checked baggage may cost the whole flight a catastrophic ending. So better be safe than sorry.

Can you bring 1 box of matches on a plane?

While packing the items ups, even if the TSA security protocols have allowed the taking of the matches on a plane, one can be still unsure of the quality of the matches being able to pack. As different boxes and books have different quantities of the matches, you may never know what’d right to pack to escape any hustle during the checking

People like me have not waited much before asking questions like these directly from the TSA platform. The following are the comments that TSA has to say regarding the queries.

Can you bring 1 box of matches on a plane

Can you bring 1 box of matches on a plane 2

Can you bring a lighter on a plane?

While people were asking about the packing tips and hacks about taking the matches on the plane, there was also a question regarding taking the lighter on the plane. While some asked about taking the stormproof lighter, the TSA officers replied that you are only allowed to take the normal lighter on the plane.

Can you bring lighter on a plane

Final words

The final Verdict about the can you bring the matches on a plane is yes, but only if your pocket or in case you have the space in your head bin you can make pack your matches box in your Carry on. Before picking your perfect matches box, you just have to consider the safety matches and if you are still not sure what to pack you can always ask it right away to the TSA officials

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