Can I Take A Blanket On A Plane? Complete Guide

If you are confused about taking your belongings to the plane for relaxed sleep, let us help you know all the answers to can you take a blanket on a plane or not.

Long flights and their cooling system can be difficult to pass as the airlines do not always welcome you with a comforting pillow and warm blanket, especially in the economy class. People often want to ask if can i take a blanket on a plane for some extra warmth.

Let us help you get all the answers with all the right packing hacks and tips that you ever fear doing.

Can I Take A Blanket On A Plane? 

Most airlines do offer a blanket if you ask them. But they certainly can’t guarantee you the warmth for the blast freezers on a flight. So it is more convenient to carry your own warmer along.

So we guess we can already know the answers. Yes, you can bring blankets on a plane without the fear of getting restricted or charged. Your blanket can be considered either the carry-on or the extra add-on for your personal use, nothing extra.

TSA and blankets

TSA is quite lenient for the blankets on board. You can surely put your blanket in your carry-on or the checked baggage as per the TSA rules. Moreover, TSA also guarantees you not to stop in the checking line while you have your blankets in their specific packing alongside your carry-on. Sounds cool, right?

Having a comfy blanket and pillow can make your journey way easier as not everything supplied by the airline is worth the quality or the cause. So be prepared on your own.

Blanket on a plane TSA

Can you bring a weighted blanket on a plane?

Weighted blankets Can be as heavy as 2 pounds to 2kgs. These are certainly not specific and recommended to take on the plane for the journey.

With the articles like these, no specific checking is allowed. As per the TSA rules, you can pack your blanket in your checked baggage, either in its packing or with your other luggage. It’s all up to you. But do make sure that you do not exceed the weight limit that you can take along per person.

Can you take blankets in your carry-on?

TSA says it’s a yes to take your blankets in your carry-on. It is best suited to pack a blanket in carry-on or any other personal luggage that you get to keep with yourself. The necessity of the blanket is usually on board, so it’s best to have it around when you need it.

All you can do is pull off your blanket from the carry-on or place it in your seat to add extra comfort if you are not using it.

Can you bring blankets in your checked baggage?

Blankets in checked baggage are fine if they weigh more and you are not taking it on a plane to use personally. Moreover, checked baggage goes through drastic checking, and if your luggage

overweighs, the security guard can easily pull off your item from your luggage without letting you know. So try not to exceed the limit and if you want your blankets for personal use, keep them in your carry-on.

Does taking a blanket cost you charges?

Most of us fear taking the extra bits like blankets on a plane with the chance of getting charged by the airline. But it’s of no reality. No one charges for taking any personal item for personal use, even in your carry-on or either in hand.

Even if you don’t remember taking the blankets with you, you can always ask the airline to provide you with the blankets, which are also free of cost. However, you cannot question the quality of the blanket as it is of not the finest quality in such a cool atmosphere, not in the economy cabin at least, just being honest.


So we guess we have managed to answer all of your ambiguities if you are thinking of, Can i take a blanket on a plane? You surely can, and try to keep it as your travel buddy to have your plane journey without being restless.

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