Can You Watch Netflix On A Plane? Complete Guide

To every other person who has been tired of long flights, online entertainment platforms can be life-saving. Platforms like Netflix have changed the meaning of onboard entertaining. Anywhere and any time.

But can you watch Netflix on a plane? Connecting to a platform like this needs an Internet connection. So can we still watch Netflix on a plane?

Well, the good news is yes, but having things done on this app can still be different on a plane.

So here are some following grab-and-go’s if you are interested in watching your favorite how’s while traveling.

Can you watch Netflix on a plane?

Thankfully, yes! Netflix can be at your service during a whole lot of boring flights otherwise. Being a versatile platform in providing every pliable generic choice, you will have your journey pass easily.

But, there are some issues that you need to consider before hopping on a plane. You can n surf or dream through Netflix directly. Rather you will have to download the content while at home.

Downloads can be easily done through the app. If your device is not having the Netflix app, you cannot be entertained by the platform at all.

So make sure you have a subscription to the app. Then, it requires a stable Internet connection to download the content. And the best part is you can watch the downloaded videos anytime, without worrying about being in the middle of the sky.

For the brutally long and connecting flights, I may suggest you binge-watch a seasoned thriller or a light sitcom.

Or you can simply choose any movie from the various genre Netflix offers.

How to watch movies on a plane without Internet?

Like it said earlier, you cannot stream through Netflix if your device is not connected to a stable Internet.

But can you find a stable connection high up in the sky? Well, there are some flights offering a better WiFi service on a plane. But I don’t specifically consider that stable enough to stream through an app like this. Plus, you have to pay some extra bills for this, especially not worth it with the speed they offer.

Downloading the content while at home is the safest and risk-free method. You can simply download your content while clicking the right-side options. You can simply find the download button. The downloaded movie will be added to your downloaded list


But make sure, your device has enough disk space. And a Netflix app.

Check the list below for the devices having the Netflix app:

  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 9.0 or later
  • Android phone or tablet running Android 4.4.2 or later
  • Amazon Fire tablet running Fire OS 4.0 or later
  • Windows 10 (version 1709 or newer) or Windows 11 tablet or computer
  • Select Chromebook and Chromebox models

Can you watch Netflix on plane offline on Airplane?

Yes, why not? Only if you have the downloaded content. Watching the content online can be lagging as you cannot use your mobile data on a plane. Moreover, the WiFi connections, if any can also be bard to survive the basic 720p quality.

So all you have to do is to add on to your download list. Make sure your device accommodates a good amount of disk space.

However, if you have multiple downloads on multiple devices, your Netflix app will show an error.


Which can be resolved by managing the devices and accounts through the settings.


Can you watch Netflix offline on laptop?

Yes, you can watch Netflix on a laptop by logging into your account using For offline viewing on a plane, download the movies on your account so that you can watch them without any hassle.

But make sure that the movie or show you want to watch is available to download as some of the movies are not available offline. Furthermore, you have a limit to access them offline. So refresh your downloads before boarding to make the best use of time while flying.

How to watch Netflix offline on mac?

Unfortunately, Netflix does not offer the official app for your mac. However, you can still watch Netflix using the site on safari.

But can you watch Netflix on a plane on mac? The good news is yes. Unfortunately, mac users can not use Netflix on a plane.

As the IOS lacks built-in apps, the safari browsing won’t let you download the content anyway.

Can you stream movies on an Airplane?

Streaming can be done if you have a stable Internet connection. But paying extra for an Airplane will not be worth the cost.

So downloading all the content for your flight duration is the apparently easy method.

However, if you are still determined to stream online, you can ask your airline regarding WiFi availability. Although there are chances that an airline may offer you WiFi, still there will be some quality hindrance to your streaming.

So it better take off with all your content enlisted, downloaded, and prepared !!

Can you watch Netflix on Airplane mode?

Airplane mode disables all the connections of your phone including Bluetooth. So if you are the one who uses Bluetooth headphones, your connection will be interrupted for some time.

But as you turn on the Airplane mode, try to reconnect the Bluetooth once the mode is enabled.

Or for a battery-saving mode, I would suggest you have the basic headphones. Using these is economical and saves your battery as well.

Can you watch Netflix on a plane with WiFi?

Certain domestic flights do offer WiFi, mostly paid. A passenger can pay extra starting from a minimum of $8 per day to $50 per day.

Still, these airlines cannot guarantee you the best quality WiFi connection. So yes you can watch Netflix on a plane with WiFi, only if it’s stable enough.


The final Verdict on can you watch Netflix on a plane is clearly yes. However, the consideration including the stable WiFi connection and the reliable disk space can ruin your experience of having Netflix on a plane. So we suggest you download the content of your liking if you don’t like hating yourself for depending on an Airplane WiFi.

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