Can You Take An Epipen On A Plane? Complete Guide

People nowadays are having such food or other allergies that can be daunting while they are travelling. Travelling on a plane comes with a very close environment and chances of getting any kind of allergy attacks you are not ready to take.

These allergic attacks or reactions can be from any food item that can be in your meal abroad. So what can you do to counter such problematic conditions?

For allergies like these, a small trigger can drop you at the ER door but what if you are travelling? The only solution to it is an injectable EpiPen that can save your life to counter that triggering reaction. So can you take an Epipen on a plane?

Well, we are here to answer. We have everything you need to know for taking EpiPen on a plane for a safer journey !!

Can you take an EpiPen on a plane?

Under the TSA rules for liquids And medicines like insulin injections, inhalers or EpiPen are allowed. You can take your EpiPen on your plane along with your luggage without any risk of customs and security issues.

TSA does not make the liquid rules of the 3-1-1 rule applicable for liquid medicines. So the good news is that you do not have to worry about the 3.4 oz of the Medicine or the separate quarter pack packaging of your life saviour.

can you take an epipen on a plane

What is an EpiPen?

An EpiPen is an instant injectable of epinephrine for people allergic to food or other items. This helps you balance your trigger reactions against the allergies and helps you buy time for your life safety.

It is easy to use. All you have to do is to remove the protective cap and jab it along the person’s body and it will inject the precise amount of epinephrine into the body.

In closed places like planes and trains, there is nothing more quick and convenient than having an EpiPen with you if you are sensitive to allergies.

What is an EpiPen

TSA rules for EpiPen on a plane

The TSA authority gives a complete go-head to all the liquid medicines on A plane for the safety of their passengers.

According to the TSA rules and regulations, you can carry your EpiPen with you in your hand carry and even in your checked luggage irrespective of the quantity.

As your liquid medicines do not follow the liquid rules for the security check, you don’t have to limit the volume of your Medicine. You can easily pass by the security check also by informing the checking officer about your medical need.

Can you bring EpiPen in your hand carry?

As per the TSA rules, you can bring your EpiPen in your hand carry. Plus there is an edge to medicines like these that if you carry them in your separate bag or the packing it comes in, this won’t count as your hand-carry capacity regulation. So you can always go free with your meds.

Plus if you are badly allergic to something that you haunt of being on a plane, never put your EpiPen in your hand carry. For safety, purpose does place these in your handbag or anything that you can keep with you in your seat. Or you can say anywhere that can be easily approachable.

Can you bring EpiPen in your checked luggage?

EpiPen can be also taken in your checked luggage in any quantity you want. All you have to do is to tell the checking officer about your allergy and the type of medicine you are taking.

You can also save your time through screening but placing all the liquid medicines in their original container. Screening is easy with the medicines like these so there is no problem with taking your EpiPen in your checked luggage. But I must warn you that you should ways out EXTRA medicine in your checked luggage rather than putting everything down there.

Can you take EpiPen on an International Flight?

International flights are different as you may not know the language of the country you are going to. Taking medicines on an international Flight is and that too of such importance is always allowed.

You can take EpiPen on an international Flight as nothing comes prior to the passenger’s health to any crew.

Things to remember before packing an EpiPen

Epipen is a medicine that you need immediately when you go through an allergic attack. You have to remember the following things before packing Epipen so that you can use it on time.  

  1. Put EpiPen with epinephrine injector and other prescribed medication.
  2. Dont pack your EpiPen in checked luggage or in the overhead bin. 
  3. Tell about your allergies to your travel companion. 
  4. Make sure that your travel partner knows how to use Epipen and where it is when you meet any allergy. 

Is there a need for a Declaration form for Medicine?

A condition or the medical declaration form is not basically needed for the medicines like these. But if there is a child travelling you must have your prescription and a letter from your physician just to pass the security hassle-free.

As per the TSA rules, although they don’t require the permission letter they sometimes do see the actual labels on the Medicine.

Is there a need for a label on liquid Medicine?

Yes sometimes, the security officers do ask for the original label on the Medicine. But most of the time if the label is not available you can just brief them about your allergic conditions and the type of drug you are carrying.


Our final thoughts on can you take an EpiPen on a plane is that there are no restrictions on a plane for life-saving medicines. You should always keep them as close as you can as the trigger can be spontaneous and unplanned.

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