Can You Take Unopened Alcohol On A Plane? Complete Guide

As long as you have wine, the holidays will be mesmerizing. When you are planning a trip after a year of busy routine, you must look up the things that keep your vacations enjoyable. And packing a bottle of wine is one of them. Airline restrictions go differently for packing alcohol in carry-on luggage and checked bags.

The size, strength, and packing of alcohol matter greatly if you want to keep your wine bottle in your hand luggage. Can you take unopened alcohol on a plane? Or do you need to unpack its original packing? Let’s find out altogether.

Can you take unopened alcohol on a plane?

The short answer is yes. You can bring alcohol on a plane, you just need to follow some additional rules. Because the rules of TSA for alcohol are a little bit more complicated than other things. Especially the volume and strength of the alcohol bottle are considered precisely to pack in hand luggage. TSA allows unopened bottles, Alcohol between 24%-70% ABV (48-140 proof) allowed to bring in your carry-on or in checked luggage safely. 

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How many ounces of alcohol can you carry on an airplane?

You can take 3.4oz or 100ml bottles that will fit comfortably into a zip lock or plastic bag. Mini liquids bottles contain 1.7oz so it’s better for traveling to pack mini bottles than bigger ones. 

According to TSA, the bag should be sealed without busting at the seams. TSA set the limit to take only one plastic bag per passenger. The beverages with 24% alcohol are not subject to limitations in checked luggage.  

Can you bring alcohol on a plane?

Yes, you can bring alcohol on a plane in your carry-on bags, the TSA permits the bottle packaging to be 3.4oz or 100ml. This instruction states that any single container of alcohol must be no larger than 3.4oz/100ml. Conversely, alcohol over 70% ABV or 140 proof is not acceptable. The important thing is the size of the bottle and the packing. If you want to bring it safely you must pack it safely in a plastic or transparent bag.

Can you bring alcohol on a plane

Can you bring alcohol in checked bags on a plane?

Bring alcohol in checked bags is a complicated process. The first thing is the alcohol should be unopened and present in actual retail packing. If the alcohol is a lesser amount of 24% ABV or 48 proof, then there is no limit. It includes mostly beers and wine.

If the alcohol is exceeding to 24% but not more than 70% ABV (48-140 proof), you are limited to 5 liters (1.3 gallons). If the alcohol is over 70% ABV or over 140 proof, it isn’t allowed in either your carry-on or checked baggage.

How to Pack Alcohol in Checked Luggage?

During the packing of alcohol primarily check the bottle seal and size restrictions. The bottles should not be breakable. The best thing is to bring a wine case because the luggage handlers are not safe. You could also pack a bottle of liquor privately in a dry bag which can be valuable for packing more than just wine. Put the bottle in a bag made of plastic. Wrap the bag in cushioned layers of soft clothing. Place that roll bottle of wine in the middle of your bag. 

How much alcohol can you bring on a plane?

The quantity of alcohol depends on where you pack it either in carrying–or in checked luggage. If you pack it in a carry –on then remember that the very restricted size is allowed. Only quart-sized liquid bags are acceptable. But for checked luggage they have no limitations, you can pack an unlimited amount of any type of alcohol like bear or vine.

You can take more than 5 litres of liquor with low strength. If the strength is more than 70%ABV so it may be issuable at a checkpoint because high flammable liquor is present. 

Can I bring alcohol under 21?

Alcohol is not allowed to be in your hands if you are under 21. This applies even if you hide it in your checked luggage. Naturally, the individuals who check your suitcase when it is checked baggage do not also check your age. If you place a bottle in your checked bag, absolutely nothing seems to be likely to happen. But it is still illegal.

Can you drink alcohol on a plane?

You are allowed to pack modest amounts of your alcohol in your liquids bag for travel. Bottles must weigh less than 3.4 oz. (100 ml). Additionally, they need to “fit comfortably” inside your quart bag. It cannot be squeezed too tightly. You are not allowed to pour and consume those tiny alcohol bottles by yourself while in flight. A flight crew will be happy to pour it for you.

It is not prohibited to bring alcohol on a plane through the security checkpoint, according to FAA alcohol regulations. However, it is against the law to serve yourself a drink. Pouring and consuming your alcohol while traveling by airline could result in a massive fine.

Can you take alcohol on domestic and international flights?

You can only bring alcoholic beverages in bottles not bigger than 3.40z/100ml while traveling internationally in hand luggage.

These rules may differ from country to country according to their laws.


You may take up to 5 liters of alcoholic beverages. 70% alcohol is the maximum allowed.


There are no restrictions if the alcohol level is 24% or less; if it is between 24% and 70%, you are only allowed 5 liters. Alcoholic product of over 70% is prohibited.


There are no restrictions for alcohol with 24% or below; if the alcohol content is between 24% and 70%, you are only allowed 5 liters. The legal limit for alcohol is 70%.

Can you bring duty-free alcohol on a plane?

As per the liquid rule of TSA, liquids more than 3.4oz is not allowed on a carry-on. but what about duty-free purchases? The good news is, you can bring duty-free alcohol on a plane above the 3.4oz limit but with some buying restrictions.

you need to follow the 5 liter limit of 24% to 70% ABV per person

The bottles must be packed in and sealed in the plastic bag by the retailer

You must have the buying receipt in hand ensuring your purchase in the last 48 hours

Only these restrictions can help you enjoy your duty-free alcohol on a plane.

Can unopened alcohol be carried on a plane?

Unopened alcohol cannot be carried more than 3.4oz or 100ml on a plane in a carry-on. However unopened alcohol bottles with a limit of 5 liters per person are allowed in checked baggage. 

One big requirement for this is that it has to be in retail packaging. Or you can surely consider buying duty-free alcohol for gifting and safe travels.

Can you drink your own alcohol on a plane?

Well, the straight answer is No. The US Federal Aviation Association does not allow you to sip your own alcohol on a plane and if you are caught doing so, the estimated fine would be $40,000 or above.

So if you are thinking of calming your nerves right before getting into the plan, I suggest you visit the airport bar. Or otherwise, you can directly purchase the small beer bottles and other beverages from flight attendants as long as they are serving them to you.

Final words

In the above post, we have discussed everything about alcohol and how to pack it in your luggage. What is the best amount to bring with you? TSA has permitted you to bring it on a plane but not allowed to drink it by yourself. So if you are wondering can you take unopened alcohol on a plane? Read the information above for safe travel. 

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