Can You Take Guinea Pigs On A Plane? Complete Guide

Some people love to travel with their pets but sometimes it’s become a certain thing to pack especially when you are traveling for a long time. Cats and dogs are more familiar with the human environment than any other pet. That’s why traveling with them is easy. But this is not the case for every pet. 

A Guinea pig is a little, pretty fluffy soul that needs extra care and comfort during traveling. If you are moving to a new place or planning for a long vacation then you may not choose to leave your guinea pig behind. But can you take guinea pigs on a plane? Is TSA has any restrictions on bringing pets on a flight? Let’s find out altogether.

Can you take guinea pigs on a plane?

Just like other pets, guinea pigs are allowed on a plane but some airlines restrict you from bringing pets on a plane. So before boarding, do check the airline rules through which you are traveling. Guinea pig is considered small pet and TSA have the following statement for taking them on the flight.


Can you bring guinea pigs in checked luggage?

Taking guinea pig in checked luggage totally depends on your airline. Usually, it’s not recommended to pack your lovely pet in checked luggage. Checked bags are so mistreated that your pet might get injured or dead due to a hit. So we won’t recommend you to check your guinea pig.

What do different airlines have to say about the bringing of guinea pigs?

A traveler, Brittany asked the American airlines about bringing a guinea pig to which the airline gave the following response.


Similarly, United Airlines also does not allow the guinea pig on planes.


Delta Airlines gives the following statement that is also not looking in favor of guinea pig owners. 


Frontier Airlines shows the green light to guinea pig lovers. They allow the bringing of pets domestically.


How much does it cost to bring a guinea pig on a plane?

Generally, the cost of taking a guinea pig on a plane is 125$ but this cost may vary on different airlines. Some airlines along with pet costs also demand a health certificate when you travel internationally. Do check the airline’s cost and requirements before taking a guinea pig on a plane. 

How do you travel with a guinea pig?

Most people do packaging mistakes for pets. The best way to take a pet like a guinea pig is in a pet carrier. If you are taking the pair of guinea pigs then take a carrier of 12inch in height and width with a length of 19 inches. Don’t use boxes like cardboard boxes, pet cages, open pots, or baskets as these things are not secure enough. These might cause discomfort and harm to your pet.

Do guinea pigs need passports?

Pet passports are no longer in requirement now. You need a health certificate more importantly than a passport. Due to the deadline of Brexit on 1 January 2021, airlines in countries like England or Scotland don’t need pet passports anymore. If you have a guinea pig health certificate with you, you are good to go.

Can you feed your guinea pig before traveling?

Feeding guinea pigs before traveling is right because pets will not eat much during the flight. They don’t feel comfortable even if you provide them with a good pet carrier and food. So it’s better to feed them before, especially if you are about to have a long flight. Give an adequate amount of fresh greens so that they remain hydrated and can have a good sleep during the flight. 


Can you take guinea pigs on a plane? Long story short bringing your pet on a flight depends on your airline. We have to figure out some of the airlines that don’t allow the guinea pigs on a plane. However, the frontier airline allows you. If you have any questions regarding your pet traveling. Comment below. We are here to answer your queries. Have a safe journey with your little soul.

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