Can You Take Light Bulbs On A Plane? Complete Guide

Light Bulbs can be anything but necessary on a plane. Still many of you want to carry it along on a plane trip for any reason.

Besides it’s only a fragile light bulb, most of us are still focused about can you take light bulbs on a plane.

Let us help you do your grind and make your bulbs packaging and traveling easy for you.

Can you take light bulbs on a plane?

In short, yes you can. There is no issue or any security threat to the passengers if you take bulbs on board.

However these rules and regulations about what to carry and what not are still mentioned by TSA security.

Besides, TSA you also need to visit the regulations of your destination airport so you can check out through their security without a both.

What TSA has to say about it?

If you are wondering what TSA has to do with taking a simple bulb on a plane, well they are your greatest packing influencer.

Nothing can pass through the security check if it’s not permitted by the authority itself. As the restricted items are listed on their official website, we can’t find Bulbs in them.

So we can say, they also don’t have an issue with you carrying the light through the airport

The TSA allows you to carry light bulbs on a plane on carry-on and checked baggage.

Can You Take Light Bulbs On A Plane TSA

Can you bring light bulbs on carry on?

Still not sure? One of the customers asks TSA about having smart led on board with her.

The movement inside the carry-on Can damage the light bulbs and the puncture the other essential luggage in your Carry on.

To which the TSA replied, the smart bulb and the remote are allowed in the carry-on as well as checked baggage.

Can you bring light bulbs on carry on

Can you bring light bulbs in checked baggage?

Another traveler asks TSA the same question about having a simple Edison bulb on the plane with him.

To which the TSA gives a go head by allowing the Edison bulbs in carry-on and checked baggage.

Can you bring light bulbs in checked baggage

Can we carry LED bulbs in flight?

LED light bulbs are the most convenient and in demand these days. As these are more compact and require lower energy, many travelers consider these bringing for the traveling purpose.

Like all other bulbs, led light bulbs are good to go in your Carry on and checked baggage. These are smart, wash-to-carry, less fragile, and go a long way !!

Make sure to still ensure the packing of led bulbs in your Carry on by considering the traveling regulations of your destination country.

Can you take light bulbs in hand luggage?

All types of light bulbs are allowed in hand luggage. As long as you pack them individually in a separate box and line them with a bubble sheet. Proper packing and a secure lining are required for your bulbs to travel break free.

Tips to pack Light Bulbs On A Plane

Besides being fragile, light bulbs can be hazardous depending upon the type of fluorescent material they have. Therefore there are some packing tips that you may grab to ease your travel with bulbs on board.

  • Try to pack each individual bulb in a different box
  • Secure your bulbs with the wrapping or bubble sheets
  • Carry your bulbs of smaller size that typically take smaller energy to light up and are of convenient size
  • Prefer led bulbs over other ordinary bulbs
  • Secure your boxes with tape
  • Do not forget to mention the bag with tags such as Fragile, Handle with care or This Side Up

Can you bring light bulbs on an International Flight?

Yes, you can travel internationally with light bulbs on a plane. TSA does not restrict you from traveling with light bulbs on carry-on and checked baggage. However, do not forget to be prepared enough to check through the restriction list items in your destination country.

Plus, do not fall short on packing the light bulbs in a secure way. Grab on to the above-mentioned packing tips to have a safe and hassle-free journey.

Can I take fairy lights on a plane?

This year you are panning to celebrate Christmas at your destination then you must thought of fairy lights with you. TSA permits you to bring any kind of fairy lights, flash lights or LED lights in your hand luggage. Now you can make your birthdays, candle light dinner or even Christmas more decorative even away from home.

Final words

In a nutshell, our final closing on can you take light bulbs on a plane is a yes without a doubt. As per the TSA rules, you can carry the light bulbs in the carry-on and checked baggage without any restriction of number.

Caution: Try to pack the bulbs as securely as you can to avoid any damage to them and the luggage itself.

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