Can You Take Cigarettes On A Plane? Complete Guide

If you ever wondered about can you take cigarettes on a plane and may not completely be familiar with all the laws and customs, we are here to help.

Carrying a tobacco item is never too easy on board and with the security check. It can be devastating if you do not follow the provided rules.

So let us help you break down every piece of information regarding what and how to pack cigarettes for a plane. From packing tips to the TSA rules and the customs, we are here to brief you on every detail and law for domestic and international flights.

Let’s dig in!!!

Can you take cigarettes on a plane?

Yes, you can take cigarettes on a plane either in your checked luggage or in your Carry on. However, it can be also taken in person if you don’t want to pack it in luggage for future use. But, the use is prohibited while you are on board.

What does TSA have to say about it?

The TSA is quite straight regarding the tobacco products on a plane. For cigarettes, there is no certain limit mentioned by the TSA authority on their webpage so you can definitely fit as many cigarettes as you can in your luggage.

But keeping in mind the fact, that taking more quantity on a plane of anything can make the security feel suspicious. You can also go through a more than usual security check as well. So why not pack only as much as you need for your stay.


Can you smoke on a plane?

Smoking on a plane is prohibited as per the TSA rules and the customs of airlines. Even if you get caught smoking on a plane you’ll be either fined with heavy charges or any other things can happen. You can either get dropped off at the nearest location as a penalty.

Can you bring cigarettes on a plane internationally?

Cigarettes can be bought across international borders but you certainly have to follow some rules and customs of the related country. For instance, there are some countries like Bhutan that have completely outlawed the carrying of Cigarettes in or out of their country. So getting caught at customs there with a packet of cigarettes can hold you accountable.

Furthermore, there are some countries like Costa Rica in which you are not allowed to smoke in open. So taking Cigarettes to such a place can be of no use.

It’s better this way to have comprehensive knowledge about the destination you are planning to land on.

How many cigarettes can you carry on a plane?

If you do not want to pay any more for your cigarettes you must follow the US duty-free allowance rules. The duty-free allowance allows you to carry nearly 200 cigarettes and that must be in your checked luggage for safety reasons.

Here is the quantity problem solved when a user asked TSA about the number of taking cigarettes on a plane. The officials replied as follows:


Where do I put my cigarette when flying?

The TSA does not put any boundaries to keep your cigarettes. You can keep them either in your checked baggage and carry-on or even in person. But you are not allowed to use it while in the air.

Can I take cigarettes through airport security?

You can take the cigarettes easily through airport security as these are allowed in carry-on and in checked baggage. There will be no checking issues if you stick to the allowance quantity which is nearly 200 cigarettes.

What happens when I take more than 200 cigarettes on a plane?

For Tobacco, the customs duty is nearly $800 which will be exempted if your quantity of cigarettes lies below 200 figures. If you bring more quantity than the given allowance you will be posed to the customs duty on the extra ones.

Can I take 200 cigarettes in hand luggage?

According to the US duty and customs policy, you can take 200 cigarettes and even more. The TSA does not restrict the number of flights. However, if you are traveling back to the UK, you can either bring 200 cigarettes or have 50 cigars.


As my final Verdict on the can you take cigarettes on a plane we can assure you that you won’t be finding any difficulty flying with tobacco products within the US. Even for international flights, there is a complete set of guidelines regarding tobacco and tobacco products. So don’t pack too much that can cause you some extra minutes of checking.

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