Can You Bring Juul Pods On A Plane? Complete Guide

If you are planning on sneaking down your juul pods on plane due to the TSA restrictions , worry not , your juul pods are allowed on a plane.

But there are some packing tips and hacks that need to be followed in case you don’t want to make any trouble during your screening process on the airport.

Can you bring juul pods on a plane?

Juul pods are the small container that contain the liquid nicotine for the consumer that produces smoke for the consumer to be inhaled. These juul pods contain the liquid material so there surely are some rules for taking them down a plane.

According to the rules and packing restrictions of TSA for the liquids , nothing more than 100ml cam be taken on a plane. So you might ask that can you bring juul pods on a plane considering they have liquid? Well yes you can. Juul pods are completely allowed on a plane as these small containers do not contain liquid more than 1ml.

What TSA has to say about it?

TSA is the air security agency for all the American flights to ensure the flight and passenger safety in air. This regulatory authority protects the damages via different screening at the airport and restricts the passengers to take anything disastrous or inflammable on a plane.

For the juul pods TSA allow these taking on a plane both in checked baggage and carry on. Furthermore, as per the liquid rules , anything liquid must be packed in the quarter sized plastic bags accompanying your other toiletries.

juul pods on a plane TSA

Can you bring juul pods in a carry on?

Juul bags in your quarter sized plastic bags are good to go in your Carry on. The TSA completely allows the juul pods with less than 100ml of liquid nicotine in the carry ons easily. Furthermore for the safety purpose, try to avoid taking the half empty juul pods in your Carry on as there are chances they might leak in your Carry on due to any air pressure.

So try to keep the new ones with you as there are also no refilling for these small pods. So try not to miss out on your favourite flavoured juul pod because it got leaked in the quarter pack.

Can you bring juul pods in a checked baggage?

As per the TSA rules, you can bring your juul pods in a checked baggage. But there certainly are some drawbacks of doing so.

Firstly, if your juul pods does not scan down properly in the screening process, the security officers will simply ask you to remove it from your checked baggage and you have can have it in your cabin with you.

Can you bring juul pods in a checked baggage

Secondly, there are high chances that your expensive flavours gets removed from your checked baggage without you even being told. Yes you heard me right. There are a number chances that this happens quite often and the passengers were really bad at their airlines for this unasked removal.

Can you bring juul pods in a checked baggage 2

Can you bring juul on a plane?

Like juul pods, juul are also allows to be taken on a plane. Juul is an electric pen, cigar or the e-vape. Many of travellers would love to take their favourite vape along with them on the destination vacation they have been planning to. So, the goof news is , TSA allows all of them as they are not that difficult to carry.

Additionally , for the rarest chances, the juul is only allowed on a carry for the safety purpose as it may start a fire by accidently starting on. So TSA wants to take these in your Carry on were the chances of getting stuck and start open a fire is rare.

juul on a plane

Can you bring juul on a plane under 18?

TSA has no strict policy on the bringing the juule on a plane considering the age of the passengers you can bring juul on a plane even if you are below 21. So if you were considered regarding can you bring juul on a plane under 18 , you are good to go. Make sure you do not miss on the packing tips that we have mentioned in the above section

How many juul pods can you bring on a plane?

As juul pods follow the liquid rules for the flights and packing , TSA won’t allow you to bring the juul pods over the quantity of 100ml in one bottle. Therefore the number of juul pods are not restricted on a plane as they merely have the quantity below 1ml in each pod. So you can have every flavour of your favourite nicotine on a plane without worrying about the number game.

You can take as many juul pods on a plane but make sure you do not keep those in your checked baggage if you do not wanna loose your pods during the screening time.

Our final Verdict

On our final Verdict on can you bring juul pods on a plane , we can assure your good vacation if you follow the packing tips and tricks that we have mentioned with great responsibility and assurance. Juul pods on a plane are easy to carry , all you need to do is to tuck them in your toiletry quater packs and you are good to go. And don’t forget to have these in your Carry on if you don’t want to miss out on them packing in your checked baggage.

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