Can You Take Tobacco On A Plane? Complete Guide

Tobacco has been a part of most Americans for a very long time now but with the rising securities and regulations,  most of you might wonder about taking tobacco on a plane.

With that, the first question comes to mind, can you take tobacco on a plane? Can you have it in the cabin? What is the carrying limit allowed? All this and many more. The good news is, that we have gathered all the answers to your most asked question regarding the topic.

Let’s dig in.

Can you take tobacco on a plane?

According to the TSA rules,  you are allowed to take tobacco on a plane. These tobacco products not only include the basic cigarettes but also the new version of tobacco versions for all those who want to be a bit fancy with their tobacco habits.

With fancy, we mean electronic smoking gadgets and the regular ones. These include e-cigarettes, vapes, electric pens, and others. The basic version includes regular cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and all the other forms.

So if you are one of the users of any tobacco version, you are good to go whenever you want to take a flight with your favorite tobacco product.

TSA Tobacco regulations

TSA not only allows you to take tobacco on a plane as a carry-on in the cabin but also in the checked baggage.

If still not sure, here is a quick grab of the snap from the official site. However, they do restrict the amount of tobacco that will be discussed in the following section.


Can I bring tobacco in my carry-on?

As per the TSA rules and regulations, there is no restriction on carrying tobacco items on a plane. This clearly means you can take any type of tobacco products either in your Carry on or your checked baggage. To be precise, these products include smoking tobacco, vape, all types of chewing tobacco, and other types as well.

Can you take tobacco in checked baggage?

Yes, you can take tobacco in checked luggage but here comes the complication. There is a certain limit to how much you can pack or carry. These limitations may cover from 2 packets to 2  cartons of cigarettes. And that’s a lot of tobacco guys !!

Can you take chewing tobacco through airport security?

Well if you are not a  smoking person a likes to chew on tobacco, things are also pretty easy for you. As per the TSA rules, you can easily check the chewing tobacco across the security easily. As you are allowed to keep your chewing tobacco in your Carry on. There will be no restriction overtaking the tobacco products even in the cabin as a carry-on.

The concerned consumer went straight to the Twitter account and asked TSA if he could take chewing tobacco on a plane so he could use it.

The TSA officers replied to the passenger in the following way:


As TSA lowed the tobacco products on board, there was still confusion regarding consuming the smokeless tobacco products while aboard.

Another passenger got back to TSA’s official account and asked if someone sitting next to them can use smokeless or chewing tobacco in the cabin. To which the authority replied NO and saved the passenger from much anxiety.


How much tobacco can I bring on a plane?

If you are 21, you are strictly obliged to follow the amount restriction introduced by the US CBP. According to this, a minimum 21-year-old can take about 200 cigarettes and 100 cigars on a flight. These can be packed either as carry-on or the checked baggage. However, the limit may vary depending upon the port of your destination, and ultimately up to 1000 cigarettes per person are allowed.

Related items that you can take with tobacco on a plane

If you are now confused about the smoking essentials on board, here is a quick list of the essentials that you can take care of during the packing.

  • Lighters: Being an essential part of the smoking regime, lighters are allowed on a flight but the disposable and the non-torch ones only. Lighters with torch light up are highly restricted on planes. While disposable and zippo or non-torch lighters are allowed with a single quantity in carry-on or on a person.
  • Matches: A single packet of one easy match is allowed in person or in a carry-on. The anywhere strike matches are strictly prohibited on planes. They can light up in checked baggage and anywhere with a single strike on the surface.
  • Tobacco Pipes: These are fully allowed one carry-on and in checked baggage.
  • Cigar Cutters: As these Cutters are sharp and edgy, they can pack in checked luggage only.

Can you take tobacco on an International Flight?

Things and restrictions can be a bit different when you are about to travel across the country. Traveling internationally brings you many restrictions for taking tobacco on a plane as many countries restrict non-smoky tobacco like chewing tobacco or electric cigarettes. So be sure about the port you are traveling to and we suggest you come in alignment with the airline as well to reduce the packing and security issues.


The final Verdict for can you take tobacco on a plane is a confident yes. You can have your favorite smoking item bagged either in your Carry on or the checked baggage without any restrictions. From packing cigarettes to packing chewing tobacco, every tobacco item is safe across the security check. But we certainly suggest you get in touch with the international airline for any amount restrictions.

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