Can You Take Ibuprofen On A Plane? Complete Guide

Travelling for the first time can be daunting if you suffer from some stress and depression. To relieve pain and anxiety, one needs to have medicine to confront any problem. Ibuprofen is the best medicine to overcome stress and is the best and safe medication to relieve pain with minor symptoms.

Do you want to bring it on a plane? But are you worried about that can you take ibuprofen on a plane or not? Is TSA permit you to bring ibuprofen in your carry-on or not? We will discuss all the details here no matter what the case is.

Can you take ibuprofen on a plane?

Yes, you can take ibuprofen on a plane. To all the ibuprofen adherents, never get depressed while travelling by plane. You are permitted to bring ibuprofen liberally and binge over them anytime. The pills don’t have to be in their actual packing, you can pack them in a pill minder or other air-tight container. 

TSA allows you to take all types of medicines on a plane through airport security. To bring ibuprofen on a plane, TSA has some rules and regulations. You must be aware of these rules before the flight to pack it according to the given instruction.

Can you bring ibuprofen through airport security in your carry-on baggage?

Yes, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) will allow you to bring any medicine in your carry-on luggage through airport security. You must check the packaging rules given by TSA to pack them carefully.

Also, check carefully whether it is legal or illegal for boarding. Because different types of drugs are banned, you cannot bring in your carry-on luggage. But in most cases, ibuprofen is allowed. You can pack it as much as you need according to the space available in your baggage. It’s generally best to pack medicine in hand luggage, so don’t drop it.

ibuprofen through airport security

Can you bring ibuprofen on an airplane in your checked baggage?

Yes, you can bring ibuprofen on a plane in your checked luggage while boarding a flight. You just need to be aware of the instructions for packing. Pack it in a sterilized container or a sealed plastic container to avoid germs contact. Before packing, check the medicine’s expiry date and read whether its given description is legal or not.

How much ibuprofen can I take on a plane?

Gel-based medications or non-prescription liquids such as cough syrups or gel/liquid fill capsules are allowed to pack in volumes of 100ml or 3.4oz. But ibuprofen doesn’t lie under liquid or gel-based medicines so you can pack it as per your need without considering any limitations.

Can you bring the children’s liquid ibuprofen in the carry-on?

You can take liquid ibuprofen on a plane for your child. But the liquid 3-1-1 rule is applicable to liquid medicine. So you have to take it in a 100ml or 3.4oz packaging not more than that. In the case of liquid medicines, you have to take them out of the bag while passing the checkpoint for screening. Keep the size or quantity of liquid medicine in consideration that’s the only thing that matters.

Can you bring ibuprofen to the USA through a domestic flight?

Yes, you can bring ibuprofen for domestic travel within the U.S. You don’t need to have your pills in their actual bottles. You can pack ibuprofen in a pillbox or a plastic bag if you want to. TSA will allow you to bring ibuprofen with strong packing.

Alejandra asked if ibuprofen would need to be in original packaging. So let’s see what TSA replied.

bring ibuprofen to the USA through a domestic flight


You are worried about Can you take ibuprofen on a plane, but you’re unfamiliar with TSA rules and regulations.? So need to worry about it because, in the above article, we have discussed how to pack ibuprofen in your luggage or carry-on.

If you have liquid drugs over 3.4 ounces liquid, you can even so bring them without any prescription. You are just required to let the TSA team know to inspect them.

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